Monday, June 29, 2009

Fantasitc Family Water Fights with the Max Liquidator

Hooray! The June gloom is gone and it's sunny and beautiful. Perfect weather for a water fight! Around here a good fight is always a sign of a good toy and that is exactly what happened when we tested out the Max Liquidator this weekend.

Available from Prime Time International, the Max Liquidator is a simple and super effective water blaster. We were recently sent one to try out and I think it's inevitable that I will be purchasing about 3 more... With only one for our family of four (yes, I am including myself and my husband) there was a battle over who was going to use it first. I won. The Max Liquidator looks like a small foam "noodle" pool toy, but secretly it's the best water blaster on the market I have tried to date. We've gone through several name brand water guns/toys, all being just mediocre. Some don't hold enough water, some are hard to fill, and some last about a day before they end up in the trash totally useless. NOT the Max Liquidator. This baby is easy to load, simply dip it in your water source, pull out the end and it sucks the water right up. Smooth and slick, it does not stick. Even my 5 year old (who's not as strong as he thinks he is) did it with no problems at all. Push the end forward and the water blasts over 30 feet. The Max Liquidator comes in various colors and retails for under $15.00. Don't be fooled, there are other "look alikes" out there, make sure you get the Max Liquidator. Lots of fun for under $15, I'm sold!

The Max Liquidator is available at retailers nationwide. The best online price I could find is here. Looking for a Max Liquidator retailer near you? Email Prime Time International and they'll be happy to help!

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