Sunday, June 29, 2008

Think-ets: A Mommy Must Have Purse Accessory

A new accessory that I don't leave home without are "Think-ets." This little pouch of goodies has become a permanent resident of my purse, and trust me when I say you really need your own pouch of Think-ets for your handbag too. Think-ets are a pocket size pouch of tiny random objects that allow children to practice endless creativity.

Our pouch features items, like a pig, an apple, a mini plate, a book, some silverware, tiny tools and more. Depending on the age of the children, there are multiple games you can play. My boys, ages 4 & 7, get a kick out of storytelling. I give them 3-4 items and they have to make up a story about them. Or, I'll have them close their eyes, and pick 3-4 items and they have to do a story that way. It's absolutely hilarious and they love when it's my turn too. We also play an ABC Order game, where we line up the objects in alphabetical order (it's the teacher in me). Noatter what the game, with Think-ets, time passes quickly and boredom ceases to exist.

The official age of the game is 8+, but even my 4 year old joins in on the fun. Visit the Think-ets site today and pick up some pouches of your own. I recommend multiple sets and stash them everywhere. They are great for restaurants, doctor appointments, travel, and pretty much any place you have some down time to fill. OH, another thought! I know it's a bit early, but you might want to give Santa a jingle and let him know that Think-ets would make great stocking stuffers!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Paisley Dreams: Luxurious Products for Stylish Babes

Looking for a luxurious gift for that special baby in or about to be in your life? I was introduced to Paisley Dreams at the Baby Celebration event in Los Angeles and immediately fell in love with their super soft, gorgeous, but most importantly functional products. Paisley Dreams founder and super swanky mom, Ashley Massi, has gathered beautiful fabrics and turned them into the 3 B's: Bibs, Burpees, & Blankets. What I love about Paisley Dreams, is not only the superior quality of their products, but also the variety of fabrics Ashely uses to create them. Here's why: My sister (who is due today, but the bun is still in the oven), is having a "delivery surprise." She's driving me nuts! It's hard to find really nice unisex prints, but Paisley Dreams solves that problem. I adore the Go Green (big hit at the shower) and the Juicy patterns. I also love that you can purchase matching sets of everything.

If you are looking for a special shower gift, you must visit Paisley Dreams. The blankets are so yummy soft, and at 30 x 30 inches, they are generously sized. Sure to become a favorite, the burpees and bibs are great too. Wanna go all out? Grab a gift basket! Trust me, if you bring a gift from Paisley Dreams to your next shower, the oooohs and ahhhhs, will be nonstop.

Visit Paisley Dreams today and spoil a little loved one in your life.

Supergoop: Safe Summer Time Fun!

This summer, we are revisiting an all time favorite product! Supergoop is the ultimate in daily sun protection. This wonderful sun block is organic, SPF 30, and perfect for sensitive skin. You may be thinking, "Why Supergoop? There are so many sunblocks on the market." Well, let me tell you why.... Unfortunately, skin cancer runs in my family. When I was little, sunblocks were not as good, nor did parents put it on children daily. When I was 16, I got my first skin cancer, and have had several since then. I started using DAILY sun protection when I was a teenager, but much of the damage had already been done. I still use daily protection and have been smothering my boys with it ever since it was safe to use on their sensitive skin. Supergoop, is the perfect sunblock, no burning, no itching, it rubs in easliy, is waterproof, and most improtantly it does a fabulous job of keeping my whole family protected.

For more info, visit the Supergoop site today. I am in love with their Super Pump and wall mount. We have one in our back yard. It's handy and a great reminder to lube up before hitting the giant inflatable waterslide that has become a fixture in our backyard this summer! Also, check out the Super Summer Set. It's a great variety for travel. Ours will be accompanying us on our Disney Cruise next week!

Summer Shoe Sale at Vincent!

Visit the Vincent site today and buy, buy, buy! Their Summer Sale is ON, and you can save up to 75% on select styles. I loaded up for my boys today, getting some of their favorites in multiple sizes and colors!

I LOVE the Herman shoes, at $17.45 you can't pass them up. My boys each had a pair and wore them until they were just about soleless! They are thrilled more are on the way. I also think the Oskars are fun, so we're trying those out as well.

If you have a little girl, the Doris sandals are a must have. At only $11.25, you can afford them for this Summer and get bigger ones for next year too!

Shop now, supplies are limited and when they're gone, they're gone! Looking for an added bonus? How about free shipping on orders over $75?

