Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Photo Stamps: Send Your Valentines in Style

If you haven't tried them out yet, you've got to! Visit the Photo Stamps site to create your own custom postage stamps. You can add the picture of your choice to create a super unique way to send your Valentines. We did a family picture on Photo Stamps for the holidays and it seemed to be more memorable than the card! I heard back from most of the recipients telling me how cute our stamp was. Who knew? I wasn't even sure if they'd notice it, but they did! The Photo Stamps site is running a promotion for free shipping that continues through 3/15/07. Just use the promo code SAVE at checkout.

Robot Revolution Backpack: Pint Sized Fun for Your Little One!

The name of the company says it all! I recently discovered Bestever, a fabulous company that makes, well, the Bestever children's products on the market. My absolute favorite product of theirs is this adorable Robot Revolution backpack. It is perfectly pint sized for little ones. The backpack is made of high quality fabrics, beautifully sewn together with top notch craftsmanship. It is a 9" square, perfect for a toddler's most important things. My almost 3 year old loves to fill his up with Hot Wheels, his blankee, a snack, and he's good to go. It gives him the feeling of being large and in charge. He picks the goods and carries them himself! From the zippered mouth to the side pocket "ears" and adjustable straps, this back pack will put a smile not only on your child's face, but on everyone that sees it pass by. Available for purchase on the Bestever site. At only $20, how can you resist the cuteness!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Lulla Bed Story Blanket: The Coolest Way to Drift into Dreamland

When I came across the Lulla Bed site, I was fascinated by their Story Blanket. I had never seen anything like it and was quite curious about its functionality. Well, this amazing product goes above and beyond the cool factor and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Picture this: Show and tell day, at preschool with 22 little ones ages 4-5. Wiggling little bodies, sitting in a circle, lights down, here we go. My son brought his Space Story Blanket to school to share with his friends. As soon as he pressed the start button, every one in the room, (including the helping moms and teacher) was in awe! The light show started, the tranquil sounds were playing, and little mouths were dropping. Ooohs and Ahhhs were a plenty and the kids didn't want the show to stop. Unfortunately, show and tell is limited to a few minutes. I think they would have watched for at least another 20 minutes! Hmmm, maybe all teachers should have a Story Blanket in the classroom for behavior management...

The Story Blanket is the most unique bedding you will find for your little one. Designed to help lull them into dreamland, these fabulous comforters come in two sizes, twin and full. Each blanket incorporates 133 LED lights that softly bubble to a themed soundtrack. Available themes are Space, Hero, Princess, and Kitty. To complete the bedding, coordinating pillow shams, bed skirts, and decorative pillows are also available. You can even add a bed effects light underneath to make the bed look like it's glowing. So Cool!

Lulla Bed products are very well made and easy to use. The Story Blanket runs on a battery pack that is protected on the bottom inside of the comforter. A screwdriver is necessary to open the compartment, so it is completely safe for your little ones. The Story Blanket is truly an amazing product, visit the Lulla Bed site for a demo and then surprise your cutie pie with the blanket of their dreams!

All products can be purchased directly from the Lulla Bed Site.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

RandomLine Games: Alphabet Squiggle

I recently came across a wonderful game by RandomLine called Alphabet Squiggle. I LOVE games that are fun, but also educational, it's the teacher in me. Anyhow, my son is on his way to Kindergarten in September and we are trying to master the pencil grasp and letter writing. With educational standards that are becoming more and more challenging, our little ones are not just learning to identify letters and sounds in Kindergarten, they are learning to read and write. Alphabet Squiggle is a FUN way for kids to get some letter practice in and allows them to be silly and creative too! There are two versions of Alphabet Squiggle: the board game and the travel version. Both are really great. The concept is simple, spin the spinner, write the letter you land on and then create a "squiggle" or doodle out of it. I love playing the game with my son, he really enjoys turning the letters into fun things like rocket ships, insects and monsters! He usually writes the letter, gives me the idea of what we should turn it into and then I do the doodling. Alphabet Squiggle is designed for kids ages 4 and up. For older kids, there is a Cursive Version (8 and up) and for little ones (3 and up) there is a super cute Shapes and Colors Version.

