Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pic Street

With the holidays quickly approaching, Pic Street is a wonderful place for all your gift giving needs! They have wonderful, high quality, photo gift items. I have a pillow with my boys' photos on it and it is awesome! My mother-in-law has already put in her request for one! Pic Street is a great place for gifts for those people in your life, like parents and grandparents, that are hard to buy for because they have everything ! You can also get photo jewelry, purses, wall hangings, shoes, belts, wallets and more!!

To receive 10% off enter coupon code "swankypic08".


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Labor Kit

If you are expecting or know someone expecting, the Labor Kit is a perfect, practical gift for her! Wow! This kit has everything you need and more! I was quite impressed when I opened up the kit and found all these important items that I would have never thought to pack. Included in this fabulous kit are:

LaborKit includes DeluxeCanvasBagDeluxe Canvas Bag

LaborKit includes LansinohLanolinLansinoh Lanolin

LaborKit includes GerberBreastPadsGerber Breast Pads (36)

LaborKit includes StayDryIcepackStay Dry Icepack

LaborKit includes NotePadandPenNote Pad and Pen

LaborKit includes NewbornDiapersNewborn Diapers (20)

LaborKit includes LipBalmLip Balm

LaborKit includes ThankYouCardsThank You Cards (8)

LaborKit includes PillowPawsNon-SlipSocksPillow Paws Non-Slip Socks

LaborKit includes ShareTheJoyContactListShare The Joy Contact List

LaborKit includes HospitalChecklistHospital Checklist

LaborKit includes BirthPlanBirth Plan

LaborKit includes PeriBottlePeri Bottle

LaborKit includes SanitaryPadsSanitary Pads (4)

LaborKit includes MeshUnderwareMesh Underware (2)

LaborKit includes LargeBluePadsLarge Blue Pads (3)

LaborKit includes StressBallStress Ball

A total of 84 essential items for only $54.95!

To get your labor kit or find out more visit

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Get your children on board with recycling early. Envirosax makes fabulous, stylish, shopping bags with tons of styles for everyone and they even have a kids line! If your children learn early about recycling it will be automatic and something that doesn't not have to be taught later in life. These bags can be rolled up into a compact little bundle so they can be easily put in your car or purse for convenience. Recycle and Reuse in style with Envirosax!


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This Is How I Roll

Have you traded in your Beemer for a bugaboo? We say, roll with it, baby! Show off the newest member of your entourage in this cheeky pregnancy hoodie by 2 chix. This ultra-cute maternity hoodie, made of 100% pre-shrunk, soft, vintage-style cotton, will keep you and your baby bump toasty warm in chilly weather…and bring a little humor to your nine belly blooming months. Check out their entire line of trendy maternity wear at

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Spy Private Eye: Family Fun for Everyone!

Family game night is a must around here. We normally let the kids choose, but honestly, I can't even handle another night of Candyland or Chutes and Ladders. So, when family game night rolled around, I suggested a new and exciting game called I Spy Private Eye by Briarpatch. Both of my boys whined when they saw it, "....but I want to play...."

I've never seen a tune change so fast. They went from whine to fine the minute we opened the box. The colorful game immediately intrigued them. Then came the questions, "What is this?, How do I do this? Can I go first?" So, I quickly perused the instructions, which are very well written, and was able to figure out the game in an instant! Simple and fun: Shake the dice, press the timer and get busy! You have 30 seconds to spy the images on the dice before they are hidden from view. You then have to remember what you saw, choose a picture card, and score points by finding the images that match the dice. Super fun and just enough of a challenge to keep the kids interested and not frustrated. There is no reading required for this game, 2-4 players can play (or more if you play on teams), and the recommended age is 5 and up.

I Spy Private Eye would make a great holiday gift for any little game lover in your life. Visit Briarpatch today and add some new fun to the game cupboard.

Aeromax for Halloween: It's not too late!

Still contemplating a Halloween costume for your little one? Stress no more, there's still time to order the perfect costume from Aeromax. Read our previous review on this spectacular costume wonderland here!

For more information visit

LAF Brand

I received two great products from LAF brand I'd like to share. The first is the Attachables™ tshirt line! These tshirts are perfect for our crazy weather here in Calgary as it can change seasons in an instant! The sleeves are removable making these tees perfect for any climate and fabulous for unpredictable weather. The sleeves are attached with velcro so you can easily mix n match with all your LAF tees! They also have bodysuits for babies.

