Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Princess Linens

Get your little tyke their first set of scrubs! So cute! Available in candystripper pink, lab green and “no more blues” blue. A great baby shower gift or sibling gift as they are available in up to size 8! They can also be personalized with the child's name! Not only can be used as jammies but also a Halloween costume! To receive 15% off, use coupon code “swankymoms”.

Visit www.princesslinens.com

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Chocolate Cake Club

Get your Back to School Backpack at the Chocolate Cake Club! My son has a personalized biker backpack and has received lots of compliments! It is a study backpack with a hip design and he wont get it mixed up with the other kids as it has his name on it and is much more unique than your average backpack. They also have matching insulated Lunch Bag.

Visit www.chocolatecakeclub.com

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books celebrates art and story that opens the hearts and minds of children from all walks of life. Taking inspiration from many different cultures, they focus on themes that encourage independence of spirit, enthusiasm for learning, and sharing of the world's diversity.

Check them out at
www.letsreadbarefoot.com to find out how you can "go Barefoot"!

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Sponsor: bump babies inc

[bump]babies inc launches brand new designs and sexy [bump]-dresses. Their super soft, stretchy [bump]-dresses are simply [bump]alicious & designed to proudly show off your voluptuous waistline. There are four styles to choose from and are available with or without their famous trademark “[bump] baby under manufacturing process” print and will take you from here to maternity & beyond.

Also new to their line is their peace love & [bump] tee in Swarovski crystals as well as I (heart) my [bump]-tee. If you are looking to “feed the [bump]”, “kiss my [bump]” or you are growing an “organic [bump]” then check out their new tees, tanks and vees. They did not forget that dad’s are part of the equation too with their new “Mr. [bump]” and “that’s MY [bump] daddy tees.

To receive 10% off enter coupon code "SM10" at checkout.

To see all their original and new designs visit their website www.bumpbabies.com

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Aeromax: Your One Stop Halloween Shop

School's in, we're finally settling in to the routine again, and now on top of homework, swim school, and play dates, here come the holidays. Thanks to Aeromax, this Halloween can (and will) be a breeze.

Personally I can not stand the mass market costumes. Ever since I was little and a good friend of mine showed up to trick or treat in her plastic costume and mask from the grocery store (you know... those random ones in the "seasonal" area of the market that you pass and wonder, who would make their kid wear that?), I've been completely turned off by these types of costumes. I mean even if you're on a tight budget, please don't subject your child to on of these numbers that is just going to make them sweaty and smelling of a plastic factory.

Make it easy on yourself and visit Aeromax. Aeromax has a wide variety of adorable costumes that will allow your little one to look as cute as can be. You must check out their "Get Real Gear." This year, my boys are going to be decked out in their Jr. Astronaut costumes. From the flight suit, to the helmet, to the boots & backpack, grown ups are going to think that the real deal is standing on their front porch! The details are just fabulous and the look is a complete look, so, no shopping around for accessories and components. What's fantastic, is that this is the case with all of Aeromax's costumes. From knights, to nurses, to pirates to princesses, you're sure to find the perfect alter ego for your little one. I mean there's even a mail carrier and a jockey! I LOVE IT! Another fantastic thing about Aeromax is that they've created "girl" versions of fire fighters and army soldiers so if you've got a spunky little one that likes pink camo, you're good to go.

Celebrating your little one's first Halloween? You've got to check out their infant costumes. I think the Jr. Pilot and Police Officers are hysterically adorable. And for you grown ups looking for a little something to wear, they've got adult costumes too. Check out the Jockey, so funny and you can get a stuffed horse to ride too!!!!

Looking for something a little more on the "wild" side? Aeromax has beautifully made plush costumes that can transform your beauties into beasts. From Lions, Tigers, and Bears (oh my!) to Unicorns, Pink Poodles and Frogs, your kiddos are sure to find their favorite furry friend.

Visit the Aeromax site today and make your Halloween easy and oh so fantastic!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Posh Baby

My Posh Baby specializes in goodies for the high maintenance baby,toddler and child. For the pregnant mom, you can order glamorous baby shower favors that your guests will always remember! You can also register with us for custom nursery decor, diaper bags, blankets, bibs, and bath time accessories! For the mom of a toddler or older child we have educational toys from Melissa and Doug, special personalized blankets and we have expanded our clothing sizes up to 6x for girls and size 6 for boys!

