Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Body Hoops: Loose Inches with an Old Favorite

I remember my first hula hoop: the pink one with white stripes and the beads inside that swished around as the hoop went circling. Well, let me take you back to those days, but modernized to help you stay in shape. "Hooping" or "Hoop Dance" is the latest exercise craze to hit the fitness world and guess what? It's fun and a great workout too! You must check out Body Hoops. Diana Lopez started the company after a surgery left her in need of a low impact exercise program. Hooping was the solution. She found that it was great for general health, relieved stress, and helped her to build confidence and creativity. Why not share this with the world? Her Body Hoops: Hoop Dance Fusion instructional DVD is a great intro to hooping. You can purchase the DVD & high quality weighted hoops on the Body Hoops site. The weighted hoops are recommended for hooping, the weight makes the hoop flow better and stay up longer. Visit Body Hoops and try something new. Pick up hoops for everyone in your family (they make them for kids too). You can make it a family activity! Doesn't this make getting on the treadmill sound BORING?

For General Information/History about Hooping, visit:

Mommy Cards

Order yourself some Mommy Cards so next time you are at the park and meet some new playmates, you can give them one and you don't have to go shuffling through the diaper bag looking for a pen and paper to exchange numbers! Such a handy idea!

Visit Ellie Bellies to check out their paper products and other goodies!

Buggy Boo Baby

The next time you need to buy a baby shower gift, check out Buggy Boo Baby! They have tonnes of neat stuff for baby! I love these Shoo Shoos baby boots!! Available in pink or brown! SO cute!

They also carry some really adorable hats by Nana Knits!

Visit Buggy Boo Baby to check them out!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Giggles Bibs: Messy Eating Never Looked So Good

Giggles Bibs are a fun and funky way to make meal time clean! Founded by Jamie Hunt, Giggles Bibs were inspired by a messy little eater and a love for sewing. Easy to clean and super hip, Giggles Bibs come in 18 fabulous styles. You choose the edging color for even more options. The fabrics used are thick, super cool, vinyl patterns that will definitely stand out at meal time. You must check out the Goldfish, Grass, and Flower bibs. They are so adorable. The bibs are machine washable, have a "food catching" pocket, and a velcro closure. Giggles Bibs are high quality, high fashion, and high fun! All bibs are available online. Pick up a few for your favorite eater today.

Ulitmate Sponsor: Baby Dagny

Welcome to, your destination for just cool baby stuff! The kind of goods you can’t find anywhere else, we dare you to try! Baby Dagny was born after our founder, Andrea McGinty embarked on an endless search for unique and stylish baby products for her little baby Dagny.

Andrea quickly realized that most retailers carried products that all seemed the same. Aha! One late night, pregnant and sleepless, she found a great product in The Netherlands that was not sold anywhere in the US. A business idea was hatched! Then she found that many great products were only being sold in small shops scattered around the world, being designed and manufactured by parents who found voids when they had children.

Frustrated by searching and buying from dozens and dozens of retailers (and paying big freight costs to ship to the US), Andrea realized a need in the baby market. What mothers needed was one place they could rely on for really unique, really original and really stylish baby products and gifts. Not to mention high quality!

And so, we searched the world, high and low. You wouldn’t believe the places we visit and the collection of friends we’ve made all over the world. The people we buy from share our philosophy of unique, exciting baby items that are now available to you exclusively from

Whether you're shopping for your newborn, a shower gift or a unique gift for a friend, we are sure you will find something you love at Baby Dagny!


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Giddy Giddy Styles Will Make EVERYONE Smile!

Doesn't the name just make you smile? Giddy Giddy hair clips are so adorable, you will want to buy each and every one. Created by former investment analyst turned crafty mom, Teri Dimalanta, all Giddy Giddy clips are hand sewn in adorable felt patterns. With categories like flowers, animals, and food, you must look at each and every one. The details are so impeccable, each clip is a work of art. Not only are they fun to look at, the quality is fabulous. The clips hold strong and the sewing is immaculate. Giddy Giddy clips come in two sizes: big girl & little girl. My favorite designs, the fudge cupcake and tux the penguin. The flowers are hard to resist too! Giddy Giddy clips can be purchased at several boutiques. However, if you can't find a store near you, contact Giddy Giddy to place an order directly. Whether your little one has just a few wispy strands or a full head of locks, Giddy Giddy clips will be the perfect addition to that precious little noggin!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Made For Mom: Little Things That Make Life A LOT Easier

If you're not familiar with Made for Mom products, now is the time to familiarize yourself. A few of my favorites include the genius Snack Trap, the Spout Sprout, and the Lil' Topper. All three of these items make life a lot easier! The Snack Trap is the ultimate way to to stop a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Crunched into the ground Cheerios! It's simple, a small cup with easy to hold handles and a soft lid that allows little hands in and out without spilling everything all over the place. It can be turned upside down, shaken around, and it's magical, no spills! There is also the new Snap Over Lid which keeps snacks fresh and secure while not in use.

