Friday, April 28, 2006

Rock Candy Hip Jewelry

Aila Designs are made to order by hand. This "Hip Jewelry' is truely one-of-a-kind! Designed with vibrant imported glass beads and occassionally, clay, metal or lampwork beads, these belts are created for you. You can select from 1 to 4 strands, select your bead colors from great colors like tutti fruiti, blueberry or other great "flavors". You also select your closure from ribbon, a variety of clasps or a suede tie. Make it your own! These belts will update your wardrobe with a dash of color and tons of style!
Aila Designs also makes a "Sweet Treat" Belt for toddlers and kids!
The great new for Swanky Moms is there is a discount being offered just for you! Use coupon code "Swanky Moms Blog" for $15% off any Aila Designs Hip Jewelry!

Lighten My Labor

Looking for the perfect gift for an expectant mother? Check out this beautiful Labor Comfort Collection from Lighten My Labor, it includes:

*Relax With Me Whipped Massage Gel
*Breathe With Me Linen/Room Spray
*Lift Me Cooling Body Mist
*Restore Me After-Baby Bath Tea

All poshly packaged in a royal keepsake hat box with a convenient carrying handle!

Visit Lighten My Labor!

Up for the truth?

When 2 close friends discovered they were expecting, they began emailing eachother daily about their journey. They thought they had prepared themselves well by reading as many parenting books as they could fit in, but once they had given birth, realized that nobody had really told them the truth. These new moms decided to chronicle their new mommyhood experiences in a candid look at birth, career choices, daycare dilemmas, and "husbands who just don't get it", in the hilarious 'The Mommy Chronicles'. A perfect choice for all the new and soon-to-be moms this Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mom 4 Life

Please visit our recent sponsor, Mom 4 Life! They have a wide range of beautiful and unique products for babies toddlers, moms and expectant moms!

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Preserve Your Memories: Bronze IT!

Growing up, I remember seeing my grandmother's bronzed baby shoes. I thought it was so great that something so "old" would last forever. It seems like most people I know have bronzed shoes from parents or grandparents, but it sort of stopped there. I'm here to say that we need to bring bronzing back! Here's the story: I hate to admit it, but my 4 year old son just gave the pacifier up in January (no excuse, but he did only use it at night...). When he was two, he named it a "Fudus."

On New Year's Eve, we discussed resolutions and told him it was time to start the New Year, fudus free. So, that night, the Fudus Fairy came and took the fudus, leaving him an encouraging note, some balloons, and a little gift. It worked like a charm! So, the fudus fairy then "magically" turned the fudus into metal and it now hangs on his wall. I had the pacifier bronzed through a company called The Bronzery. The fudus was such a part of his life, born 2 months early, this is what taught him to suck, which taught him to eat.

When the pacifier came back from The Bronzery, I purchased a shadowbox and designed it to match his room. I also ordered a little plaque from them that reads The Final Fudus with the date on it. MY POINT: Bronzing can create a keepsake that will last a lifetime and almost anything can be bronzed. Prices range depending on the size of the item, the finish you choose, etc.

There are several great bronzing companies out there. I did lots of research before I chose The Bronzery. I chose them because I wanted a pewter finish. Another great company is the American Bronzing Company.
However they do not offer finishes other than bronze. They do have great prices though. You can bronze a pair of shoes for as little as $34.95 a pair.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

AllyZabba Blanket

Words cannot describe how SOFT this blanket is! It has to be the softest blanket out there! This is a very swanky blanket and definetly gets the swanky seal of approval ~ it just feels like luxury!

It is made of raised microfiber plush fabric and silky polyester multicolor dot satin backing! It almost feels like fur! This blanket is a generous 38″ x 28″ and is available in Coral, Aqua or Kiwi. I will definetly recommend this blanket to all the swanky moms and babies I know! In fact, I think Allyzabba should make a throw blanket for adults!

Every blanket purchased from comes freshly washed in Dreft detergent, wrapped with a raffia bow and delivered in a cute bag, ready for gift giving or immediate use. This blanket is definetly going to Hollywood! Treat your baby like a celebrity and buy an AllyZabba!

Please visit !

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Goody Goody for Your Feet!

These slippers are GORGEOUS! What a way to pamper your feet! After a long day, slip on these gorgeous pieces of art for your feet. You will feel like a queen (even if you are sweeping the floor or folding the laundry)!
They come in sizes small to x-large. They also come in children's sizes so you can get a matching pair for your little princess! Prices are $39 for women's sizes and $29 for children's sizes.
You can view the large selection of Bon Bon Slippers by Goody Goody Shoes (check out the cute tote bags , too!) at Twinkle and Whimsy.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

B-cozy, baby!

What could be cozier than a plush bed for your little one?
A couple of swanky moms have designed a yummy line, known as B-cozy, which consists of "Imaginative fleece designs" for boys and girls. Choose from pillows, throws, crib blankets, and personalize them with your child's name.
A great way to keep them cozy and hip!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chic Blankets

This blanket is so gorgeous ~ it is an adorable polkadot flannel on one side and a sage green chenille on the other! So very chic! These blankets come in two different sizes, 29 x 35 inches and 15 x 20 inches. The larger size is perfect for tummy time, outings and cuddling! A beautiful, timeless blanket that will get softer with each wash!