Visit Vincent today and HAPPY SHOE SHOPPING!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sponsor: Tano Jewelry - 5 Hot Summer Accessories

The Summer Months are here and we have 5 accessories that will make you the envy of every onlooker.

1. Jelly Headbands – Jelly Headbands are fun, light and affordable. No other headband grips your hair like a jelly headband. We carry a variety of styles and are sure that you will find one that suits your taste. From a black designer headband style to brown checker print, find yours today!

2. Shell Necklaces – Shell Necklaces are natural, colorful and versatile. Whether you like to wear your necklaces long or layered, shell necklaces can do it all. With summer colors and necklace and earring sets that match, you won't be disappointed with any selection.

3. String Earrings – A picture says it all. Our string earrings are handmade in Peru, otherwise referred to as Peruvian Thread Earrings and the colors are absolutely stunning. At prices of $10-$15, you can't go wrong and there is a size for everyone. Small, Medium and Large for one of our most popular earring styles.

4. Shell Bracelets – Shell Bracelets are the perfect compliment to your beach outfit in the hot summer months. Our Shell Bracelets are bright, fun and on the cutting edge of fashion. Bright colors from Red to Yellow are in this summer and there is no better way to fit in with all the fashionistas then to sport a hot new Shell Bracelets.

5. Burberry Headbands – Burberry Headbands are always in style and for good reason. They are one of the elite fashion symbols and they have a price tag to match. We offer an affordable alternative with our Burberry Style Headband. With a wide range of colors, small and big print as well as thin Burberry headbands, you are sure to find your perfect match.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lego Hits the Big Screen!

If your little ones are anything like mine, they pay attention to every enticing movie and the merch that comes out with it! Wether they get to see the moive or not, they want the goods! With Speed Racer and Indiana Jones recently in the theaters, there's lots of super cool stuff to go along with these big screen blockbusters. Lego has introduced some great sets that are fun for the whole family. My boys are fully enjoying their Speed Racer cars, which by the way hold up to all the racing and crashing. You've also got to check out all of the new Indiana Jones Legos. These super fun sets inspire creativity and the details on them are just amazing!

Visit the Lego site today and check out all of their wonderful products, you're sure to find the perfect Lego set to fit the needs of every little Brickmaster you know!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lotus House Tee Company

Show your love for the planet with Lotus House Tee Company’s eco-friendly tee line! These tees are incredibly soft and comfortable as they are made with 100% bamboo fiber! Bamboo is so much softer than cotton and feels amazing like silk or cashmere! Available in several different inspirational Chinese symbols such as “Inner Strength”, “Love”, “Perseverance”, “Spirit of the Dragon”, “Good Fortune”, and “Courage & Strength”!


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Cozy Wedge

The Cozy Wedge is exactly as it sounds! It is a cozy, wedge shaped, safe and stylish crib bumper! The Cozy Wedge’s firm non-absorbent, non-flammable, foam padding keeps your baby’s arms and legs safely in their crib without the risk of suffocation like the traditional bumper pads! The Cozy Wedge is super easy to remove for crib changes and it has a 100% washable slip cover. Also, the low profile design makes it easy for you to peek in at your baby while they are sleeping! The Cozy Wedge is available in eight different 100% organic cotton twill styles and a small selection of other stylish prints!


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Safety Mate

Wow! I am totally impressed with this product! This is an amazing safety tool that EVERYONE should have in their household, especially if you have kids! In an emergency situation a lot of us panic or forget what to do, or simply don’t know what to do. With the Safety Mate, it will take you through step by step instructions with “Yes” or “No” answers so it can help you in the exact situation you are dealing with. There are over 30+ first aid situations that cover infants, children and adults. You will feel more confident knowing you will be able to help your child in an emergency, plus it’s portable so you can bring it with you wherever you go! There are eight themed first aid categories: CPR – Unconscious, Burns, Choking – Breathing, Falls - Bone Injury, Allergic Reaction, Poison – Bites – Stings, Bleeding and Seizures! Get the talking first aid tool for your family, it could save a life!


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Munchkin’s Blings & Slings

Check out these adorable products made by Munchkins!

The Bling Pacifier Tote is a neat little vinyl carrying case for your baby’s paci! Attach it to the diaper bag and you will know where your baby's pacifier is at all times! Very convenient and helps keep the pacifier clean and germ free!

Munchkin also has a line of wonderful slings! The Jelly Bean reversible, pouch style sling is available in 4 stylish designs and is available in either S/M or L. You can carry your child in 5 different carrying positions and can be used up to 35 pounds, now you can get stuff done on the move and look fabulous while doing it!


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