The Spout Sprout is universal spill-proof cap that turns any 16 0z. (and up) store-bought plastic juice container into the equivalent of a sip cup. The special one-piece cap automatically prevents fluid from spilling or leaking. Talk about convenient, this great product solves a huge problem for me. My "independent" two year old wants to drink like his big brother, NO SIPPY CUPS. Well, the Spout Sprout lid turns "big boy" juice into an acceptable container for him and I don't have to worry about spills! I LOVE IT!

Similar to the Spout Sprout, the Lil' Topper does the same for water bottles. How many times have you handed your little one a bottle of water when they want to "do it themselves" and then half of the bottle ends up on them? Well, screw on a Lil' Topper and problem solved. No more spills or leaks.

Made for Moms is currently offering a GREAT deal for Swanky Moms. Please use the code swanky15 for a 15% discount on all Made for Mom products. ALSO, if you purchase 3 or more items, shipping is only 1 Cent, you can't beat that. COUPON CODE IS VALID THROUGH MARCH 31st, so act fast!

Visit Made for Moms today and make your life easier. Their products make great gifts too, so stock up and pass them out generously!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sponsor: Mother Earth and Baby

Mother Earth and Baby is an upscale boutique for the discriminating buyers who want to shop for the perfect baby and mommy gifts without leaving the comfort of home.

The owner of Mother Earth and Baby started her business after the birth of her daughter. Wanting to give her newborn daughter the best of everything, she soon found she had to spend long hours researching and then locating the items. MEB is the result of all her research. A one stop shopping experience offering boutique quality clothing, beautiful nursery items, the most plush and luxurious gifts and accessories for baby, mom, and mom-to-be, and of course, safe skincare products.

Looking for the perfect shower gift? A very popular item is the luxurious nursing pillow by Bosom Baby, providing the perfect positioning for baby and mom. Another popular item is the Deluxe Angel Baby Gift Basket by Earth Mama Angel Baby, packed full of all-natural products to nurture your special little one from start to finish. A celebrity favorite is the Minimink faux fur blanket, made of a high quality faux fur that will not shed and has a beautiful softness. People often ask if it's real!

MEB strives to provide superior customer service because they feel shopping should be convenient, enjoyable and easy. Each product line and item is carefully researched and hand-selected to ensure, quality and safety for you and your little ones.

MEB offers personalized service too. Looking for just the right gift, but need a little help? Visit MEB at or call toll free at 1-866-387-8027. The staff at MEB loves to talk baby and help you with all your gift giving needs.

MEB is always researching and adding the newest items on the market. This is one site you will want to add to your favorites. So grab yourself a steaming cup of herbal tea, sit back and relax while you browse their beautiful selection of items carefully selected just for you!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


If you are traveling abroad and need to learn a new language, then you must check out Earworms! A new revolutionary way to learn a foreign language! So much better than a book where you don't hear the proper pronunciation and tone. With Earworms, you put in the CD and listen to the speaker with background music, it is actually quite relaxing and enjoyable. Learn a new language (Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and more) on your way to work, while getting ready in the morning, while doing your workout, cleaning the house, anytime really! You can buy the CD or download version for your ipod.

I would definetly recommend Earworms to anyone that would like to learn a new language! Earworms are truly a hip and unique way to learn a foreign language and after a few times listening you will remember phrases and questions. In no time, you will be able to ask for a glass of "po tao jio" (wine in Chinese)!! It's a really great product and also a fun way to teach your children a new language as well!

To find out more about Earworms, visit

Monday, February 12, 2007

Dali Mama: The Ultimate Yoga Mat

About a year ago, I started taking yoga on a regular basis. I have to say after all of the cardio, weight training, and cycling classes I've tried out, yoga is the only one I've stuck with. It's my only "me" time, a chance to clear my mind, relax, and feel great. I'm always on the look out for the perfect mat. I've gone through 4 in one year.

