Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beobi FREE for ALL

Looking for a great freebie? Visit this link and read all about it! Tricia Cohn, creator of Beobi is looking for feedback on her product. If you're willing to give her some feedback, she'll send you out a story book value set free of charge (includes shipping).

B.O.B. Productions, Inc. is the creator of the children's books titled, Beobi and the Magic Coloring Book. In every story, the monkeys take a child into a coloring book and experience new places and learn new lessons.

All of our products are for babies to early readers and they are a great addition to your library of books, DVD's and software. The product line features The NEW! Award-Winning Beobi DVD/CD-ROM Storybook - Volume 1. Two of the Beobi storybooks include an interactive CD-ROM for a child's 1st computer experience - Our 1st Adventure and ABC First Words.

The Beobi series was created by parents who love reading to their child. "We simply enhanced the storytime experience by bringing the pages to life on the screen and by enabling the child to be a part of the story as they color each page on the computer.

Email Tricia to get your Beobi set today!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

US Canteen: Ditch the Water Bottles!

In the past, when I heard the word "canteen" I thought of an Army guy chugging his water from some sort of camouflage vessel strapped across his chest. THEN, I was introduced to US Canteen. Who knew a canteen could be stylish? Obviously Victoria Meakin and Peter Bobley the creators of the line did! US Canteen provides an ultra sleek, ultra hip way for you to carry your water. As an added bonus, you'll be helping the environment by replacing your plastic water bottles with this super fun new accessory. Accessory? Yes, US Canteens are not just canteens, they're a hold all for your necessities as well. I received the chocolate brown Victoria canteen pictured here and I just LOVE it. Underneath the magnetic snap front closure is a pocket large enough to put my iPhone. The actual canteen easily fits in and out, and there is a zippered pocket on the back that can hold money, credit cards, an ID and even a tube of lipstick! A metal ring on the side allows you to easily attach your keys, so really, you could replace your purse for a little day trip or hike. The strap adjusts to fit your liking and trust me, you'll be liking!

US Canteen makes various styles of canteens and they are all so cool. With over 8 of them to choose from, you're going to have a hard time picking your favorite. Leather? Nylon? Canvas? Navy? Chocolate? Khaki? Good luck with that dilemma... Visit US Canteen today and purchase yourself a little gift. An item you never knew you needed, until you have one of your own.

Looking for a gift for the person who has "everything?" Get them a US Canteen and your gift giving reputation will definitely go up a few notches!

For more info, visit

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Demi Bella

I have the popular Lucky Me Tee by Demi Bella and it is by far, my favorite tee. I remember seeing Brooke Burke wearing it on Dancing with the Stars and thought it was pretty cool! The Lucky Me Tee by Demi Bella is super soft and comfy and you can wear it with jeans or with yoga pants for a more casual look. They come in long sleeve, tanks and hoodies! They also have totes! Show off your lucky mommy number!!


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Friday, January 16, 2009

Calling Swanky Moms Everywhere - Help Save Handmade!

The new law which takes effect on February 10, 2009 will put many work at home mom's out of business. They are calling it National Bankruptcy Day. Under the new law any product that comes into contact with children 12 and under cannot contain more than 660 ppm total lead. The law was made to protect children as in 2007, large toy manufacturers were outsourcing their products to China and were found to contain dangerous levels of lead. The new law requires businesses to permanently label each product with date and batch number. This means all businesses, big or small, must do testing on ALL their products to make sure they do not contain lead as it will be illegal to sell their products and could face jail time or pay thousands of dollars in fines. As this process will cost thousands of dollars it will force many work at home mom's to shut their doors!

Please help save handmade!! Here's what you can do to help:

Sign the online petition:

Join the Facebook Group:

Vote @

Contact your Congress Person:

Contact your Senator:

Watch this Video
(Video from CPSIA Central

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going to a Party? Get Fancy!

