Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What Is The Wite Wipe?

Tired of looking at those boring old white or green wipes containers? Add a little oomph to your diapering essentials with handmade, funky containers made by a mom who was bored with the boring. For all the hip designs Made By Angie, visit their website.
Confused with all the wipes options? While commercial brands are convenient and readily available, Seventh Generation are free from chlorine, alcohol, and synthetic ingredients. For wipes that are environmentally friendly, choose washable cloths that are made of 100% organic cotton from Kidlets.
Whatever wipe you choose, choose the wite wipe for you, and your baby's delicate skin.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Biting, Chewing, Clipping, oh my!

Not only is it completely terrifying when trying to clip baby's nails, but it is also next to impossible. Their fingers are so delicate and nails so tiny and soft when they are brand new. When babies are mobile, clipping their nails also means possibly clipping a little finger tip.
When little nails are soft enough, biting them off is a great option as you can actually feel what you are doing. If their nails are too tough to chew, a little set of manicure scissors or clippers will become your new best friend. Baby's nap time is a great chance to sneak in a little clip!
My recommendations:
Tweezerman's Children's Kit and
the Safety First Fold Up Nail Clippers

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Safe & natural baby powder

As the 'Baby Care' contributor, I look forward to bringing you baby care recipes, tips, and hot products on the market!
More importantly, safe alternatives to some common baby essentials.
First, baby powder. We all love that 'baby powder' smell, and associate it with our yummy new baby all swaddled up and fresh. Unfortunately, powders containing talc have been associated with harming baby's lungs as the talc fibres are so small, they remain airborne.
A happy alternative to talc powders is Arrowroot powder or cornstarch. The cornstarch fibres are more coarse and do not remain in the air like talc fibres do.
A simple and safe concoction that you can create at home is a few scoops of Cornstarch, and a few drops of pure Lavender essential oil. Mix into a shaker jar (even a salt shaker) !
Tip: It is always best to avoid shaking powder directly onto baby's skin. Instead, shake the product into your hand, then apply to baby.
Happy mixing!
For more info on the effects of talc on baby, visit the Children's Health Environmental Coalition

Wednesday, December 21, 2005



Welcome to Swanky Moms! We have several new editors who will be posting their favorite baby finds, fashion tips, and much more!

Check back soon!