When I came across the Dali Mama site, I was super excited! The first thing that intrigued me was the name of the company. Dali Mama, has a terrific story behind its creation. After struggling with all of her yoga gear, Dawn Alane was in her yoga class resting in a state of Svasana (aka the “resting pose”), when something magical happened......a yoga mat with straps and a handle appeared as a vision floating above my head. After the she headed home to share the vision with her friends. One of her friends jokingly called her the "Dali Lama" when her young daughter chimed in with "No, she's the Dali Mama." The company was born!

Dali Mama products are the finest yoga products I have come across. They are beautiful, extremely well made, and 100% functional. Their Luxury Mats are the best I have ever tried. They are well sized and have the perfect thickness and feel to them. The straps are such a fabulous feature. They look beautiful, and provide you with a hands free walk to class. You can now hold your water/towel, and your little one's hand on the way to the "kids corner."

I am always on the look out for new and exciting "Mommy & Me" products. Dali Mama, also makes child yoga mats, complete with the hands-free strap in fun furry fabrics. The mat is just like mom's only smaller with either cloud or heart straps. This is the first high quality children's yoga product I have come across. The child's mat is also great for teens, it is plenty big, fun, funky, AND functional!

You may be wondering, "Do the straps get in the way?" Nope, I simply tucked mine under the mat and completely forget that they were there. When class was over I rolled up my mat, strapped it up, flung it over my shoulder, and hit the door, hands free! I had several people ask me where I got my beautiful mat. I was proud to say Dali Mama.
Dali Mama also makes yoga mat bags, meditation cushions, bolsters, eye pillows, and towels. All products are made with luxurious silk fabric in amazing colors. This line will not disappoint you.
OH, and if you already have a yoga mat that you love, you can buy just the mat carrier straps and be hands free like me!

All products can be purchased online. Visit the Dali Mama site today. Their mission is to raise global consciousness through artistry, design, and a yoga lifestyle. I am proud to promote and use their products. Namaste.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tomat: For Your Funky Little Monkey!

If you haven't heard of Tomat, listen up! This super cool line of shirts is sure to stand out in a world of a million tee shirts. Efi Latief, is the owner and designer of Tomat. After accumulating over ten years of experience in a variety of design studio projects, she started her own business. Efi created Tomat, a line of fun and funky vintage-inspired tees for infants and toddler. With designs like "Under the Influence" (one of my favorites), "So L.A.", "Future DJ" and "Miss Manners," Tomat is sure to make you smile. Their shirts are printed on 100% super soft cotton in vibrant colors. Perfect for your funky little monkey! All items can be purchased at the Tomat site.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Are you looking for something different in skincare products for your family? Do you want something gentle, natural and free of chemical preservatives? vedaPURE is the answer for you.

veduPure is a collection of skincare products created by one of New York City's Top Doctors, Dr. Natalie Geary. vedaPure is the first and only skincare line using ancient Ayurveda principles of balance and health and herbal remedies for calming and soothing. vedaPURE is known for its fresh, natural scent without the use of typical preservatives and steroids used by other skincare lines.

vedaPure offers simply natural and honestly pure skincare for women, babies and men in the 3 lines offered: vedaMAMA, vedaBABY, and vedaDUDE.

My favorite vedaMAMA product is Relax Body Cream. The chocolate mint cream scent is fabulous and just the smell takes me to a happy place! The cocoa butter moisturizes while the capsicum and Anica work on relieving sore muscles. I know every Mama can use a product like this!

The vedaBaby line features a product called Splash, a soothing bath powder. This product works great for my 2 year old daughter who was recently diagnosed with eczema. The soothing properties of Splash offer her relief from dry, itchy skin.

As a personal user of the vedaPure line, I recommend you invest in this quality natural skincare for your family. While you are at the vedaPure website, be sure to check out the Ingredients page for a list and explanation of each ingredient's healing properties.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jessie Walker: Yummy Soft & Oh So CUTE!

Jessie Walker Knit Goods is the creation of Swanky Mom, Dale Pollak Schlauch. With a love of the art since the age of 7, Dale knows her knitting! Her amazing products are traditional with a twist. Take for example her puppet mitts. Super cute mittens with eyes and a tongue. Perfect for little ones that need warm hands and entertainment at the same time! Her scarves are adorable too. Check out the handwarmer scarf with built in pockets! Jessie Walker also makes sweaters (the cupcake one is unbelievable), blankets, booties, and her signature "lovies." I love the fried egg! All Jessie Walker products are handmade (no looms) in the USA from super deluxe super soft yarns. Surprise a favorite kiddo with some of her fun and functional products! These unique gifts will be treasured for generations to come. Visit the Jessie Walker site today, all products are available online.