RandomLine Games is a company founded by a stay at home dad who loves to play. With many years of doodling behind him, John Kiely has turned a simple idea into an award winning company. All of RandomLine's products can be purchased on their site and would make great gifts. Learning and fun, how can you resist? Also a GREAT teacher gift!

TRAVELING? Be sure to check out the travel versions, great for car rides, airplane trips, waiting rooms, and more. We are taking the kids to Florida in a few weeks and I know ours will come in handy!

Sonya Bebeblankee: A Treasured Gift Sure to Impress

Maybe I am overly emotional, but I am not exaggerating when I say that this gift nearly brought me to tears. When I opened the Fill in the Blankie that I am giving to my sister to celebrate her first pregnancy, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It is the ultimate baby gift because you can personalize it to the fullest extent. With up to 50 characters of your choice per side, this means up to 200 letters, it's practically a novel! There are also several great fonts to choose from and little icons like stars, hearts, rocket ships, etc. that you can mix in with the text. You choose the blankie and the thread color too, making this the ultimate in personalization. There are 29 different blankies to choose from, all with beautiful satin edges, where the embroidery is placed. Oh, and relax, if you can't think of the perfect thing to say, they have examples on the site. If you want to see some tears of joy, bring one to your next baby shower. I had tears giving it, I can only imagine how the mommy-to-be will react!

Prices range from $39-$74 (text embroidery included, icons are extra), but the gift is absolutely PRICELESS. Turn around time is 3-7 days, you can't beat that!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Boutique Community

Take a stroll down Couture Street! Imagine owning an easy internet based business from home. Boutique Community is a brand new site and is for sale! It includes an already developed website, domain name, various size Boutique Community button ads, hosting for 1 year and technical support. Owning Boutique Community is an excellent opportunity to be part of the boutique world, generate income and be a work at home mommy!

Visit Boutique Community for more details or contact

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vincent: Independence with STYLE

All I can say is WOW. I could tell from their site that Vincent shoes are stylish, but until they arrived, I had no idea how well made they are. The construction is flawless, they have great support, and according to my son, they make him run faster and jump higher! I am really excited, especially about the Andy shoes for my 5 year old. He was 2 months premature and has very mild cerebral palsy. You really wouldn't know unless I told you. His main area of weakness is fine motor skills, so he has never been able to be independent while putting on shoes. I've always strayed away from the typical velcro shoes because I have never seen stylish ones. Well, Vincent to the rescue. The day the shoes arrived, he put his shoes on ALL by himself and was SO proud. It was the first time in his life he was able to get ready for school 100% by himself. The shoes are super cool, velcro and all. My two year old has the Simon high tops. They are too cute for words. When I first put them on him, he didn't seem to notice he was wearing new shoes. We jumped right into the car and the next thing I heard out of his mouth was, "Cool shoes mom!" It was hilarious. It's no wonder the boys get compliments every time they wear their Vincent shoes. Oh and for all you moms of girls, you must see the floral Betty shoes and the adorable Love shoes, which are PERFECT for Valentine's day!

The Vincent Winter Clearance Sale is still going on. You can save up to 50% on select styles. Shop today, sizes are limited and you don't want to pass up this great offer. Independence with style makes a perfect combination for the favorite little feet in your life.

The SLANKET: A Blanket with Sleeves!

Looking for a way to have the ultimate couch experience? Check out the Slanket. It is a super soft, oversized fleece blanket with sleeves. Yes, sleeves. It's a chilly night, you'd like to curl up with a book, but how are you going to read with your cozy blanket covering you up your arms to keep warm. Simple, put your arms through the sleeves in your Slanket.

