Monday, June 29, 2009

Fantasitc Family Water Fights with the Max Liquidator

Hooray! The June gloom is gone and it's sunny and beautiful. Perfect weather for a water fight! Around here a good fight is always a sign of a good toy and that is exactly what happened when we tested out the Max Liquidator this weekend.

Available from Prime Time International, the Max Liquidator is a simple and super effective water blaster. We were recently sent one to try out and I think it's inevitable that I will be purchasing about 3 more... With only one for our family of four (yes, I am including myself and my husband) there was a battle over who was going to use it first. I won. The Max Liquidator looks like a small foam "noodle" pool toy, but secretly it's the best water blaster on the market I have tried to date. We've gone through several name brand water guns/toys, all being just mediocre. Some don't hold enough water, some are hard to fill, and some last about a day before they end up in the trash totally useless. NOT the Max Liquidator. This baby is easy to load, simply dip it in your water source, pull out the end and it sucks the water right up. Smooth and slick, it does not stick. Even my 5 year old (who's not as strong as he thinks he is) did it with no problems at all. Push the end forward and the water blasts over 30 feet. The Max Liquidator comes in various colors and retails for under $15.00. Don't be fooled, there are other "look alikes" out there, make sure you get the Max Liquidator. Lots of fun for under $15, I'm sold!

The Max Liquidator is available at retailers nationwide. The best online price I could find is here. Looking for a Max Liquidator retailer near you? Email Prime Time International and they'll be happy to help!

Baby Butter by Tracey Martin: Sumptuous Kids Clothing

Tracey Martin has become one of my favorite new designers for kids clothes. Why? Because her line of kids clothing and accessories, called Baby Butter, blends superior quality with original, gorgeous design. I love every piece in the Baby Butter line, which is unusual since I am pretty hard to please.

What's so special about Baby Butter? Well, there are numerous reasons, but I am only going to touch on a few of the most important ones so that I don't write a 10 page feature on the brand (which is easy to do). First and foremost, the quality of the clothing is exceptional. EXCEPTIONAL. This is not a "buy a blank shirt and embellish it" line. Baby Butter uses high quality, super soft 100% cotton 2X1 ribs, 1X1 ribs and thermals that are made specific to Tracey Martin's stringent guidelines. The embroidered designs are all embellished with the highest quality faux furs or appliqué techniques, and highlighted with beautiful Swarovski crystals and unique nailheads. All the designs in the line are unique to Baby Butter, and frankly, better than other lines out there that make similar clothing. There is a finer attention to detail and superior craftsmanship to the Baby Butter line than any of its predecessors or competitors.

In addition to exceptional quality, all the clothes by Baby Butter are high in comfort, washability and wearability. I was a bit worried that maybe the appliques or crystal embellishments would start to come off with continued washing and drying, but I was assured by Tracey that they would not. And she was right. I have washed and dried my daughter's Baby Butter shirt over 20 times and the only thing it has done is made the shirt softer. The color has not faded at all (it's fire engine red) and no damage has occured to the applique or embellishments.

Baby Butter's sizing is true to size (not too big and not too small, just perfect) and the proportions are ideal. The sizing ranges from infant (3 Months) to little girls (size 6). The little girls line includes thermal tops, tees, tanks, lounge pants, skorts and racerback and long sleeve dresses; and the infant line includes thermal tops, tees, tanks, skorts, diaper covers, pants and onesies. The items in the line range from $38.00 - $68.00 in price.

My favorites (yes, favorites as in was so hard to choose only a few pieces from this line as everything is amazing) from the Baby Butter line are the Daddy's Little Girl tank, Lil' Cupcake onesie, Batter Up tank and bell bottom set, Royal Chic tee and faux fur skort set, the Super Star onesie and the I Am Who I Am Owl tee. Honestly, there isn't a bad design in the whole line. All of it is fabulous (can you tell I am fan?).

