Saturday, December 30, 2006

Must Have DVD: Choose Your Own Adventure is BACK!

When I saw the new Choose Your Own Adventure DVD "The Abominable Snowman" I had an immediate flashback to middle school. The most famous (and a personal favorite) book series of the past (need I mention the year?) has reinvented itself into a modern day hit for a new generation of fans. I think I was more excited to check this out than my 5 year old! As a former teacher, I love to discover DVD's that are educational as well as fun to watch. This one packs a punch in both categories.

The Abominable Snowman is the first in a series of more to come. Staring the famous voices of William H. Macy, Frankie Muniz, Felicity Huffman, and Lacey Chabert, it takes place in the Himalayan Mountains and features 11 different possible story outcomes. It is full of vocabulary, geography, social situations, and best of all, it allows children to explore critical thinking. Every 5 or so minutes the viewer must make a decision. Should the kids parachute out of the plane or ride out the turbulence? Use your remote to decide. Each decision you make changes the story.

What I really enjoy about this DVD is the family participation. It's so much fun to sit down and watch together. We discuss the options and then my 5 year old usually makes the final choice!

Visit the Choose Your Own Adventure site today. It is full of information. You can meet the characters, read about the cool bonus features the DVD contains, print out coloring pages & more. There is also a "tutorial" that shows you how the DVD works.

Don't forget to check out the GREAT section for parents and teachers that includes lesson plans and contest information for schools. Can you imagine if the Yeti came to your child's school? How fun!

The Abominable Snowman is designed for children ages 5-12, but parents will LOVE it too. The DVD can be purchased directly from the Choose Your Own Adventure site. It is normally $19.98, but is now on sale for $16.98. Pick up a few copies, keep one for yourself, give one to your child's teacher (hint, hint), and stash the others for gifts. It's money well spent.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Charity Auction

Bid on prime advertising at Swanky Moms!

Up for auction is a Blog Sponsor Spot @ Advertise your business at the Swanky Moms Blogspot ~ this includes a write up about your business with up to 3 images including your logo, an "as seen on swankymoms" and a permalink. It includes a write up (max 200-300 word count) in word format along with the 3 jpg or gif files.


Here is the link for the live auction:

We are also preparing a OOAK Boutique Wardrobe for Kenadie as she has troubles finding clothing that fits. If you would like to participate and make or donate something for Kenadie, please me for details @!

If you would like more info on the Boutique Wardrobe for Kenadie, please visit the following link:

Happy New Year!

Amber Hewitt
Owner & Founder of

The Diaper Clutch: Stylish & Practical Too!

Created by "mom-preneur" Cynthia Poblete, the Diaper Clutch is a great new product to add to your diaper bag! This convenient yet fashionable product allows you to keep diapers and wipes organized and easily accessible in your diaper bag. What's great about the Diaper Clutch is it's built in wipes feature. The wipes are right there ready to "pop-up" for those messy moments when you don't have time to separate each wipe! The Diaper Clutch holds 2-4 diapers, a disposable changing pad, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. It comes in 12 super cute fabrics and has a velcro closure. Each Diaper Clutch order comes with a pack of wipes that fits perfectly into the built in pouch. To help organize your diaper bag, visit The Diaper Clutch online store today!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Baby Kaed: It's In the bag!

As a diaper bag connoisseur, I am always on the lookout for something unique. When I came across designer, Lavinia Lobo's line, Baby Kaed, I found the perfect bag. What I love about Baby Kaed's bags is that they are equivalent in looks to a designer hand bag, yet have functionality features beyond belief. Lavinia, was inspired by her son, Kaeden, to create a diaper bag with everything she needed.

Baby Kaed goes above and beyond any diaper bag I have ever owned. Each bag comes with a matching changing mat, Baby Kaed wipes case, water resistant lining, a mom's cosmetic pouch, a LINED drawstring for messy days (yes, you can ditch the crunchy grocery store bag you keep "just in case"), a pacifier purse (no more digging to find the paci, the pacifier purse is attached), a cell phone holder/pocket, a handy clip inside (for keys/pacifier purse), 5 interior pockets, and 2 side pockets. Now comes the fun part for mom... You can choose from 4 fabulous styles: Sanya, Devani, City Mom, or Backpack. Each style has multiple color combinations, and all bags come with accessories galore. If you are looking for the ultimate diaper bag, Baby Kaed is it. I recently toted my Chocolate/Blue Sanya bag on the red carpet at the "Happily N'ever After" movie premiere! Stuffed with snacks, diapers, a sippy cup and more, along with my 2 and 5 year old, we walked the red carpet in style.