Blog Contributor Wanted

We are looking for a pregnant swanky mom to contribute to the blog! We get lots of maternity and pregnancy products to review and we thought it would be nice to have someone who is expecting to review these! If you are pregnant or know of someone who is pregnant that would be interested in contributing, please contact



Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Moms are So Smart!

The more I look at the products available for babies today, the more I realize moms are so smart! Moms are coming up with the coolest products for their babies and are starting businesses to share the product with others!

One such cool product is called "Comfy Crawlers", a functional and stylish crawling pant designed to provide protection for your crawler's knees. Marina Westerdahl, designer and Mom, created Comfy Crawlers out of concern for her own son who was learning to crawl on tile floors in the family home. When she couldn't find anything on the market to satisfy her needs, she made a pair of pants with padded knees. Soon she was selling to friends and Gissy Bella was born.

Comfy Crawlers are made of super soft ultra-suede, which is stain-resistant and breathable. They feature cushy padding on the knees and bum to cushion falls and a single-button adjustable waistband. Comfy Crawlers are available in 6 rich colors for boys and girls.

Pants that protect your crawling baby's knees? Yeah, that's cool. Buy a pair for your baby and everyone you know that is going to have a baby. They are sure to be the favorite pants to wear! Shop Gissy Bella for a great pair of pants "Designed by a mommy & loved by babies."

Cutie Clips: The PERFECT Easter Basket Filler

These Cutie Clips from Bestever, are just too adorable! Perfect for your little cutie's Easter Basket, the Bunny Ear Hair Clips are available in White on Pink and Pink on White versions. The hair clips are super soft and super high quality. They are "snap" clips and easily stay in place. Cutie clips also come in Kitty Ears (white & black) , Tiger Ears, Princess Crowns (gold & silver), Roses (red, pink, & lavender), an Argyle Heart, Flower, and for those naughty days, devil horns! The best thing about Cutie Clips, the price. At just $3-$4, they're a steal. Stock up today, these are great for dress up and tied to some ribbon, they would make adorable gift toppers!

Mama Mio: Deluxe Pampering for Supermamas

Looking for a great congratulatory gift for your newest pregnant friend? You've got to check out the fabulous products made by Mama Mio. Mama Mio was founded by 3 mothers with over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry and 62 years of experience in the motherhood department! The company was founded in the UK and has recently started distribution in the U.S. Mama Mio has products to help you get through the nine month stretch with healthy skin. What I found terrific about their products is the way that they package them into "gifts by trimester" kits.

The first trimester set (aka the Congratulations Kit) contains their Moisturizing Shower Cream, Super Rich Body Cream and the ultra important Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil.

The second trimester kit is my favorite! It's the BBB Kit (boobs, bellies, & bottoms). This kit is great even if you're not pregnant! It comes with the Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil, The Boob Tube (firms & tones), and the Wonder-Full Balm which is GREAT for those dry patches that mysteriously appear during pregnancy.

The third trimester kit is called It's Time! Hospital Kit. It includes a Gravida scented candle, Facial Spritz, Mini Massage Oil, and another bottle of the Tummy Rub, which you will want to keep on using after your little bundle of joy arrives.

Mama Mio's Stretch Mark Minimiser has received rave reviews. It has been proved to effectively help heal and fade stretch marks. They also have a Tummy Toner that helps tighten and retexturize post pregnancy skin.

All kit products can also be purchased individually.

Mama Mio's secret? The use of Essential Fatty Acid-rich oils to nourish the lipid layer of your skin. Their signature fragrance is Gravida, which is a great clean and fresh scent. Not at all overpowering. All products are allergy tested, so if you have sensitive skin, no need to worry!

Visit the Mama Mio site today, and surprise the mama to be in your life with some fantastic pampering products. She will be ecstatic to receive a gift for herself!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Practically Darling Designs

From invitations to custom photo cards, address labels to calling cards, Practically Darling Designs has you covered! Their designs are cute and appealing to a wide audience plus their prices are very reasonable.

I received samples of their thank you cards and personalized note cards and they are fabulous! They are made with high quality cardstock and the colors and designs are great! The best thing about PDD is you can get coordinating items to match, like the goody bag label, address label, candy bar wrapper, etc!