Baby Butter also has a group of tees with sayings that are designed to inspire and empower little girls. With sayings such as “Free 2B Me”, “Little Girl Big Dreams” and “The mirror doesn’t tell my whole story”, these tees are designed to let all little girls know that they are special. Some of these amazing, inspirational tees are designed by Tracey Martin's own 9 year-old daughter who suffers from Alopecia Universalis. How cool is that? Finally, the line also offers SUPER CUTE burp cloths that are packaged in sets of two. The burps come in an array of designs that match many of the onesies and tees. They are almost too cute to use (of course use them because they withstand multiple washings and use, just like the rest of the Baby Butter line).

Okay, so there are a lot of kids clothes available that look great. But a lot of them may not be able to withstand numerous washes, fit well, last long or use quality materials. Baby Butter clothing, on the other hand, looks just as good after multiple washings as it did new, has a great fit, is super comfortable and uses only high quality materials. That's a good thing too, since your kids will want to wear their Baby Butter clothing all the time, like mine do. And honestly, can you blame them? Check out Baby Butter Clothing and see for yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: The Baby Butter e-commerce site is currently undergoing an update and expansion, so online ordering is unavailable at this time (this is temporary). However, you can view the Baby Butter collection on their website and order any of the items by calling their toll-free number (1-877-311-2887). The customer service staff at Baby Butter are amazing and totally helpful, can answer any of your questions and take your order. So call them today to order some amazing Baby Butter Clothing for your little ones!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jack and Lily: Little Shoes For Little Soles

I love shoe shopping, both for myself and my kids. But while I can get away with uncomfortable but cute shoes for myself, I can't do that for my kids. And I don't have to with Jack and Lily shoes for infants and toddlers.

All the shoes by Jack & Lily are adorable. More importantly, they have all the reasons why parents should buy any shoe for their child: the shoes are soft and flexible with a skid-resistant sole; they have an adjustable ankle; they are made from a non-toxic premium 100% cowhide leather; they are easy to put and off and actually stay on when you want them to; and the biggest bonus: they are hand or machine washable. And did I mention they are handmade? Talk about amazing!

The Jack and Lily shoe line is composed of two collections: Original and My Shoes. The Original line is primarily for indoor use and best for pre-walkers because they have a skid-resistant suede sole (not enough support for an expert walker) with an elasticized ankle. The My Shoes line can be used both indoors and outdoors and is best for walkers (although non-walkers can wear them just as easily) because they have a flexible, skid resistant and cushioned TPR sole sole and a velcro ankle. Both the Original and My Shoes line are available in sizes ranging from 0-6 months up to 3 years old. The Original collection is priced at $26.00 and the My Shoes collection is priced at $30.00.

Okay, now for the designs. Jack and Lily have some of the most adorable designs I have ever seen for infant/toddler shoes. With over 70, yes that's right 70, amazing designs, there is a Jack and Lily shoe for everyone. My favorites are the Dragonfly shoes from the My Shoes collection and the Baseball shoes from the Original collection. But really, you can't go wrong with any of their styles. And just when I thought Jack and Lily couldn't be more perfect, I discovered that they have the BEST customer service. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee behind every one of their shoes. So hurry over to Jack and Lily and get a couple (it's impossible to order just one) pairs of phenomenal shoes for your little one. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

*Right now Jack and Lily are having a great promo: Buy any 2 pairs of shoes and get Free Shipping!! Go to to check it out!


Ok, these are the swankiest shoes a baby could possibly have!! They are absolutely a ‘must have’ for your little diva in the making!! Heelarious are fun crib shoes for babies ages 0 - 6 months, designed to look like high heels. They are not meant for walking on, just for show! Perfect for pictures and special occasions, get your daughter her first pair of heels! These fabulous crib shoes are selling like hotcakes all around the world and even celebrity babies have been rockin’ these Heelarious heels!