Another functional yet funky product from the LAF Brand is the Roll n Go™ Rollable Diaper Caddy. You can instantly turn your favorite purse or dad's backpack into an organized diaper bag. It has 4 large pockets for diapers and wipes, 2 slim pockets for bottles, 2 mini pockets for keys and other small items and a large insulated cooler pocket!

To find out more about LAF Brand and their products, visit

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Word World: Can you say HOLIDAY?

As soon as Halloween hits, the holidays will be officially upon us! This means, it's time to start shopping, so let me make it easy on you, WORD WORLD. If you've got little ones in your life, ages 2 and up, Word World has some great gift giving options. Chances are, they've seen the hit show on PBS, so why not reinforce the learning with some educaitonal toys? Their magnetic plush freinds are adorable. Children can take them apart and put them back together (great fine motor practice) while learning how to spell the word (cognition), and have fun doing it (priceless). I love the zebra and sheep. The dump and fire trucks are also adorable. In addition to their plush, the Word World line includes DVD's, games, and adorable building sets (I love the barn).

If you haven't seen Word World yet, check your local listings. It airs on PBS, you can get details here. It's a quality show, cute, educational, and definately worth a watch!

Word World products can be purchased at Target stores nationwide. For more information visit

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


My son has the personalized Funky Sock Monkey blanket and he LOVES it! It is so soft and cozy! All Bubblecakes blankets come with FREE personalization and a diaper bag/luggage tag! This blanket is super soft and perfect size for cuddling. Make your next shower gift a show stopper with a chic, personalized baby blanket from Bubblecakes, it will be cherished for years to come!


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Warm as a Lamb Winter Stroller Coat Cover

With the winter season quickly approaching the Warm as a Lamb Winter Stroller Coat Cover is perfect to keep your baby safe and cozy on those cold winter walks. This fabulous cover is made with a plush shearling fabric on the inside and the exterior is made with a water repellent, breathable fabric with reflective strips which glow in the dark during the evening. There is also side ventilation windows and a zippered front window for easy access to the child. Another cool feature is the Recordable Voice Module which allows you to record a voice clip for your child to listen to while in their Winter Stroller Cover. Available in Black, Pink and Blue and for single and double style strollers.


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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Guest Blogger: Lara Fishman - Straight A's for Kids

By Lara Fishman, Founder and Principal of Designers Call (

The following tips are general ideas that will help children make the most out of their study time. Everyone is different, but with consistency children will take on proper study habits, which will help them be successful through their lives.

1. Allocation of study space:

At an early age, children learn to allocate their time and focus on the task at hand. To provide the best study area possible, separate play space from study space, by positioning the desk in an area of the room that is dedicated to quiet reading or study times only. This can be achieved by keeping toys and other distractions away and by surrounding the study area with bookshelves and office supplies. Children now have a visual allocation of space that matches their focus on the given task at hand.

2. Remove all distractions in room:

In order to achieve the most efficient study time, clean the room and remove all clutters, toys and electronic games. This can be done by providing fun, colorful boxes or shelves and organizing them in the play portion of the room.

3. Kid sized study space:

- provide furniture that is fun and just the right size for your child. That way, your child will know that this space is made JUST FOR THEM.

4. Efficient study space:

Clear the desk from all clutter. During homework and study time, children may need paper, post-its, highlighters, scissors, pens/pencils, staplers and other office supplies. Provide pencil holders, desk drawers and other organizational units and allow the child to arrange their study area as they please. They will know exactly where they placed each item and will have immediate access to them during study times.

5. Think out loud:

To organize little messages, assignments, notes and even thoughts, cork boards and chalkboards are a fun way for children to be creative and let their minds flow. Paint a corner with blackboard paint and give them a space where drawing on the wall is encouraged! They will learn to express themselves through brainstorming and form basic, organizational habits.

6. Easy on the eye:

Have you ever stared at a book, or in the case of this generation - a computer screen, for too long and gotten a headache? Improper lighting has been proven to damage the eyesight. With your children still developing, it is crucial to provide good task lamps that provide enough lighting for the desk but yet are soft enough on the eye. Some great lighting options for kids’ rooms are pivotal architectural task lamps (some can clip to side of desk), floor lamps that can cantilever over desk space like the arc lamp, wall sconces can also spill light from the walls to improve even light distribution and prevent more shadowing effects. Recessed can lights overhead should always be set on dimmers. Having the lamps on three way switches is also helpful so the amount of light output depending on time of day can be modified. Wall-mounted library lamps work great to accent and highlight cork or chalk board from above.

