Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Perfect Halloween Tee!

Looking for a 100% super cool Halloween tee? Check out the new "Trick or Treat" design at Nursery Rhyme Tease. The shirt comes in both Midnight Black and Tangerine and features a "ghostly" trick-or-treater heading off for a candy filled night. The shirt comes paired with an adorable Halloween story book. All purchases are shipped via Priority Mail, so order today and your little ones will get plenty of wear before Halloween hits. Oh, and just so you know, the ink on the tee glows in the dark, SO FUN!

Visit & use the code "literacyiscool" for 10% off.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sponsor: JuJu Beanz

Fun & Fashionable Children's Clothing & Accessories! Handmade clothing by MammaMade, LoopyDesign, Green Little Beans. Funky clothing by Inky Dink, Calico Closet, MimiPi, Mimmi & Maggie, Nano, and lots more! Great gifts from The Piggy Story, Handmade Crocheted Baby Blankets by Nonna Maria, Handpainted sneakers by Snanimals, Diaper Bags by BabyKaed and GORGEOUS Tutu's by Lillyanna! Come Shop with us & ENJOY!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I haven't been this excited about a new product in a long time! The Peek A Boo Bag is a genius new toy that every toddler should have. Simple, yet complex, the Peek A Boo Bag is a fabric "pouch" with a clear window. Inside are plastic white beads mixed with several small treasures. A removable fabric tag snaps to the corner to let you know what to "find." The Peek A Boo Bag is designed for ages 3 and up and comes in 3 versions: boy, girl, and ABC. This is the perfect travel toy, it's small, soft, and provides little ones with a QUIET and intriguing activity. Older children can read the tag to find the hidden items. Younger children can just take a peek to find hidden treasures or you can call out items for them to find. The construction is flawless and after LOTS AND LOTS of use, neither of my boys have been able to bust any seams!

The minute I saw the Peek A Boo Bag, the teacher in me went crazy. This is such a fantastic learning tool. The ABC bag can be used for letter recognition, "find the letter C, what sound does a C make, what is a word that starts with C?" Also, it can be used as a spelling activity. Have your child find their name or school spelling words. Another great activity would be to use the boy/girl bags as story or poem starters. Have the child close their eyes, shake up the bag, then open their eyes. The first item they see would be the topic of the story or poem. Do it again and the next item would have to be used in the next sentence.

The Peek A Boo Bag would make a fantastic gift. Visit the Peek A Boo Stuff site today to find out where you can get your own Peek A Boo Bag. Remember, the Holidays are quickly approaching, you may want to tell Santa that Peek A Boo Bags fit in stockings....

Babyville Boutique

Babyville Boutique is a trendy online boutique with a luxurious line of gifts! They have everything from grandpa tees to a fabulous line of diaper cakes, called “Glamourcakes”! Another cute item is the washcloth lollipops! They are so cute! All the items at Babyville are very unique and oh so chic! You will be proud to give a gift from Babyville!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Add Some Dazzle to Your Gift Wrap!

Want to have the most spectacular looking present on the gift table? Put your gift in some DazzleWrap, and you will! DazzleWrap is an amazing new creation that lets you bring gift giving to the next level of coolness. DazzleWrap's concept was inspired by paper lanterns, and seriously, it's better than a gift bag. It takes less than 30 seconds to wrap a gift (insert gift, & seal the edge). There's no tape, tissue, or other supplies involved, and the best part of all, the recipient can't peek into the bag until present opening time! DazzleWrap has sturdy handles and comes in over 15 patterns. Each pattern comes in 4 different sizes. Whether it's a holiday, birthday, baby, or "just because" occasion, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your gift. Another must have is the DazzleLite! It's a super cool light that you stick inside the package that makes your gift glow! We recently took a birthday gift to a party that was wrapped in the white DazzleWrap with the DazzleLite inside. It was the talk of the party. Everyone wanted to know what the "mysterious glowing package" was as it changed from blue, to green, to red. SO MUCH FUN! Visit the DazzleWrap site today and take advantage of their sampler packages. Remember, the holidays are right around the corner, I think some glowing packages under the tree might be in order!
Check out DazzleWrap at It’s A Wrap Creations

