Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Noodlehead is a website filled with toys designed to inspire creativity in children. Toys that require your children to use their imagination and creativity. Noodlehead has the following wonderful toys and kits:

Adventure Logs – journal for travels

Back Sack – denim bag decorating kit

Bag Buddies – stuffed animal luggage tags

Chinese Kite Kit – color your own Chinese kite

Flip Flop Fun – decorate your own flip flop kit

Jelly Flyers – silicone flying disc

Pawparazzi – a line of collectible miniature plush toys each with a celebrity personality

Sassy Silk Halter – silk halter painting kit

Travel Buddies – stuffed animal neck pillows

Young Picasso – canvas painting kit

The Pawparazzi line is simply adorable!! The Celebrity Style Set is the perfect gift for a little girl. It comes with a pet, purse, leash, collar, blanket, name charm, celebrity magazine, silver dish, dining mat, chew toy, and a pearl necklace for the child and matching collar for their pet!! You can also buy additional accessories such as jewelry, charms, pet beds, spa sets, birthday sets, and much more! You can even buy a hotel for your pet!! Also, your child can join the Pawparazzi Fan Club!

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