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Lil’ Tag Alongs

As a mom, we always have lots to carry around and not enough arms, unless you are an octopus! The Lil’ Tag Along blanket is a super cozy blanket for babies and tots. It has minky fabric on one side and cotton on the other. You can attach links to the Lil' Tag Along and attach your baby’s favorite toys, teething rings and such. You can also attach the Lil' Tag Along blanket to your baby's stroller or carseat. No more falling blankets and toys with the Lil’ Tag Along!

FREE shipping from now until June 30, 2009!


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Inspired by Japanese style, the Noko line is simply adorable and ever so sophisticated looking. This line was created by two American moms living in Tokyo. The Noko line is made from authentic Japanese fabric called Tenugui. Tenugui has been made in Japan for over 1000 years and has over 1000 uses, but has never been used to make girls’ accessories and dresses until now. All the dresses’ names have Japanese meanings , such as Sora (Sky), Yama (Mountain), Niji (Rainbow). Noko dresses are made in sizes 0-6 months up to size 6.


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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Little Lasso: A Must Have Summer Accessory

Oh how I wish I had one of these when my boys were in strollers! Created by Swanky Mom, Angie Wagner, The Little Lasso is a GENIUS invention! Perfect for walks in the park, cruising the amusement parks, or or strolling at the mall, I'm deeming The Little Lasso the must have accessory for the summer (or maybe just the must have accessory for babies and toddlers for life). This great little item completely solves the mommy/child game of playing fetch. I don't know how may bottles and sippys that went overboard when my boys were little. I know for a fact that some fell into the abyss of life....

The Little Lasso securely holds bottles, sippys, toys, and blankets. It protects your little one's precious possessions and your sanity. Machine washable with a "bungee" type cord and an adjustable "lasso" that secures the item, The Little Lasso uses a plastic link that easily attaches to a stroller, crib, shopping cart, or baby carrier.

Little Lassos can be purchased online and are available in several adorable fabrics. We had three different mommy testers try out the Lassos and guess what? All three gave it raving reviews! Visit the site today and pick up some for yourself and all the other little bottle tossers you know. A great shower gift, a great first birthday gift, a great stress relieving item. You can't go wrong with The Little Lasso.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yes Please to Nowa Li Moccasins

We recently received a pair of Nowa Li moccasins to try out. My five year old immediately asked me what a moccasin was. As I handed over the blue striped footwear, I wasn't sure how to explain them. Well, no need... He immediately said, "Cool! Sock shoes!" Next thing I knew, the socks and tennis shoes were off and the sock shoes were on. Perfect description indeed. Warm weather and all, he wore his comfy new moccasins the next 18 hours (yes, he slept in them).

Made in Sweden, Nowa Li moccasins have been worn by children and adults for more than 50 years! They are super soft and comfy, and amazingly, they are one of the few products on the market that are still sewn by hand. When "inspecting" my son's moccasins, I noticed that the craftsmanship was impeccable. The non-skid leather of the soles is soft and pliable, yet thick enough to make them sturdy and long lasting. The upper "sock" is made of cotton and features a double elastic at the ankle to keep them from falling off. My favorite feature though? They are machine washable!

Nowa Li moccasins are available online and they come in several adorable styles. Their sizes range from 3 months to adult (I really want my own pair!) and they'd make a great gift for the favorite feet in your life! I really love the idea of getting a pair of moccasins as a gift. It's an item that you wouldn't expect to receive, most people don't have them, and guess what? Once you did have them, you'd love them!

Visit the Nowa Li site today, and pick up some moccasins for yourself and any other feet you adore! While you're there, be sure to check out the clearance section, you can get some styles for as low as $12.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shoes Fabulous Shoes

I have fallen in love! I recently had the pleasure of getting a pair of Vincent shoes for my daughter. I chose the Lilly shoe. It is about as girlie as a shoe can get. They sparkle and shine just like my little girl. She feels like a princess every time she wears them.