Click here to visit a list of Baby Kaed retailers. Baby Kaed bags can also be purchased online at Amazon.

Want to own some celebrity swag worth over $1400? Baby Kaed has just participated in the "Celebrity Twins Holiday Gift Bag." celebrities such as Marcia Cross, P. Diddy, and Dr. McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey received a congratulatory Baby Kaed Bag filled with tons of goodies. You can bid on the same bag in a charity auction where proceeds will go towards the Plasticos Foundation.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa Speaking

Get your personalized call from Santa! My kids just received a call this evening from the jolly fellow himself and it was amazing! They were SO excited and the look in their eyes was just priceless!

You can order a CD of the whole conversation with Santa so you can listen to it again. It will also be a great keepsake too! My boys talked with Santa about their grandparents, school, frosty and rudolph and they sang Jingle Bells, it was SO CUTE! I can't believe the impression it made on them! My sons were really surprised at all the details Santa knew about them! This will definetly be something our family remembers for years to come!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Havins Originals

Live through your children with the latest hip vintage designs at Havins Originals! These tees are so cute! I love the boys designs, "addicted to love" and "hear no evil" and for the girls, the "little punk" and "I want candy"! TOO cute! All the tees at Havins are one of a kind as they are hand spun, custom dyed and vintage washed ~ no two are exactly alike! Each shirt is unique and will have subtle color and printing variations, that's what makes them Havins Originals!


2d: Infant & Toddler Tees That Promote Potential

I'm always on the lookout for fun new shirts. When I saw the "Peace Please" tee from 2d Tees, I knew I stumbled across something great. My son's favorite chocolate cookie with a positive message, he loves it, I love it! Everyone's happy! 2d Tees makes high quality, high fashion designs with messages that "promote potential." All tees are printed on super soft cotton made by American Apparel. With designs like: one love, pass it on (another favorite of mine-printed on a super cool army colored thermal), catch it, share it, feel it and see it, you are sure to find the perfect design for your little one. 2d Tees is "driven to make intelligent, thoughtful and engaging designs that project, reflect and reinforce the best in human potential." Cute shirts with positive messages, how can you pass them up! Sizes range from 6 months to 6 years and can be purchased at the 2d online store.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Alli's Originals

I love Alli's Originals! She makes the most beautiful jewelry and is always adding more styles! Check out some of her newest styles! So unique and the quality is outstanding!


Les Sacs By Amy

Order a custom boutique purse at Les Sacs By Amy! Check out this adorable Mom and Daughter matching set! So cute! Each purse is custom designed for you! You choose your fabric and ribbon plus it includes free monogramming if you wish. Check out the amazing gallery of designs! Les Sacs By Amy also carries photo purses, change pads, bibs, shopping cart covers and more!

Pop by and check them out!

Mabel's Labels

Check out Mabel's Labels for your labelling needs. Mabel's Labels are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be used on cups, bowls, toys, books, bottles, lunchboxes, wipes containers, shoes, clothing, and more. They have stick on labels, iron on, bag tags, kosher labels and more!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gamewright: Games I Guarantee You'll LOVE!

I'm always on the lookout for new games I think my family will enjoy. I recently came across a company called Gamewright that has TONS of fun games with a great age range variety. The product that first caught my eye was the Original Little Hands Card Holder. My five year old loves to play Go Fish. However, he has a very hard time holding his cards, let alone organizing them! So, I usually help him, which means I know what cards he has. That sort of takes the fun out of it... Now, with the Original Little Hands Card Holder, he can do it all himself. It is an amazing product. It's no wonder why it's won several awards: everything from Dr. Toy to the National Parenting Center. We've also been addicted to Lucky Catch-The Reeling and Rolling Dice Game for 2-5 players, ages 5 and up. Lucky Catch is a fun twist on "memory" games. With the 24 cards face down, you roll the dice to see what see creature/color you must fish for. If you get a boot, you have to take it and your turn is over. The twist, you can fish from the other player's cards which are face down in front of them. Very fun! We also love the Scrambled States of America geography game (which is based on the fabulous book by Laurie Keller). What I really love about the company is the way they have their site divided into age ranges: 3 & Up, 6 & up, 8 & up and 10 & up. There's really something for everyone. You can shop online and the prices are great. Many of the card games are small boxes...Last minute stocking stuffers anyone??? Visit the site today for games for everyone on your list!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Parents around the globe are experincing the convenience and security of wearing their babies. ZoloWear's carriers are truly a fabulous fashion accessory! They have styles available for everyone including Dad!