Mastermind, Gary Clegg, dreamt up the Slanket one chilly night in Maine. He was up late, freezing cold, watching TV, and wanted to channel surf from his sleeping bag without getting frostbite on his arms! Gary got creative and grabbed some scissors. After cutting some arm holes in his sleeping bag, the idea came to him. During a trip home for the holidays, Gary had his first Slanket commissioned and then... it was born!

You can buy your very own Slanket directly from the Slanket site. Honestly though, every household needs at least two. If you purchase just one, you risk your husband and/or children taking over on it. Staying warm and playing X Box at the same time, you betcha! Slankets come in 5 fabulous colors and are sure to please anyone on your "to buy for" list. I know I LOVE mine. Put the kids to bed, grab the remote and relax with your Slanket!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sick Bear Bowl: Comfort for Upset Tummies

Yes, it is what you think it is! The NEW Sick Bear Bowl is a great product for little ones with upset tummies. Made of dishwasher safe melamine in blue, pink, and yellow, the Sick Bear Bowl provides children with a little comfort when they are not feeling so well. I'm sure you have your own "throw up" story. Kids aren't always able to make it to the bathroom or into the designated bowl or trash can you provide them with. The Sick Bear Bowl, is designed to provide children the "just right" place to throw up when sickness strikes. It has two textured handles for easy holding, a no drip rounded rim, and a tip resistant wide base which makes spills less likely. It is just the right size for children and can be used for all life's little emergencies including car/motion sickness, colds or the flu. What I love about the Sick Bear Bowl is that it is a funny BUT very practical item. It would make a great baby shower gift. Fill it with all of the newborn must haves like toiletries, medicines, cute burp cloths, a bottle, paci and a little stuffed lovie. Or, give it as a get well gift to your favorite toddler with the flu. The Sick Bear Bowl is available for purchase on the Sick Bear site. Pick one up today and keep it handy. You never know when a little tummy might erupt!

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer Helps You Remember

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift for new parents? The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is it! This unique new product was designed by a mom and dad who needed a little extra help remembering basic baby care details. Tedious charts and journals were not working out, so the Itzbeen was born! With the touch of a button, the Itzbeen allows parents to keep track of when baby was last fed, changed, & monitors sleep/awake time as well. My favorite feature is the extra timer, which can be used to time anything you'd like. For my husband and I, the biggest "time" problem we had was when we last gave our boys medicine. We'd always say, "What time did you give him that Tylenol?" The Itzbeen makes it easy to keep track of.

The features of this wonderful product go on and on. The Itzbeen allows you to set a reminder alarm for each timer. If the time limit is reached, the button lights up and the alarm will sound. It also has a super cool night light, bright enough to help you make your way to baby in the middle of the night when you are half asleep. The display is backlit, so you can see the timers in the dark and it has a back clip on it if you'd like to keep it close! For nursing moms, there is a left/right nursing reminder that helps mom remember which side she last nursed from.

I also love the size of the Itzbeen. It is small, light weight, and portable. In addition to these features, the display has a clock, so you always know what time it is. The Itzbeen is a great helper for babysitters and grandparents. AND no worries, the directions are well written & it's easy to use. You can program the times and then your baby's caretaker will know exactly when to get the job done!

The Itzbeen is available online for under $25. It's a gift ALL parents will appreciate!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Something Sweet Candy Wrappers

The next time you have a birthday party or other special occassion, check out Something Sweet Candy Wrappers for personalized candy wrappers and much more! You can get wrappers for chocolate bars, bubbles, playdoh, tic tacs, plus they have personalized match book mints and gift cans!


Baby Starlet

If you are wondering what to get an expecting mom, the perfect gift is a Baby Starlet Moses Basket! They are GORGEOUS! The Sophia moses basket is perfect for the fashionista bebe. The basket pairs a fun black and white polka dot cotton with a pink Paris poodle fabric. It comes with a padded bumper, slip covered mattress pad cover, decorative pillow and interlined blanket!

Baby Starlet also has matching change pad covers, burp clothes, receiving blankets, change pad clutches and more!