My daughter loves to wear shoes without socks. I was afraid to say yes because usually all fancy little girl shoes will cause blisters without tights or sock, but NOT Vincent shoes! They are made of the highest quality materials. She was able to wear her shoes all day without one complaint! The sparkles have also stood the true child test. She wears these shoes everyday and not one sequins has fallen off.

Vincent Shoes has a large varitey of shoes to choose from. They have shoes for boys and girls as well as sandles, dress shoes, tennis shoes, and rain boots to mention a few. They have shoes to fit your every need.

I am sold on Vincent shoes. Please check out their website at This a a very user friendly website. They have easy to follow guides to help you find the right shoe and fit for your child. Each pair of shoes has a name and little description that explains their inspiration. The description for the Lilly shoe posted fit my daughter perfectly. I knew those shoes were the ones for her. I am always hesitant to purchase shoes and clothing online, you just never know how they are going to fit. Vincent Shoes took all that worry away. On their site you will find a shoe size guide with a printable shoefitter to take out all the guessing.

Visit and check out their fantastic 75% off sale.

Mitetees Personalized Onesies and Tees

I have always loved giving and receiving personalized gifts for kids. The problem is, they are very typical; a monogrammed shirt, an embroidered burp cloth, an alphabet initial onesie. But recently, I stumbled upon a company called Mitetees that makes super cute and totally original personalized onesies and tees. Mitetees is anything but typical.

Creator and founder Cindy Hoeppner based Mitetees on the idea of celebrating parenthood with cute, smart designs, and practical garments. The line uses high quality white American Apparel garments to custom print their original designs. Every design is available in four fabulous colors and sizes ranging from infant onesies (sizes 3 months to 18 months) to toddler tees (sizes 2T to 6T).

I have fallen in love with all of Mitetees designs (it's hard not to), but my absolute favorites are the "production" onesies and the "another year older" tees. The "production" onesies (shown above) are a clever and fun way to welcome a new baby and make for a perfect baby shower gift that is original and fun. The "another year older" tees (shown at right) are a must-have for any child, especially on their birthday. My daughter wore hers at her 3rd birthday party and loved it so much, she is already asking for a "birthday shirt" for her 4th birthday.

Mitetees even has onesies for twins, siblings and birth order. I highly recommend getting a personalized Mitetees tee for any child expecting a sibling. They are so much better than those standard, boring big sister or little brother tees that are out there. Mitetees also offers several fun, non-personalized designs as well that have quirky sayings such as "eye candy", and sports-related styles such as "born to dribble". Creator Cindy Hoeppner has truly thought of everything because Mitetees has a perfect onesie for every baby and a perfect tee for every child up to age 6. Visit the Mitetees site today to find some clever onesies and tees for your little ones. I promise, you will not be disappointed.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Noodlehead is a website filled with toys designed to inspire creativity in children. Toys that require your children to use their imagination and creativity. Noodlehead has the following wonderful toys and kits:

Adventure Logs – journal for travels

Back Sack – denim bag decorating kit

Bag Buddies – stuffed animal luggage tags

Chinese Kite Kit – color your own Chinese kite

Flip Flop Fun – decorate your own flip flop kit

Jelly Flyers – silicone flying disc

Pawparazzi – a line of collectible miniature plush toys each with a celebrity personality

Sassy Silk Halter – silk halter painting kit

Travel Buddies – stuffed animal neck pillows

Young Picasso – canvas painting kit

The Pawparazzi line is simply adorable!! The Celebrity Style Set is the perfect gift for a little girl. It comes with a pet, purse, leash, collar, blanket, name charm, celebrity magazine, silver dish, dining mat, chew toy, and a pearl necklace for the child and matching collar for their pet!! You can also buy additional accessories such as jewelry, charms, pet beds, spa sets, birthday sets, and much more! You can even buy a hotel for your pet!! Also, your child can join the Pawparazzi Fan Club!