Every baby sling or pouch purchased at ZoloWear comes with a free instructional DVD that will show you all the different ways to carry your baby!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Feel Your Boobies

I ran across this site and just had to share it with my fellow swanky moms! It is a website called They sell products and apparel to raise awareness for breast cancer and promote breast examinations. In addition, a portion of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer research and education. Even celebrities, like Sheryl Crow, have been spotted wearing the "feel your boobies" tshirt!

Leigh Hurst, the owner of the site, and breast cancer survivor, would like to offer all Swanky Moms' readers a 10% discount with coupon code "TENOFF".

Check out this fabulous site @!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Treat Their Heinies Like Royalty!

As soon as I saw the logo, I knew the My Royal Heinie diaper purse was going to be a clever product! A pair of buns wearing a royal crown, how cute is that? My Royal Heinie, a neat little diaper purse for parents on the go, is truly one of the best diaper accessories I've seen & used on the market. What's different about this product is its fabulous interior wipe dispenser. Wipes can be loaded and pulled directly from the bag (high quality pop-up wipes recommended). Simply put a stack of wipes into the interior zippered pouch and you are good to go. My Royal Heinie holds up to 6 diapers and a generous stack of wipes. But wait...there's more! It's small enough to fit inside most diaper/tote bags and has two extra compartments: an interior mesh pocket and a zippered outside pocket for diaper cream or personal items. My Royal Heinie is made to perfection. It is durable, stain resistant, and machine washable (cold/air dry). However, my favorite feature is the adjustable strap which can be used as a wristlet, shoulder bag, or stroller attachment. My Royal Heinie comes in several great color combinations & patterns, I love the "Hot Lips" - red with camo trim. This would make a great gift for any mom with Royal Heinies that still wear diapers! With a 2 year old I rarely carry a diaper bag, just the diapers and wipes. My Royal Heinie lets me do it in style. I actually use it as my purse here and there!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All Weather Woobee

The All Weather Woobee is a multi-functional blanket! Who knew a blanket could be used for so many things?! What makes this blanket so functional is the handy grosgrain ribbon ties on each side of the blanket so you can tie it to a stroller, carseat, carrier, etc. It is made with oh so soft fabrics on one side and a wind and water resistant fabric on the other. Use this blanket for as nursing cover-up, throw blanket at the park to protect from the damp grass, a change pad while you are out and about and, of course, for cuddling! This blanket is a must have, especially in areas that get chilly! Battle the elements in style with an All Weather Woobee!

Also available in the same yummy fabrics are the Woobee Bibs! Super stylish and yet very functional with the water resistant fabric, generous size (9.5 ”x 13.5 ”) and the handy front pocket.


Monday, December 11, 2006

gogogear: High Fashion Healthy Back

Looking for an alternative to that 40 pound back pack your little one is carrying to school? I've found the perfect solution! Gogogear is a super fabulous line of rolling bags designed to eliminate back strain caused by heavy backpacks. Swanky Mom, Katharine Marinaro is a clothing designer and mother of three. After watching her children struggle with their 2 ton backpacks, she and her husband (who happens to be a top notch chiropractor) decided they needed to create a high fashion, ergonomically correct bag for kids on the go. Hence gogogear. Gogogear bags not only look good, but they have all the bells and whistles too! Tons, of pockets, compartments, places to hold water bottles, a padded area for a laptop, a magnetic snap closure, and their signature "retractable hidden trolley handle." Gogogear bags also come with a matching lunch/accessory bag and removable speakers for an ipod or walkman. They have great designs for boys and girls. From camo to floral to retro to surf, you will be sure to find something for your favorite kiddos. Oh, and by the way, these are GREAT for moms too! Whether it's a business trip or a weekend getaway, do it in style with gogogear. Visit the gogogear site to find a retailer near you.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dinner Time Fun: Play While You Eat!