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TUCKler all-carrier blanket by Nika

With the upcoming Fall Season Nika has a wonderful iParenting Award winning product which will be a “must have” if you have a new baby. The TUCKler is a multi-functional blanket that can be used as a traditional blanket, nursing cover, infant carseat blanket, stroller blanket and carrier blanket! The TUCKler is made with a cozy fleece which is reversible and has fleece tabs at the top and an elasticized edge so it can tuck nicely around a carseat or stroller and not allow any drafts or fall off baby. Keep your baby nice and cozy on those chilly family outings with a TUCKler!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Do you have a little Daddy's Girl? Well, show it proud with Pumpkin Noodle's gorgeous line of Daddy's Girl Sets! Available in either fig or raspberry! So adorable! Perfect for special occasions and photos!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Citrus Silver

I love my new necklace from Citrus Silver! It is SO beautiful and has my two boys names engraved on it! It is such an amazing piece of jewelry that can go with anything, from the most formal of occasions to everyday wear! Very chic and stylish! You choose the pendant, chain style and then your personalization! Each letter is individually stamped with steel hand stamps, producing a clear impression on the front of each pendant. All of the pendants from Citrus Silver are sterling silver and made in Canada with high quality materials. Stamp the names or birth dates of children, grandchildren, special family members or even pets! Perfect gift for a new mom/dad, anniversary gift or wedding gift! What a beautiful and meaningful gift for someone you love! Make an impression with Citrus Silver!


Baby Star

Check out Baby Star’s newest design of blankets, the Star Swaddler Blanket! It is so soft and luxurious with a waffle weave and a decorative star in corner. So cuddly and adorable! Baby Star also carries an amazing line of bibs, burp clothes, bedding and more! So stylish and made with wonderful textures and colors that you and baby will love! Make your baby a star with his/her very own Baby Star blanket!


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Back to School with Oliver's Labels

Looking for a great way to keep track of "kid" stuff? Oliver's Labels are the perfect solution. Cute designs, high quality, easy to use, and they are the ONLY labels with a unique tracking system. If someone finds something with an Oliver's Label on it, they visit the web address on the label and type in the tracking number that is there as well. You will be notified via e-mail by Oliver's Labels and the person who found your item does not receive your personal info. Very cool! There are tons of designs to chose from. We have the "Outer Space" pattern and they are already on my son's pencils, markers, pencil case, and backpack (the bag tags are a MUST HAVE for back packs). Oliver's Labels also makes clothing labels. Don't let that favorite sweater become an item in the abyss of the school lost and found! Visit Oliver's Labels today and prepare your little ones with their "School Pack." Everything you need to keep track of clothes, shoes, back packs, lunch boxes, school supplies, and more! My son may get lost on the way to his new class, but at least his supplies will be safe and sound. (ha ha....)

School starts in a few days, but no need to worry, Oliver's Labels ship super fast!

S'mores and a Movie, the Perfect Campout!

Summer's grand finale was a family and friend filled camping trip to Mammoth Lakes, CA. The Sierras, so beautiful during the day, there's hiking, biking, fishing, etc. But when night time rolls around, there's the campfire, s'mores and well, that's about it... Not anymore! We actually brought our Epson MovieMate camping with us. We plugged the power into a friend's motorhome and played the movie on the side of another friend's camper! It was so much fun to watch a movie under the stars. The kids were in awe, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, larger than life, a campfire, and s'mores. I think half of the campground joined us and maybe even a bear or two.

The Epson MoiveMate is a portable high quality projector that can turn any wall into a SIMPLE "real life" movie theater experience. Set up is so easy! You literally plug the cord into the system and plug it into an outlet. Voila! With two simple steps, you have your very own portable cinema. What is truly amazing about the MovieMate is that you can adjust the picture size and level with a simple turn of a dial. The picture can adjust from 80" to a gigantic 12 foot image. This means the movie will look great just about anywhere.

Don't have a camping trip planned for the near future? No worries, the Epson MovieMate works just as easily in your backyard. Set up the tent, make some "microwave" s'mores and enjoy!

Visit the Epson site today, and take advantage of their free shipping offer. If you'd rather pick one up in person, they have a store finder too.