Come and check out www.myposhbaby.com for the latest items from Babylicious, JP Lizzy, Nollie Covers, Rare Editions, LA Baby Couture and many other high end brands!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Frame Love

Frame Love is a family business that started from the ashes of a former photographer's quest for vintage inspired art. They take great pride & time in making these one-of-a-kind frames, each with its own unique personality. Frame Love is proud of the fact that their products are hand crafted in the U.S.A. They understand the desire to have something unique and believe that handmade items exude a quality that you just may not find in mass produced items.

Frame Love also does many custom designs. If you do not see it, ask! They just might be able to do it. It is always fun to see what YOU can create!

Visit us at www.frame-love.com

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Sid's In Stitches

Sid's In Stitches and always making unique and useful bags and totes. There are 7 different styles of bags on www.sidquilts.etsy.com ranging from the pert and practical Joey Purse to the large, reversible Charmer Tote. The Tailored Tote is a stylish shoulder or handbag. The Sheila Purse is a little larger than the Joey Purse. Zippy Totes and Handbags are two versions with zippers. The Reversible Tote is the perfect around town bag - it will carry almost anything! All bags include useful pockets and sturdy straps.

Most bags are unique, made from Sid's collection or combined from the latest fabric. If you're a sewer, you can even buy the pattern to make your own bag - at www.sidsinstitches.com.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trinkets to Bows

What a fabulous boutique! I love the flower beanies! They are soooo cute! Jazz up any outfit with one of these chic beanies and your little diva will be star of the show! Perfect for any season and all occasions! Trinkets to Bows also carries a fabulous collection of flower headbands and clippies! Lots of great items to choose from at affordable prices!

Also, Trinkets to Bows would like to offer an exclusive 15% discount to Swanky Moms' readers with coupon code "swankymoms15"!

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Write Way to Learn

The perfect kit to give your child a jump start for Back to School! Developed by a Mom, the Write Way to Learn makes it fun and easy for your child to practice their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Each learning card has a pocket so you can add your own personalized photo! Also, included in the kit is an Expo brand learning board and dry erase markers, learning guide and handy travel tote! Great for the trips in the car! Many different themes to choose from: my home, my yard, my animal friends, my toys, my sports, my colors, my numbers, and many more! Plus you choose the learning level (easy, intermediate and challenging), font (print, cursive, sign language) and whether or not you would like to print them at home or have them printed and mailed to you. You can even choose to fully customize your own set with your very own pictures and words!

For more information, visit www.writewaytolearn.com

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Simply Silhouettes: Absent Notes with Style

Today was the third day of the school and I can't wait for one of my boys to be absent! Why you ask? Well.... So I can use my new Momorandum School Notes from Simply Silhouettes. This fantastic note pad lets you communicate with teachers in style. Adorable silhouettes of your cuties adorn the top of the note, underneath each one is a little box to check next to each of their names, so teacher knows who it's from. It's fantastic, one pad covers everyone.

There are multiple items to choose from: absences, tardiness, going home instructions, and "other," so it saves you lots of time writing a letter, and it looks great too! Each pad contains 100 sheets and the order comes with two pads. Another great feature, you can mix and match your Momorandum. Choose from 2 School Note Pads 2 Babysitter Note pads, or one of each.

From the little wisps of hair, to noses, chins, and eyelashes, Simply Silhouettes will bring out the adorableness of your little ones. Visit the site today and check out all they have to offer. Remember, the holidays are right around the corner and there's plenty of shopping opportunities at Simply Silhouettes. From ornaments, to cards, to jewelry, with these unique items, you're sure to put a smile on the face of your loved ones!

For more information visit: www.simplysilhouettes.com

Ten ways to preserve your family's unique story this National Grandparents Day - September 7th!

September 4, 2008 Grandparents can to take the lead in helping younger generations preserve their family history this National Grandparent’s Day, according to Milford, Ohio resident Hazel Cole Kendle, the 88-year-old first-time author of the just-released Cole Family Christmas. This year’s National Grandparent’s Day will mark its 30th anniversary on Sept. 7.

“It’s a myth that young people don’t want to hear the stories their grandparents can tell,” said Kendle. “However, too often grandparents and great-grandparents feel like they must wait to be asked before telling those stories. Realize that family members often won’t ask for the first story, but once you start talking, they’ll be begging for more.”

Jennifer Liu Bryan of Alexandria, Virginia, Kendle’s granddaughter-in-law and co-author, points out that grandparents don’t have to stop with stories, either.

“There are many ways to pass along family traditions,” said Bryan. “Remember the favorite dessert your grandmother used to make or the dishes she received on her wedding day. Each item serves as a connection to the past, but we have to work to keep that chain from breaking.”