Want the kids to stop playing with their food? Start playing some games at the dinner table! Ok, so it might sound a little odd to play games at the table, but I'm telling you, it's great. The award winning company, Family Time Fun, has a unique product called Dinner Games & Activities. This great little "recipe-style" tin is filled with 51 quick and easy games for families to play while they eat. Designed to improve family communication, each game is printed on a sturdy, easy to read, laminated card (so spills won't destroy them). The games are easy to play, there are no gameboards or pieces, and most take just 1-3 minutes to complete. The games are designed for ages 5 and up, but even kids as young as 2 1/2 to 3 can play some of them. My boys, ages 5 & 2 1/2 LOVED virtual hide and seek. I think we've played about 100 times in the past few days! Have someone pick a "hiding" spot in the house, think of it, but don't tell. The rest of the family takes turns trying to "find" you. The games are educational; they utilize creative thinking, math, memory, vocabulary, & social skills. You can visit the Family Time Fun site for sample games and try them for yourself. Personally, I think this is a GREAT item for on the go. Many of the games can be played in the car. I have added some of the cards to my purse. When we go out to eat, I plan to whip them out before the boys get "board." Keeping them occupied keeps them out of trouble! Dinner Games & Activities would make a unique gift, fun for the whole family! Pick up a few tins today, you won't be disappointed. Stock up, until December 31, you can buy 3 and get one free!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Change is Strange

These are the most adorable books! The "Change is Strange" books are cute little stories for kids that help to explain the tough changes that occur when growing up!

These are the titles available:

"We're Having a Baby"

"No More Pacifier"

"Mommy & Daddy are Going on a Trip"

"My First Day of School"

Unlike any child's book I've read, these books really guide you through a personal transition and really make you feel at ease with the change, which is a great for both parents and children!! Alot of people don't know how to explain changes to their child and these books are the perfect solution! They are truly a great addition to any book collection!

If you want to make your book more personal, you can get the book personalized to include your child's name! Also, at the back of each book are helpful hints for parents! I really love these books and I definitely recommend them!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bath Time Must Have by 4moms

The Digital Bath Spout Cover by 4moms is a bath time must have. This unique product has Temp-Assure Technology that allows you to draw the perfect bath for your dirty little angels. The Digital Bath Spout is a cushy spout (no more worries about head bumps) that attaches with velcro to your existing spout. It is easy to install, yet hard for a child to pull off. A hole in the top gives you access to the shower diverter, but the backlit digital display is really what it's all about. A sensor reads the water temperature: not only does it give the exact temperature, but the display changes color to alert you of the water temperature as well. Blue (below 90 degrees F) means too cold, Green (90-100 degrees F) means just right, and Red, well you guessed it, too HOT! With 13 kids between the 4 of them (this includes 3 sets of twins) Elizabeth, Cindy, Kristen, & Jenn have experience and know what moms need: products that are smart and functional. Keep an eye on these 4 moms, they're up to something good! This fabulous product can be purchased online at Amazon.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

E-Z Bar: Ditch Those Training Wheels!

If your little one is getting a new bike for the holidays, this will definitely be something to purchase along with it! The E-Z Bar is a fascinating product that assists parents in teaching little ones to learn to ride that "big kid" two wheeler. No more running behind the bike thinking that your back is going to give out at any second. Think Tank Works has invented a system that works because it gives the child confidence. You have complete control while your child feels secure that you are holding them in place. According to my husband, the E-Z Bar comes with easy to understand instructions. There are 2 separate pieces, a hitch that attaches to the bike and the actual bar which attaches and releases to the hitch. You hold the handles and give your child the confidence to ride that big kid bike. They are secure and can concentrate on balance and not have to worry about falling. When you feel that they are ready, release and watch them go! Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that they will ride off into the sunset. There may be some spills and tears, but the E-Z Bar does work. We have been using it with our 5 year old for about a week and a half and it is really helping to build confidence. With more practice and the help of the E-Z Bar, he'll be off in no time. Visit the E-Z Bar site for detailed info and instructions. They have a fabulous video that demonstrates this great product. There is also a great link that provides tips on teaching a child to ride a bike. Don't just take it from me, read the testimonials: Moms and Dads everywhere should rejoice, the days of bike chasing backaches are over!