Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Creative Clips by Colleen

Dazzin’ clips for divas all ages! Creative Clips by Colleen is a wholesale hair clip company started by a mom of two, based out of Cave Creek, Arizona. These fabulous clips can be used on babies, ladies and even your four legged friends! They have a Velcro strip on each clip so they will not slip out of even very fine hair. The introductory kit includes 48 of the most popular clips plus a fabulous display rack! If you would like to carry this line or purchase some Creative Clips by Colleen, please visit the website for more details!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gem Bebe

Using the power of scent, this fabulous line was created to bring back those wonderful memories of your baby, with soft scents like “mommy loves you”, “kisses and cuddles” and “all better”, something for mom to sit back, relax and reflect! These scents are available in soy candles, creams, soaps, sprays and mineral crystals, so there is something for everyone! With 12 amazing scents of all natural soy candles you can enjoy the wonderful aroma and also be at ease, as they are all eco-friendly as well. To experience some sweet smells and take a relaxing mommy moment, check out Gem Bebe products!


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Trumpette has the most adorable socks ever!! The Mary Jane style socks are so sweet for your little princess and the Johnny’s for boys are totally cool! Trumpette has taken an essential every day item and made it into something hip and fun! There are tons of different styles of socks to choose from and they also have tights! Available in toddler sizes as well. A great gift for a mom that has everything! Every mom could use a bit of funkiness to spice up their child's everyday wardrobe!


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Simply Colors

My son has a personalized rugby shirt from Simply Colors and it’s awesome! These tees are made from 100% cotton and available in lots of vibrant colors and sizes! You can personalize tees, rugby shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, dresses and onesies with your own special sayings! Your little one will be so pleased to have something made just for him/her! Make them feel like the superstars they are with Simply Colors personalized products!

To build your own personalized product, visit

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

AirDrives Earphones for Kids

AirDrives has developed a revolutionary pair of earphones made specifically for kids. They fit a child’s ear perfectly and are Kid Safe approved. The unique design fits comfortably over the ear and the speaker is in front of the ear delivering a crisp, clear sound. The AirDrives design allows your child to listen to their music and still interact with others and be aware of his/her surroundings. The AirDrives are compatible with iPods, MP3’s, computers, portable CD’s, and DVD Systems.


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Rockin’ Baby Slings

Rockin’ Baby Sling has been well known for their hip and stylish slings for years. They have two styles of slings, the Original Rockin’ Baby Sling and the new Rockin’ Baby Pouch. Both the pouch and the original can be worn in 5 different positions. Made with funky and stylish fabrics, you will definitely receive tons of compliments on these fashionable, high quality slings! I love the fact that a lot of the slings at Rockin' Baby Slings can be worn on dads as well! Dads need bonding time too! Plus there are so many positive affects of babywearing. It has been proven that sling babies are overall happier babies and cry, fuss, and spit up less. Also, slings give you full use of both arms so get can get lots done and still have your baby close to you. An awesome gift for that rockin' mommy or daddy in your life!


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Monday, May 19, 2008

We're Wild About Wild Waters

The 90 plus degree weather here in California is a sign that can't be missed! Summer is just around the corner and the kids are thirsty...

I recently discovered a fantastic new drink called Wild Waters and it's safe to say it's new the preferred drink around here. I'm not a big juice fan, in fact I still water down juice and my boys are 4 and 6! The poor kids have no idea what full strength even tastes like. I prefer for them to drink water, but they like a little flavor too. What to do, right? Not anymore. Wild Waters are the perfect solution for your thirsty little juice junkies. These all natural waters come in 6 yummy flavors: Kickin' Green Apple, Groovin' Grape, Flippin' Fruit, Twistin' Tropical, Lemon Wave & Freestyle Wild Berry. My boys fight over the Lemonade and Groovin' Grape is their next favorite. The on the go sports cap bottle is perfect for a grab and go drink. With 60% less sugar & calories than leading fruit drinks PLUS added vitamins and minerals, moms will love them, and kids will feel like they're getting a special treat!

We recently had a large birthday party and served Wild Waters to our guests, ages 2-9. They were such a hit, and disappeared before the party was even over. I even caught a few adults with them, for good reason too, they're super tasty!