To find out more about any of these products, visit

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cinch by Anew

“Losing your baby weight is a Cinch” with the Cinch, patent pending, abdominal wrap. Charlene Williams watched her mother, who was an Ob-Gyn, from the time she was a small child wrap new mommies tummies after they had given birth. So when the time came for Charlene, her mother did the same thing for her. Every day her mother and husband would wrap her tummy with a white cotton band and they would have a tug-o-war to make it super tight. This ritual took about 15 minutes every day. Charlene thought there must be a better way, so after three years of development, the Cinch was born!

It is a cinch to use as well, no more tug-o-wars needed. Simply choose your present waistline, then smooth down the front, zip it up on the side, then cinch it to the desired fit with the velcro tension side wings. The Cinch is very light weight so it can be worn under your clothes, day or night! It comes in two sizes XS-M (26”- 34”) & L-XL (33”- 43”). You will be able to see your results with the internal measuring tape! It also comes with a fancy storage bag that you can hang in your closet! So Cinch away Swanky Moms!!


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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Get your groove on with Urban Smalls

There are a lot of onesies out there with sayings and tons of graphics, and a lot of them just look too busy or cheap. But all the onesies by Urban Smalls are simple, quirky and just plain cute. With clever sayings in fun colors and fonts, Urban Smalls brings simplified style to baby onesies and tees. And it's not just the clever sayings that have made me a huge fan of this brand....the quality and fit of their clothing is the best. The line uses 100% super soft interlock cotton and a generous sizing scale for all their clothes. My favorites from the line are the "My Moms A Fox" and "Smile If You Want To Buy Me Things" onesies. Matching track pants are available for all the onesies as well. I love all the colors that Urban Smalls uses too; subdued yellows, blues, pinks, greens and browns. And the packaging! Everything by Urban Smalls is packaged so cute! Perfect for gift-giving, all the onesies and pants come in the signature Urban Smalls green window box. You can find Urban Smalls at over 800 stores nationwide or you can order directly from


Friday, June 12, 2009

Little Fit - Cool Hats That Fit Right And Look Great

I have always thought that little kids look so cute in hats. But most of the ones out there just do not fit well or have no design or style. That is, except for Little Fit. Little Fit hats are the hottest hats around. Little Fit is supplying parents around the world with the first custom-sized "cool kids hats" especially designed for infant and toddlers. Their hats are styled just like adult hats but are sized down to fit baby or toddler. Started by a husband and wife team with two young children, Little Fit has grown to become the ultimate children's hat brand.

As concerned parents, owners Julie and John Arata wanted to keep their kids protected from the sun. But when they went looking for hats for their kids, they found that there seemed to be a real shortage of high quality, "cool" hats that actually fit their toddler's head. And thus, Little Fit was born. John and Julie say that their goal "was to to make high quality, clean hats with emphasis on the fit." With Little Fit, they have exceeded that goal.
My 3 year old daughter LOVES her Little Fit hat. She wants to wear it every day. I love that the hat stays on her head but it not too tight. We have gotten so many compliments on her hat, and I have to say that Little Fit hats are one of my now must-have gifts to give at baby showers and toddler birthdays. Check out the entire line of the perfect kids' hats at

I guarantee you will find something you love and will not be disappointed!


Shaklee Baby

So I have been using Shaklee cleaning products for several years, ever since I saw them on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Now, to my delight, Shaklee has come out with products for baby and child. When my favorite Shaklee rep sent me Shaklee Baby gentle wash, lotion and diaper cream to try out, I was so excited that I gave my newborn son a bath that very day just so I could test out the line. And the result.....a fabulous new line of baby products that are formulated with natural and organic ingredients and are pediatrician tested to be safe and effective. I love the light scent the entire line has, just a hint of lavendar and chamomile, so as not to overpower the natural sweet smell of baby. With no parabens or harmful chemicals, the Shaklee Baby is a new must-have for all moms of babies. Check out Shaklee Baby and all the other Shaklee products at

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Does Dad Have an iPhone? Then, Get Him an Ampli-Phone!