Visit to see the other fabulous styles available!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kiki's Burppies: Fun & Functional!

Kiki's Burppies is a brand new company that offers adorable burp cloths for your little one. These unique flannel burp cloths are super high quality, and come with a satisfaction guarantee. Kiki's has over 100 fabrics to choose from and come rolled and wrapped with ribbon, a perfect gift for a baby shower. In addition to boy's & girl's prints, Kiki's also has unisex and seasonal Burppies. Their Easter prints, like bunnies and jelly beans, are so cute. I think it would be a great idea to get a "seasonal" array of Burppies for any new mom.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pack Brilliantly for Baby

Designed to carry all of baby's essentials for a long outting or evening at grandma's, this tri-fold diapering kit, called "Bubble and Squeek", provides a stylish alternative or addition to a diaper bag. This large diapering kit is equipped with 5 pockets to carry everything from diapers and wipes to a change of outfit while providing a 23" X 11" changing area for baby. Constructed with the highest quality microfiber, coated cotton for water/soil resistance.
Created by a mom looking for a stylish alternative to the diaper bags out at the time of her post-pregnancy.
You can find "Bubble and Squeek" at While you are visiting the site, check out all the great products designed to make the journey a little less complicated.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Diaper Bag Survivial Kit

This diaper bag is truly amazing! It is the only diaper bag out there that is pre-packed with everything you would possibly need on an outing with baby!! You can pop it in your car or stroller and you will always have what you need right there with you! It is the perfect gift for a new parent or even for yourself ~ never leave the house unprepared again!

It comes in 12 stylish patterns and has a durable plastic overlay inside and out for easy cleaning! You open it up like a briefcase and you can see everything right there in front of you in the clear zippered compartments! The BabyBeReady includes the following:

*onesie and baby bottle

*bib and burp cloth

*diapers and change pad

* rattle/teether

*pacifier & case

*sun hat

*travel wipes case

Visit Baby Dish to buy your BabyBeReady Diaper Bag Survial Kit today!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Piggyback Diaper Bags

Check out this fabulous bag from I'm Still Me! It is a very stylish versatile diaper bag/tote made of canvas custom dyed covers trimmed in designer prints from Wales. It has a unique "grow with me" clip-on envelope pouch for your things when you are out and about without your little one. It also includes a changing pad and travel wipes case. I absolutely love this bag! It has 6 roomy interior pockets and is very durable with a waterproof Denier nylon bottom and washable/wipeable nylon interior. My absolute favorite feature in this tote is the attached key hook on the inside! I love it! In any other bag or tote I could never find my keys and was always feeling around at the bottom hoping to hit the jackpot, not with the I'm Still Me tote, your keys are nicely clipped to the inside! Such a great feature!

To buy your organized tote, please visit today!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Myself Belts: Pre-School Approved!

There was a rule at my son's pre-school: NO BELTS, it makes it too hard for the children to use the restroom on their own. Well, problem solved. Miss Carrie now allows belts, if they are Myself Belts. Myself belts are the perfect solution for little hands. My son is 4 1/2 and he is as tall as a six year old, he's also SKINNY, therefore , we need clothing that is long, but then the waist is too big. His teacher even told me that his pants kept falling down on the playground! I recently ordered 2 belts from Myself Belts and the problem is solved. Myself Belts snap around the first belt loop, you then slide the belt through the loops and it velcros back at the front. This design allows little ones to pull and tighten without the belt coming out of the loops, there are also no tricky buckles to deal with. The belts retail for around $15 and if you buy 2 or more, shipping is free. There are many styles to choose from. Myself Belts has adult sizes as well, which I think would be great for elderly family members who have a hard time with fine motor skills. Visit Myself Belts today and pick up a few, they are terrific!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yoga Fun for EVERYONE!

I recently received a WONDERFUL set from Jenn Macris of Barefoot Books. The set included The book My Daddy is a Pretzel, Yoga Pretzels, and Mr. Pretzel. This set is so much fun for the whole family. The book, by Baron Baptise, has been featured on Good Morning America. It is great book that allows kids and adults to explore yoga together. The story links yoga poses with things from everyday life. Its colorful illustrations show you exactly how to do the different poses. Yoga Pretzels, is a set of 50 fun yoga activities printed on cards with wonderful illustrations, designed for both kids and grown-ups. Mr. Pretzel is a super cute "bendy" figure of the dad featured in the story. He comes with a little yoga mat and you can bend him into all of the different poses. This is truly a fun and educational set. It promotes healthy living, achieving your full potential, and having fun! To purchase any of the beautiful books published by Barefoot Books please contact Jenn at . This "Yoga" set makes a great gift that everyone in the family will enjoy!

On a side note, I recently started taking hot yoga (90 minutes of yoga in a 90 degree room). It is truly amazing. My 4 year old was so curious about it and was asking lots of questions. When the set arrived, I was so excited that I could show him what yoga was. His first response was, "Mom, do you have a yoga mat with pretzels on it?"