Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mommy & Daddy Rock!

Here is something fun and totally unique for expecting and new parents! "Mommy & Daddy ROCK" CD 's, Volumes I and II.

Volume I features prenatal songs such as " Hormonal Rage" and "Pickles & Ice Cream". Pregnancy is definatly a time to have a sense of humor and these songs help you see the humor in it all! Plus, they are really catchy tunes which makes for great dancing around the house music!

Volume II features "The First Year" songs including "We Stand in Awe", a song that will bring tears to any parent's eyes. Other fun tracks include, "Day Trippin" and "Nightmare on Diaper Street".

This new, original music is by Jon Harb and former Beach Boy band memeber, Philip Bardowell. Specially created for expecting and new parents, these CD's are both fun and full of helpful advice.

Buy a set today for the next babyshower you attend. Priced at 14.99 each or both for $24.99.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Big Day Books: The Greatest Thing Since Disposable Diapers!

I recently discovered one of the coolest products ever! Big Day Books provides moms with a fast and easy solution to the traditional hand written baby book, which we all know is nearly impossible to keep up with...Especially when you're on baby number two! To make it even more fabulous, it's super easy. Buy the book, enter your online membership number, which is valid for 18 months, and start cranking out that book. You can literally do a page in a few minutes and the outcome is beautiful. No more white out, no more spelling errors!

Features of the book include:
*No more worries about messy handwriting, writing the perfect thought, or finding the time
*Fill in and edit online, then print pages yourself
*Email reminders to help keep your book up to date
*Entries are saved on our server – no programs to install
*Easy access from any computer – create pages at work or on vacation
*Over 40 different pages to create
*Special month in review pages to record height, weight, eating and sleeping habits, favorite toys and memories of the month
*Print digital photos directly to your pages
*Stunning hand crafted post bound album
*30 printer-friendly archival pages with blue or pink border design
*18 month access to our page creation area
*Special adoption section devoted to the adoption experience

A Big Day Book would make an unbelievable shower gift, buy one for a friend and one for yourself too!

Visit Big Day Books to see how it works for free!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Girl Charlee

You have to check out Girl Charlee! This boutique is filled with fabulous vintage and vintage inspired apparel and accessories! This polkadot tie dress, made with vintage inspired fabric, has got to be THE cutest little dress! It is available from 12 months - 4T in either pink or blue! The 12 and 18 month sizes also include matching fabric panties with ruffled rolled edge trim! Too cute! The matching headband is available also! Girl Charlee products are outstanding and definetly Swanky Mom approved!!

Visit for hip products
for your little disco dude or diva!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stuck On You

These labels are fantastic! Kids are forever loosing their stuff and these are the perfect solution! I received a started pack for my two boys and they are great! Parker forgot his water bottle at school and it was returned to him the next day as it had his name on it! In addition to the losing factor, they also help with preventing germs. In my son's school they give all the kids water bottles with the school logo on them and they all look exactly the same so the kids are forever mixing them up! So, with a bright Stuck On You label, it stands out from the others!

Stuck on You also has bag tags, clothing labels, shoe labels, ID bracelets, party invitations, address labels, gift labels and more! Plus they are waterproof, dishwasher safe, UV resistant and microwave safe!! I love these labels!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Petite Baubles Boutique

Petite Baubles specializes in Awareness Bracelets, Medical ID Alert Bracelets for babies, children, and adults! Check out these cool sports band bracelets for that active person in your life! These sports bands are waterproof and adjust from 5 inches to 7 inches!!

Check them out at

Pretty as a Princess

Check out this beautiful wall art from Pretty as a Princess Boutique. Beautiful hand painted roses on a wooden plaque makes the perfect backdrop for the sweetest little princess gown. Adorned with rose crystal rhinestones, a white beaded necklace, ribbon roses and ribbon bows. At the bottom a single crystal teardrop hangs along with a ribbon bow. AND, to make it extra special it is topped off with a hand made beaded crown with rose crystal rhinestones. SO adorable!

Visit for other fabulous products for your little princess!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Baby Shower Bliss!

When you are a mom it seems that there is always someone you know that is becoming a mom (maybe you again??). To celebrate these joyful occassions, we throw baby showers. Along with the invitations, decorations and favors it is getting a little harder to be original with the theme and favors, isn't it? Everyone has done candy favors, soaps and plants. Are you looking for a new, non-traditional party favor for the next baby shower? Bliss! Weddings Market has the answer.

Bliss! Weddings Market is known for their fantastic and unique wedding favor gifts (a heart shaped coffee scoop?! HOW CUTE!). They offer favors for themed weddings as well including garden weddings, beach weddings, asian weddings, vegas weddings and so much more.

Now they offer unique and fun baby shower favors! Recent great additions to their offerings are the adorable candle favors offered in 3 sweet styles. You can select from a candle with a rocking horse base, candle with rocking horse lid or candle with a teddy bear lid. Each product is available in either pink or blue.

Present your baby shower guests with these adorable candles that they can use over and over again. The prices are very affordable for any shower size! Plus, you'll save on decorating cost as you won't need to decorate the tables too much more once you put these candles at each setting!

Shop Bliss!Weddings Market for your next baby shower (or wedding shower!) party favors! You'll be sure to find something great!