For this reason, Kendle and Bryan suggest 10 ways families can preserve their memories this Grandparents Day.

1. Construct a family memory book. Gather pictures of family members across generations and make a scrapbook by writing in the stories that have been passed on through generations.

2. Play a game the grandparents used to play. Kids had fun long before video games were invented. Play a game from the analog era to show the grandchildren how it was done.

3. Read a book your grandparents read when they were your age. Grandparents can make classic children’s literature even more rewarding by adding in details of what life was like at the time.

4. Learn how to cook grandma’s favorite recipe. Whether that’s a traditional holiday dish or her secret cookie recipe, spend time in the kitchen with grandma cooking a recipe that can be passed down to the next generation.

5. Take part in a grandparent’s favorite hobby. Whether that is painting, gardening, or putting together puzzles, spend time with your grandparents and learn about the daily activities that bring them joy.

6. Pick out one interesting, unique or strange family heirloom. Grandparents can explain the history of the item and why it is special to the family.

7. Learn where you came from. Drive through your grandparents’ old neighborhood and listen to stories about their old neighbors or family outings at the local park.

8. Go back in time to the movies. Rent a classic the grandparents enjoyed seeing on the big screen years ago. There are plenty of great old movies other than just the ones that run during the holidays.

9. Ask to look at your grandparent’s wedding pictures or high school yearbooks. Learn about their best friends and see pictures of them when they were so much younger.

10. Preserve a memory for future generations. Make a home video with them and let them discuss their favorite stories.

Next Chapter Press has released 60,000 copies of Cole Family Christmas, a true, tender, and wholly unforgettable tale that has been passed down from generation to generation through a coal miner's family.

When one of Mama’s few possessions, a treasured purple glass bowl with fluted edges, is accidentally broken by exuberant children rushing in from the outdoors, and an unlikely blizzard prevents Papa from coming home after working extra hours at the coal mine on Christmas Eve, hopes for a picture perfect Christmas were quickly quelled. However, the hours that followed that turbulent Christmas morning created a joyful story that has lived in family lore for years.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Artistic Sensations

Come visit Artistic Sensations and receive 20% off the entire site with coupon code "Swanky"!

Artistic Sensations “where whimsical meets practical in the art of children’s room design”.
Custom children’s bedding, room theme furnishings, child & teen furniture and more!

1 866 777 7738

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Summersky, fabulous little boys & girls designs is a wonderful children's-wear clothing label from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. SUMMERSKY presents unique, cheeky, stylish designs for little boys and girls in infant sizes up to 6 years old.

All designs are limited editions and handmade by the finest workshops in the Netherlands who are all run by fantastic "stay at home" moms. We salute them!

SUMMERSKY has photographed models with Down Syndrome present the collection, These children represent everyone with a disability, handicap or who feels "different". Because we believe in: Celebrating individuality; uniqueness is what makes us beautiful!

Of every sold item SUMMERSKY makes a donation to: Stichting Sam, Oprah Winfrey's "angel Network" and the Down Syndrome foundation.


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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Say it with Cookies: A Sweet Surprise!

I was recently introduced to a fabulous cookie company that knows how to make everyone smile! Fancypants Bakery creates adorable and more importantly, delicious cookies for all occasions.

Kids love mail right? Who doesn't love a little surprise package? Well, my niece recently turned 5 and was having a summertime fun pool party. "Just for Fun" we had some summer themed cookies including adorable flip flops, tropical fish, and a flower sent to her and let me tell you, it was as though she received a treasure chest full of wonder! From the presentation to the tastiness, Hannah thought Fancypants was top notch and I agree. My household was able to sample them too, and they were a huge hit, gone within the first 20 minutes of receiving them...

Fancypants Bakery makes something for everyone. Whether it's a birthday party, baby shower, wedding favor, or just some seasonal fun, you're sure to find the perfect cookie for your occasion. Fancypants will even create a custom design for you! Another bonus? All of their cookies are nut free, so no worries for allergic kiddos!

Looking for a great "Back to School" celebration? Say it with cookies, Fancypants hasa Back to School Box that will cure those "End of Summer" blues!

For more information and to get your cookie on visit www.fancypantsbakery.com

Holiday Shopping Alert: Get Your Sweet Pea Now!

We recently posted a review on the SweetPea3 children's MP3 player and had a fabulous response to it. We are still loving ours and wanted to make sure you get yours. A limited number of them will be available for the holidays, so make sure to shop early (aka NOW) and give the gift of music to the little ones in your life!

For more info visit: www.sweetpeatoyco.com