7. Smart placement

You want your child to feel like their study space is a sanctuary, and not a prison. Place their desk within view of a window, but not directly in front of it. You want them to feel connected to the outside world, but not distracted by it. This gives them something to look at as they think and ruminate, giving their little eyes a much-needed break, but keeps them focused on what they’re doing. Additionally, sunlight can enter and brighten the study space, while providing an energy-saving and healthy alternative to store bought lamps.

8. Reading sanctuary:

Not all study time involves sitting at a desk and hunching over math problems. At times, children need a change of space to refresh their minds. A big, comfortable lounge chair, or potato sack, is a perfect place for children to sink their mind (and body) into the exciting world of literature. Give them a cozy place to escape to physically as their mind goes off even further. There are so many options for kids task and lounge seating. The classic Eames shell chair with the Eiffel tower base is a great ergonomic fit for a desk chair as is zuo modern’s re-interpretation of the Herman Miller time life chair. Eames’ LCM & LCW kids’ versions are a timeless bet as well. Emeco also makes a child’s version of the navy chair available in the original stainless steel, orange and navy. Designer’s Call’s Rock ‘n Wave lounger is a hybrid of a rocker and lounge chair and if fully upholstered. The Fatboy™ original by Dwell bean bags are awesome and last forever – kids don’t outgrow them. They are now available in Marimekko prints. Moroccan poufs are great to pair up with the Fatboys to prop up feet and as an accent table.

9. Pick your hue wisely

It’s scientifically proven that certain colors evoke particular emotions in people. Selecting the color for your child’s study space is purely subjective; a sum of several considerations. Is your child more on the calm or active side? Are they prone to daydreaming or distraction?

To create a mellow ambience, butters and paler tones of blue/greens are best. Vibrant color tends to excite and children should feel relaxed in order to best imbibe new information. For a more neutral background, Warm tones like gr-eige (grey-ish beige) and mushroom are reasonable choices. Consider wallpaper organic in nature like a grasscloth to create a cocoon like atmosphere. You may consider highlighting the study wall where desk is placed with this subtle wallpaper.

Window treatments should not create a black-out effect, but rather a sense of translucency where natural light filters through to create warmth and alertness in the environment. Woven wood shades for an earthy look or lighter Belgian linens both create this translucent calm. The shades also help with insulation from heat and sound.

Fabrics should be almost wearable. Textured, soft and washable are key descriptions to consider when upholstering a desk chair or lounge chair.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Belle Pearl's Shop for a Cure - Lisa's Hope Bracelet

Each one of us, at some point in our lives will be touched by the diagnosis of breast cancer. A mother, daughter, grandmother or sister. A niece, cousin, aunt, neighbor, co-worker or dear friend - - you.

Over the past couple of years Angela from Belle Pearl has had two remarkable women in her life be diagnosed with breast cancer. Her sister-in-law "Kathy" and most recently, one of her dearest friends and mentors, "Lisa".

Belle Pearl is proud to announce the release of my newest design- "Lisa's Hope" Bracelet. In honor of Angela's dear courageous friend and all of the other women who's lives are touched by breast cancer and other cancers. It is her hope that we can contribute to the cause to raising awareness, funding research and finding hope.

"Lisa's Hope" Bracelet may be purchased here online at as well as in fine boutiques and gift stores nationwide. This beautiful sterling silver and gemstone bracelet will represent the colors of breast cancer awareness. Belle Pearl will donate 10% of each bracelet sale to a Maine Cancer research and support foundation.

Use coupon code HOPE15 for 15% off. Good from now until Oct. 31, 2008.

Here's a note from Lisa:

What Lisa's Hope bracelet means to me........

Lisa's Hope Bracelet represents much more to me than just the hope of my
recovery. This bracelet is not only filled but overflowing with the graciousness and generosity of every loving hand that was involved in its creation. I can't begin to put in words the gratitude I feel when I think about this gift of hope that was designed and given to me from my dear friend Angela Apon, owner of Belle Pearl. The stones in the bracelet represent My hope for every person seeing, hearing and wearing my bracelet will be empowered with the strength and courage to defeat their sickness, help support someone they know who may struggling through this disease, and to love themselves enough to check themselves each and every month for early detection. It is my hope that through the proceeds made from the sales of this bracelet a cure will be found and breast cancer will no longer be a tragedy affecting so many lives. The trinity of raw rubies in the bracelet represents courage, power of the mind, and healing of the body. The rose quartz opens the heart to self love and inner peace which is my hope for not only everyone wearing my bracelet to be enlightened with, but to all my sisters and wonderful women in this world. For my story and my updates please see my blog at:

Fondly, Lisa Gaudet

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