Check out for other beautiful designs!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tatutina: Fun Gifts You Never Knew You Needed

Looking for a fun place to store all of your take out menus? Tired of rifling through the junk drawer to see what sounds good for dinner? Problem solved! Check out Tatutina's "Cucina" take out menu boxes. It's a perfectly adorable place to keep your most important papers. Chinese or Pizza? It will be easier to make choices when the menus are all right there in front of you. Are you the "Queen of Take Out" ? If so, this item will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. Check out all of the fabulous designs. You're sure to find one that you love.

Originating from a passion to paint, Tatutina is a unique company that was founded over 20 years ago in the basement of founder/artist Barbara Ottmar's Massachusetts home. Barbara and her daughter, Georgia Florena, now run the company together.

All items are hand painted and can be purchased directly from the Tatutina site. Next time you are looking for a unique baby shower gift, pick up a take out box and fill it with local menus. The mommy to be will appreciate it, you know she's not going to feel like cooking for a while!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

School Zone

School Zone has a tonne of great products and software for kids from Preschool to Grade Six! Their new baby line is especially fabulous! Very interactive and exploratory for the curious baby! They have mirror cards, peg puzzles, books, online games and more! My favorite product is the "Clever Baby Cards" which have all these neat sounds, textures and colors!

School Zone products are top of the line and best of all, their prices are amazing!! They even have a bargain bin where you can get books for $1.39!! High quality educational products without the huge price tag!


Your Child's Health & Wellness Record

These handy books are the perfect solution for any parent to keep their children's medical paperwork organized! The "Your Child's Health & Wellness Record Document Organizer", is a huge binder with nine tabs: Medical Specialists, Other Health & Wellness Professionals, Clinics & Facilities, Interventions, Education, Insurance, Receipts, Resources and Miscellaneous. Also, included are a bunch of blank dividers and labels so you can customize it to suit your needs. Everytime you have an appointment, pop any information or paperwork into your binder! You will have everything in one place and easy to find when needed!

Also available is the "Your Child's Health & Wellness Record" which is a journal to record important medical information. It also has nine sections: Intro: Instructions and Tips, Current Health & Wellness Information , Pregnancy & The Newborn, Medication, When Something Isn't Right, The Medical Team, The Rest of The Health & Wellness Team, and Miscellaneous, which has areas for insurance, contacts and notes. This journal would be an essential tool for parents to children with multiple medical issues.

To find out more, please visit

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rockin Threads for Cool Kids: Baby Rock Apparel

If you're looking for some rockin tees for your little one, Baby Rock Apparel is the place to shop. Their unique designs are super hip and super cute. Founded by Kimberly Strayer, Baby Rock was born out of necessity. Tired of the oh so boring baby blue, Kim and her hubby Ryan wanted to create some trendy clothing that was to their liking. Baby Rock has tons of fun shirts, I love the "What happens in preschool stays in preschool" design. My son's teacher had a big smile on her face when he walked in the door wearing it! I also love the new Big/Little Brother & Sister tees. The Baby Rock versions of these are the first hip ones I've ever seen! Normally I stray away from the big/little brother designs, but these are adorable. "Search and Destroy" is a PERFECT theme for a little brother! The quality of Baby Rock Apparel is also fantastic. We have washed and worn ours several times and they still look great. Baby Rock Apparel is available in over 100 stores in the US & Canada and you can shop directly from their site. Their clothing comes packaged in adorable tin lunchcases, gift wrapped and ready to give. Sounds good, right? But wait, there's more. As the mother of two boys (I understand, I have two myself). Kim felt the need to invent another fabulous product.

The Tinkle Tube, yes, Tinkle Tube, is the answer to emergency potty situations. Sorry, moms of girls, this is just for the boys. I'm sure you are laughing about now, but really, it's a handy little item. Once in a while, they've got to go, there's no bathroom, and no available tree. What to do? Pull out your Tinkle Tube and you're good to go, literally. The Tinkle Tube is a plastic tube with caps on each end. Pull one cap off, and well, I think you can figure out the rest. I keep our Tinkle Tube in the car for emergency situations. The Tinkle Tube is available on the Baby Rock site, pick a few up today. Give them to all the moms of boys you know, you'll get a good laugh and then a big THANK YOU!