No batteries, no cords, great sound, and portable too! If Dad has an iPhone, I've found you the perfect Father's Day gift! You must check out the Ampli-Phone. The Ampli-Phone is a "horn" style speaker designed to amplify music straight from your iPhone. Made of durable plastic, you simply slide your phone into the neoprene sleeve and the music magically fills the entire room. When I first saw this device, I had an immediate flashback to teaching my students about the phonograph. It looks kind of silly, but don't judge a book by its cover! The Ampli-Phone works and it works well. What I love is that it is virtually indestructible. Take it anywhere and it's safe and sound, literally. Perfect for summer, bring your Ampli-Phone to the beach, lake, take it in the camper, or even on the boat. For just $34.95 you can't go wrong. You'll never need batteries, it's lightweight, and it comes in two colors: black and white. The Ampli-Phone can be used with all types of iPhones. This is one of those "you never know you needed it until you found it" items. I keep mine by the bed, together with my phone, it works great as an alarm. It then follows me on my morning routine (yes it is loud enough to hear over the shower)!

For more information, visit the Ampli-Phone site today. If you need a gift for an iPhone owner, I promise, this is one that will impress. Fun and functional, the Ampli-Phone kicks it old school style. Who would have thought? A simple speaker for a high tech phone, I love it!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tinkle Tube

We all know Potty Training is difficult. But I have found something that helps with potty training little boys. It's called the Tinkle Tube, by Baby Rock Apparel. The Tinkle Tube prevents your little man's clothes from getting wet and can act as an emergency toilet when traveling. With the Tinkle Tube, there is no need for toilet seat covers either. And the best part, the Tinkle Tube keeps mom from having to handle her little man's soldier, which keeps you and your child clean. And an added bonus: potty training is a little easier because boys have fun using the Tinkle Tube! And it is easy to use! Just slide the tube over your little man's soldier and hold and aim the tube towards the toilet. When your little guy is all done using the potty, shake the tube out, rinse and replace the caps. The Tinkle Tube is reusable and is easily cleaned with soap and water or an antibacterial agent. Now if only they made these for our husbands......Check out the Tinkle Tube and other cool items for your baby at


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Express Yourself with Mag-tagz

Mag-tagz is a fantastic magnetic changeable necklace. These necklaces have a magnetic base which allows your daughter to change her necklace as fast as she can change her mood. This is an ultimate outlet for expression. The tags can be easily switched or even traded with friends. This necklace never gets boring with limited-editions tagz coming out every few month. Try something new for every mood.

My daughter loves her mag-tagz stretch choker necklace. The elastic choker fits gently and softly around any size child's neck. My daughter often complains about things rubbing, itching, or irritating her, but not about the mag-tagz choker. She said that it was so soft and felt good around her neck.

The mom-inventor created not only the line of children's jewelry, but a way for girls to form interactive friendships. Visit for games like "Tag, You're It!" and to enter their design contest. Girls can express their creativity by designing a tag and entering it into the contest and then voting on the Mag-tagz blog for their favorite. The wining tag becomes a limited edition tag for sale, and the designer's name is engraved on the back.

Visit and enter code blogger20 for 20% off any purchase of $20 or more.

Be the second person to email me and win a necklace base and either a Special Edition Green Earth tag or a Special Edition Bee tag. Please go to to see the tags.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Puddle's Collection

If you have a formal occasion coming up, Puddle's Collection is THE place to shop!! Their prices are amazing and the quality of the clothing is absolutely fabulous!! My son has a Puddle's Collection suit and he looks SO handsome in it. He went to a birthday party in his suit and was the only boy, and all the girls loved him and his little suit!

This is definitely not your average formal wear store. Puddle's Collection items are classy and yet still very stylish outfits for children. I am truly impressed with Puddle's Collection and they definitely get the Swanky Seal of Approval.

To find out more about this fabulous children's boutique, visit

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