Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Miniman!

Guess who's 30 today? The fantastic Lego Miniman, that's who! Check out this super cool site Lego has shared with fans in celebration of the minifigure's big day. You can purchase limited edition tees, download fun movies and learn lots of cool stuff about the coolest toy ever!

Did you know?

*Minifigures represent the world’s largest population, more than 4 billion people strong, making it 3 times larger than China, 12 times larger than the United States and 120 times larger than Canada.

*Globally, 3.9 minifigures are sold per second, 365 days per year. That’s an average of over 122 million per year!

*There are more than 8 quadrillion (8,181,068,395,500,000) possible combinations of minifigures that can be made using all of the unique parts over the last 30 years.

*Film stars and comic heroes started to appear as minifigures in 1998 with LEGO Star Wars™; only two real people have been represented in minifigure form multiple times (Answer found on www.gominimango.com)

*The standard minifigure is four LEGO bricks tall and has just over 970 degrees of movement.

*Of all of the minifigure’s roles, the police officer is most popular, with 41 different versions appearing in 104 sets over the last 30 years.

Happy Birthday Minifigs, We LOVE You!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cleanoz: Toss the Bulb!

If you were like me, the first time you had to stick a plastic bulb syringe up your newborn's nose, you had a slight panic attack and felt like you might end up sucking out their brain! Yes, I know that is dramatic, but I was really pretty traumatized by it. If only I had owned a Cleanoz, hygienic nasal aspirator kit....

You've got to see this amazing product. The Cleanoz by Ubimed allows you to toss the bulb syringe and clear out that snotty little nose in seconds with no cleaning necessary. The battery operated device comes with disposable nozzle pieces that are easy to change. Suction is provided by a battery powered pump and the whole process is quick and easy. Suction with a syringe bulb can take several "squeezes" leaving your baby screaming mad. It's also easy to leave those yucky germs behind in the syringe if it doesn't get cleaned properly (think 2 am, screaming kid, tired mom). Since the nozzle "reservoirs" are disposable, Cleanoz makes it impossible to spread germs.

Nervous about a product that uses battery powered suction in your favorite little nose? Don't be... Cleanoz has been tested by the best of the best! Check out their awards and see for yourself. You can also watch a video of how it works!

Visit the Cleanoz site today and purchase your new favorite baby must have! Oh, and don't forget to get extra replacement tips.

Lullabies That ROCK!

Looking for a fantastic gift for your next baby shower? How about a new music library that will please both parents and babies! Rockabye Baby turns "grown up" musical favs into lullabies future little rockers will love. With albums featuring lullaby renditions of artists such as U2, No Doubt, The Cure, Coldplay, Nirvana & Green Day, you're sure to find one that mom and dad recognize and love. There's nothing more fantastic than musical memories. I remember my first Cure concert, to be able to play lullabies by them for my little ones? SO COOL! Not a rocker? No problem, you can also enjoy lullaby renditions of classics like The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and so many more.

Visit Rockabye Baby today, and pick up some lullaby renditions of your all time favorites. Who knows, maybe you can start "molding" the musical taste of your little ones to be just like yours!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beckons Organic

Check out this funky new line of organic yoga wear! Very stylish, comfy, practical and to top it off, environmentally friendly! I have the Love Yoga Skirt and it is awesome, looks like a skirt but has shorts underneath. I also have the Wisdom Sleeveless which is a tank top with a tulip shaped hemline in the back, very cute! Available in 10 fabulous vibrant colors! If you are looking for a stylish yoga wear for workouts or just for everyday wear, you must check out Beckons Organic, they have everything from leggings and capris to dresses and cardigans!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Munchkin - Project Pink

Munchkin, designer and manufacturer of clever infant and toddler products, is joining the effort to fight breast cancer by promoting early detection with the Project Pink campaign. This campaign aims to put a spotlight on early cancer prevention, reminding mothers everywhere not to “duck a breast exam.” In October, celebrity-decorated pink ducks will be available for auction on eBay, with all proceeds benefiting the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. Celebrity decorated ducks include Courteney Cox and David Arquette, Julianne Moore, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Marisa Jaret Winokur, and more. You too can become involved by purchasing your own pink duck for $2 from the Munchkin Web site or retail stores nationwide or taking part in the "Email a Duck" campaign that launched this month. For each duck emailed, Munchkin will donate 5 cents to Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation’s “Komen for the Cure.” To participate, simply visit the Munchkin Project Pink site at www.munchkin.com/project and forward a duck to all of your friends. You can even decorate your own virtual duck, monitoring its travels whenever it is passed along. See how far it is passed - around the neighborhood, the country, or even the world.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Girlie Gowns

