Monday, June 22, 2009

The Little Lasso: A Must Have Summer Accessory

Oh how I wish I had one of these when my boys were in strollers! Created by Swanky Mom, Angie Wagner, The Little Lasso is a GENIUS invention! Perfect for walks in the park, cruising the amusement parks, or or strolling at the mall, I'm deeming The Little Lasso the must have accessory for the summer (or maybe just the must have accessory for babies and toddlers for life). This great little item completely solves the mommy/child game of playing fetch. I don't know how may bottles and sippys that went overboard when my boys were little. I know for a fact that some fell into the abyss of life....

The Little Lasso securely holds bottles, sippys, toys, and blankets. It protects your little one's precious possessions and your sanity. Machine washable with a "bungee" type cord and an adjustable "lasso" that secures the item, The Little Lasso uses a plastic link that easily attaches to a stroller, crib, shopping cart, or baby carrier.

Little Lassos can be purchased online and are available in several adorable fabrics. We had three different mommy testers try out the Lassos and guess what? All three gave it raving reviews! Visit the site today and pick up some for yourself and all the other little bottle tossers you know. A great shower gift, a great first birthday gift, a great stress relieving item. You can't go wrong with The Little Lasso.


The Little Lasso said...

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jodi said...

nice review, dropping by here. god bless onlineforum