Use the code swankymoms at checkout and receive 20% off your total order!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Winter Clearance at Vincent Shoes

Visit the Vincent site today for some fabulous deals on adorable shoes. The sale runs now through February, but act fast. You don't want buyers regret when you come back later to find they no longer have the sizes you need! Save 25-50% on select styles. You can also enjoy free shipping on orders over $75. My Vincent shoes are on the way and as soon as I get them on the little feet in my house, I'll be posting my review!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Listen to Your Buds: Head Phone Safety

This day in age our little ones grow up using head phones. Weather it's the portable DVD players, game systems, computer games, mp3 players, etc, most kids these days wear them on a regular basis. Listen to Your Buds is a fabulous campaign that promotes head phone safety. Check out the site. It is full of great information for parents, kids, and educators. There is even a really cute game called Turn Down the Volume that shows kids the different levels of sound and what is considered safe for their ears.

My 5 year old and I both really enjoyed video clip on "How the Ear Works."

The site focuses on three rules of thumb:
Lower the volume
Limit listening time
Upgrade your headphones

Great tips for healthy ears!

Boutique To You

Boutique to You was created in 2004 by two busy, style conscious moms (7 children between them!) with the idea of "Bringing the Boutique to You!" Since then, the store has grown into an online success story featuring clothing, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories seen in the press and on celebrities.

Featured items include a new line of clip in hair extensions by
Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves called hairdo. Other best sellers include
Kashwere Robes, Tiffany Alana Scarves, Besso Handbags, My Flat in London and a variety of Swarovski crystal studded tanks, jackets, and spa pants! Customers regularly write in to rave about their purchases and even more frequently, great customer service.

To receive 10% off any purchase, use coupon code "swanky" during checkout.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Ellie Bellie Kids: Must Have Messenger Bag!

If you have a toddler, you know about that strong sense of independence that hits hard around 2-3 years old. They want "their own" everything. Ellie Bellie Kids has designed and created a super cool, super functional, mini messenger bag designed for little ones ages 3-6. I have always been a fan of messenger bags, so when I saw this product, I immediately fell in love. It's just like a "grown up" one, only its perfectly proportioned for the mini large and in charge people in your household. It allows them to "pack" their own supplies for whatever outing you may be off to. The bag is superiorly made. The construction and design are fabulous, the fabric is high quality, it's machine washable, there's an interior pocket, and best of all, the strap is adjustable for a perfect fit. The Ellie Bellie Kids messenger bag comes in 4 color options: Sporty Stripe Jet, Sporty Stripe Blue, Sporty Stripe Coco, and Loopy Loops Pink. When our Sporty Stripe Jet bag arrived, my 5 year old immediately filled it up with his Star Wars figures and was off to play. Visit the Ellie Bellie Kids site today to see all of their terrific products. They also have personalized capes for the super heros in your life and beautiful tutus for your aspiring princess or ballerina! If you are looking for a unique birthday gift for that next pre-school party, this is the place to shop~

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Indulgence Blanket

Patricia Ann Designs makes the best, ultra chic blankets! Plus, they have the "Indulgence Blanket" which is an extra large (4x6) version of their fabulous baby blankets! Perfect for Mom & Dad! The Indulgence Blanket is SO soft and luxurious! It is made with beautiful chic and cozy fabrics with silk edging! You can get an even larger size, which is 5x7, if you wish! I LOVE my Indulgence Blankie! I have it on my couch in our bonus room and everyone that sits on the couch automatically pulls it over them! It is so warm and inviting and, so swanky! Every Swanky Mom out there NEEDS an Indulgence Blanket! We deserve a little luxury too!