If you've been in a hospital, you know how ill fitting and horrible looking the hospital gowns are. Girlie Gowns is a line of hospital gowns which are not only cute looking but also very functional. They are completely covered in the back, so your bum isn't hanging out like the traditional gowns and have an opening in the front which is perfect for breast feeding. They are also 'physician friendly' meaning your doctor can have access for procedures needed during labor and delivery. You will feel much more covered up and wont have to worry about anything popping out and you'll look good too! If you know a girlie girl that will be going into the hospital, get her a Girlie Gown! You can even get it personalized with her initials!

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Baby Emi

Check out the Jingle Bells Collection at Baby Emi, inspired by Cambodian tradition, these beautiful anklets with bells on them were given to babies at birth to ward of bad spirits! They are very elegant and babies love to hear the whimsical sound of the bells! You can even get a matching set for mommy and baby! Available in gold plated or sterling silver. This is the perfect gift for those swanky babes in your life!

For 10% off use coupon code SWANKY10 .

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sponsor: The Cupcakes Club

The Cupcakes Club offers 7-11 year old girls FREE membership to a fun-filled, wholesome website based on the characters from The Cupcakes Club book series.

It couldn’t be easier to join the official website and become a member of The Cupcakes Club. Your child will have membership to a website that is girl friendly, with a sweet center bursting with fun and games, contests, advice and regular updates on what's happening to the girls from The Cupcakes Club. It's all safely monitored for parental peace of mind and the best part--it's FREE!

If your daughter prefers more "sprinkles" with her Cupcakes then sign her up to be a Very Important Cupcake or a *V.I.C*membership. With a simple subscription your child will receive four new books per year from The Cupcakes Club series along with special and exclusive gifts delivered every four weeks in the mail! Do you remember when you were a child and something in the mail came addressed to you? It was exciting; it was fun, and who doesn't love a surprise treat?

However you like your Cupcakes--Every girl is a Cupcake at The Cupcakes Club…JOIN NOW!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to School With Oliver's Labels

Well, we survived Kindergarten, and now it's on to the big league. First grade is just around the corner and this weekend we hit Target for all of the necessary school supplies from the coveted "first grade" list. With a new pencil box, colored pencils, 4 sharpened pencils, an eraser, white glue, glue sticks, scissors, crayons, and a new backpack in tow, we set of to make the new supplies officially his. How you ask did we do this? Well, with our favorite labels on the planet of course, Oliver's Labels! Oliver's Labels can withstand anything, they stick well, stay neat, don't fade, and more importantly, they come in all the right sizes & adorable designs! We put the "original" labels on the bigger stuff, "mini labels" on EACH pencil, glue stick and scissors, & a "mini bag tag" on the zipper of his backpack.

As a former teacher, I truly appreciate Oliver's Labels. In my classroom, I used to find "unmarked" supplies all over the place and it drove me crazy. Who's missing glue? Are these your scissors? Where is your pencil? If everyone used Oliver's Labels, it would save parents money and teachers sanity.

Visit the Oliver's Labels site today and start marking your little scholar's precious property! Check out the "packages" for a great variety of labels. Use the code "swankymoms" to save 10% on your back to school order.

SHUTTERFLY: Adorable Announcements for Adorable Babes!

An adorable new baby deserves an adorable announcement. Shutterfly has so many great designs that you're sure to find the perfect one. My fantastic little nephew, Drake, recently joined the family, and I surprised my sister with some super special announcements. After checking out each designer, I thought that my sis would love the Tweetie Bird design by Stacy Claire Boyd. It was really hard to choose, all of the designs are way too cute. Once the hardest part (the decision) was taken care of, creating the announcement was a breeze. Drop and drag the photo or photos (some can feature up to 3) of your choice, add your text, and place your order! It's so simple and the finished product is absolutely stunning. Shutterfly does it right, their customer service and speed of printing is superb. Whether it's a birth announcement, party invite, or holiday card, Shutterfly will not disappoint. Visit the Shutterfly site today and see just how easy it is to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Boymom Designs

As a mom of two boys, I have to say, I was very excited to find out about Boymom Designs! Boymom Designs is a fabulous company dedicated to moms of boys! Boymom Designs has very hip tees for mommy and her boys with sayings like "we fight bad guys" and "boymoms rock"! If you know a mom of boys, let her know about Boymom Designs she will be thrilled to know there is a clothing line out there just for her! Us boymoms must stick together!

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