Wild Waters are available nation wide at stores like Costco, but guess what? You don't even have to leave the house to buy them. You can purchase directly from the site at their online store. Order up a case or two today, and I guarantee Wild Waters will be your new Summertime favorite!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sponsor: Tano Jewelry - Fabulous Headbands!

Burberry Style Headbands, are hotter than ever and rightfully so. Burberry Headbands can cost $150 and while they are truly beautiful and a status symbol, are designer headbands worth breaking the bank? Tano Jewelry doesn't think so and that is why we offer designer style headbands under $15. Designer inspired headbands are high quality and look virtually identical to the originals. Our customers share testimonials of admirers who can't tell the difference and don't beleive the similarities.

Inspired by original designs, the patterns and materials are similar and they are perfect for the days you don't feel like doing your hair. Scarf headbands are no exception to the celebrity fashion rules. Scarf headbands, are soft, comfortable and affordable. Tano carries Pucci inspired scarf headbands in 3 fabulous colors and with a price tag of $15, you can't go wrong. You will fall in love with your new designer look.

Jelly headbands are another summer craze to hit hollywood. Jellies are light, fun and cost under $8.00! Pick your favorite design and make it your own. Double headbands also come in pucci style designs and are a customer favorite. You are sure to find a design you love, so visit Tano Jewelry and find the perfect summer headband.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Johnson’s Bedtime Toddler Wash & Easy-Grip Toddler Sudzing Bar

JOHNSON'S® is well known for their name and has been around for over 100 years providing families with gentle hygiene products for babies! We received the new JOHNSON'S® Bedtime Toddler Wash and Sudzing Bars and they are both awesome! My son loves the Sudzing bars as he can actually hold the soap bar without it slipping out of his hands! These Sudzing bars have an easy grip outer pouch making it easy for toddlers to hold and easily wash themselves. The smell of both the wash and soap, is simply divine and has relaxing properties to help your child fall asleep easier! Plus these products contain the NO MORE TEARS® formula so they are safe and gentle to your child’s eyes! Available nationwide, wherever JOHNSON'S® products are sold!

For more information, visit

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The Sharmooz

A lot of babies suffer from infant hair loss as they spend a lot of time resting and leaning on their heads. The Sharmooz is a mom-invented satin head rest for babies! The Sharmooz has a non slip back so it will stay in place wherever you place it (infant carrier, swing, bouncer). It is also 100% satin which helps maintains natural moisture balance and the soft luxurious surface prevents chaffing and rubbing, therefore reducing and/or eliminating breakage and bald spots! What a fabulous way to keep your babies precious locks in tact! Once your infant begins to roll over and hold his/her head up, you can use the Sharmooz as blankie!


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Monday, May 05, 2008

Give Mom Something to BRAG About!

This Mother's Day give mom something to Brag about! Visit Brag A Little today, there's still time to have your piece before Mother's Day. Don't have a picture ready? Surprise mom with a gift certificate.
For more info visit

Friday, May 02, 2008

Project Angel Food

In the spirit of volunteerism for all ages, Project Angel Food is offering Baby Onesies and Kid's Tees for sale on their website and click on SHOP. 100% of proceeds from these sales go to Project Angel Food.

Project Angel Food founded in 1989 is the ONLY agency in Los Angeles County that offers free daily meals to men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS and other serious life threatening illnesses. Project Angel Food currently serves 1,400 meals a day, has never missed a day of service and never turned anyone away.

Baby Onesies are offered in sizes 6-month and 9-month for $15, and tees are offered in 12-month and 3T also for $15 each. They are adorable!

Its a great way to keep giving back on everyone's minds and give a gift to Project Angel Food. It takes $5 a day to feed one person, so with one tee or onesie purchase, you fed 3 people!!!

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Baby Zabu

Floor time is important for babies and now they can play in comfort and style with a Baby Zabu by Wagamama Baby. The Baby Zabu is designed to fit into a portable play pen or it can be placed on the floor or ground, perfect for travel! The sides fold up so your baby will be safely enclosed in their Baby Zabu and won’t roll out! Also, the Baby Zabu is available in several funky 100% cotton fabrics, it is machine washable and all the cushions are removable! When you are done with the Baby Zabu, it rolls up into a convenient compact size and has carrying handles!


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