Visit for your stationery needs!

il cocco di mamma

il cocco di mamma

Do you have an "il cocco di mamma"?! I do! That's the name of this boutique! It means mama's boy! Il Cocco Di Mamma celebrates languages with their signature line of baby onesies! Very cute! They also carry these fabulous wooden alphabet blocks which are simply timeless! My son loves blocks and what a wonderful way to learn the alphabet! Also available at the boutique are some international books and CD's and some absolutely adorable trumpette socks and shoes! If you have a mama's boy or mama's girl, there is probably something for him/her at this unique boutique!


Sunday, February 04, 2007

AllergiK ID: Keeping Kids with Allergies Safer

Luckily, both of my boys have no allergies that we know of. In fact up until this school year, I didn't know any children with severe food allergies. Then September rolled around and it's back to school. There is a new & adorable little boy in my son's class with a severe peanut allergy. When you're not used to being careful about watching ingredients, and run into someone that MUST, it's a real eye opener. Peanut butter is a staple at our house, I normally wouldn't think twice about it, until now. Even my 5 year old is conscious about his friend and all of the families at school know, but what about the rest of the world?

Well, thanks to a terrific company called AllergiK ID, kids with allergies can let it be known. Robin Davison founded AllergiK ID, when she realized there was a lack of age appropriate products to identify children's food allergies. Her fabulous line includes products that identify 7 types of food allergies: Peanut, Dairy, Tree Nut, Wheat, Egg, Soy, & Gluten. Each product is available for each allergy. Allergik ID lunch bags allow little ones to carry their lunch and let it be known to lunch supervisors exactly what they are allergic to. The bags are insulated and very generous in size. You can even personalize them with your child's name. The rubber band type bracelets are also great. They come in two children's sizes and are red with white writing, a great item to wear at school and on excursions like field trips, play dates, or any other activity that you may not be able to attend. AllergiK ID also makes stickers that you can use to label safe foods. This way your little one always knows what snacks are safe, even when they can't read the ingredients. The backpacks, lunch bags, stickers, and posters are available for ANY allergy or combination of allergies. Not just those that are shown. They are customized for each child's needs.

AllergiK ID is dedicated to keeping children with food allergies and Celiac Disease (requires a gluten free diet) safer in any environment. Their products are designed to: Identify each child’s specific food allergy, decrease the risk of exposure, and clarify emergency measures to help manage an allergic reaction.

If you have children with food allergies or even if you know children that do, this site is a must visit. Great products, great cause. All items can be purchased directly from the AllergiK ID site.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Jessie Steele: Fine Hostess Gifts

Hip aprons? Yes! Jessie Steele makes the swankiest aprons on the market. Their unique styles and flattering cuts are sure to make you the hostess with the mostess! This line of fine hostess gifts also offers matching children's aprons which are seriously the cutest things ever. Mommy & me cooking by day, Swanky Hostess by night! Patterns include Vintage Cherries, Toile Roses, Pink Paris, and Floral. Men's aprons as well as the super cute Carmen style that is a "half" apron are also available. Jessie Steele aprons have appeared on Wisteria Lane, so you know if the ladies of Desperate Housewives are wearing them...they're good for you too! Visit their store locater to find a retailer near you.

Valentine's Day: LOVE the LOVE Shoes

If you've got a little girl at home, these LOVE shoes by Vincent should be on your shopping list. The adorable "Mary Jane" style shoes have leather uppers with patent leather heart applications and a velcro closure. Perfect for any time of the year, but a MUST have for Valentine's Day. Order yours now for delivery by February 14th. Available in Navy, Pink, Red, & Black. Your little one will be the hit of the party in her shiny new LOVE shoes. Too bad they don't make these in mommy sizes....

Thursday, February 01, 2007

How's My is a service run by a New York prosecutor and mommy of two. Through this new innovative service, you can buy a license plate with a unique ID number for your stroller then the public can anonymously report behavior, good or bad. When someone sends in a report, the parents will receive an email. How cool is this? It is $50/year for a plate and it gives you peace of mind!! I think it is worth every penny! Also, if you refer 3 friends you will receive your next year free! People need a license to drive a car ~ why shouldn't they have a license to look after the most important person in your life, your child!

If you would like to purchase a plate for yoursef or for a friend, use coupon code "whreo3y" for a 15% discount!