It seems like there's a birthday party to go to every other week! Having two boys, I'm used to shopping for the "Pirate, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones" type parties. However, when we get invited to a little girl's party, I rejoice! I never get to shop for the little ladies, so when I do, I like to go all out. One of my new favorites is to get fancy, with Fancy Nancy that is! For any of you who have been living on the moon, Fancy Nancy is an adorable little character with spunk and style. Written by Jane O'Conner and illustrated by the uber talented Robin Preiss-Glasser, Fancy Nancy is sure to become a fast favorite in your home.

I was recently introduced to the Fancy Nancy Posh Bedroom Game by Briarpatch. A great gift for the little birthday beauty in your life, this game is designed for little ones ages 5+ (although my four year old testers had no problem playing). The game requires no reading skills. All you need to do is gather 2-4 little cuties and play away transforming Fancy Nancy's bedroom from plain to posh! Take turns rolling the die to see what you get to add to your room: boas, ribbons, tiaras and more, the first one to complete the posh room makeover wins!

Visit the Briarpatch site and pick up the Fancy Nancy Posh Bedroom Game for the next posh party on your social calendar. Pair it with a Fancy Nancy book and some Fancy Nancy Dress Up Shoes and your gift will be the hit of the party!

Hot Huggers for Arms and Legs

Okay, so we all know Baby Legs makes cute leg warmers for babies and kids alike, but I have come across a new brand whose leg warmers are softer and don't cut off circulation for those little ones who have cubby legs. Huggalugs from Australia are made using a super soft cotton and nylon mix with a little spandex for stretch. And the thigh opening is a little bigger than the ankle opening, which keeps those terrible red marks from appearing on chubby thighs! They have a new organic line that has launched for Fall 2009. With over 70 patterns to choose from, there are Huggalugs to satisfy any fashion enthusiast. My favorites are the Mahendhi, Berry Mums and L'il Pirate (retail from $12.00 - $14.50). Huggalugs are the perfect gift for babies, kids and the expecting parents.

check out Huggalugs at

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get a free bottle of Sauve - today only!

Sauve is doing their part to ensure we look good even when the economy is ugly by offering a one-day Suave Beauty Stimulus on January 14. We encourage women everywhere not to give up on their beauty - just to stop overpaying for it – and receive a FREE full size bottle of high performance product.

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Club Med’s Family Vacation Photo Album

Register on the new Club Med Canada Facebook FanPage, leave a comment in the discussion named "Cub Med's Family Vacation Photo Album Contest" for your chance to win one week family holiday exclusively from Club Med!! Who couldn't use a holiday right now?!!

Enter before November 15th!! For complete contest rules, click here.

Visit Club Med Canada Facebook FanPage

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A Banana Saver A Day Keeps The Brown Spots Away

The Banana Saver has been my life saver. My son never liked to eat his bananas, which are his favorite fruit, in his school lunch if they had been smooched or browned in anyway. Since I have used the Banana Saver I haven't had one uneaten banana return home. He thinks it is just great. He also says he likes it because he can eat half for snack and save the other half for lunch with out it or his lunch box getting "all yucky."

The Banana Saver can be used for more than just protecting your banana. It also has a small slot at the other end where you can insert a popsicle stick, into a peeled banana and place into your freezer for a frozen banana treat. This product is dishwasher safe and cleans up easily.

This inexpensive banana saver has not only saved the bananas, but it has also saved me money from not having to through away so many bananas. Visit to purchase your own today.

Golden Child Jewelry

You have to check out the swanky designs by Golden Child Jewelry! I have the Lightening & Thunder necklace! It is fab and funky! I like the fact that the chain is both gold and silver so you don't have to worry about mismatching your accessories as it matches with everything! I was told that Gwen Stefani also has the same necklace, so it is obviously a very fashionable piece! Golden Child Jewelry designs are bold and sassy and are all handmade in Maui by the owner and designer, Andrea Akeo.

To find out more, visit the website

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Vincent Shoe Sale: Great Deals, Great Shoes!

One of my favorite shoe companies is having a fantastic Winter SALE, visit Vincent Shoes today and stock up on some great shoes at some great prices. Check out these Doris sandals for $11.25, adorable, and the Mini Betty only $6.25, oh I wish I had a girl. For boys, the Herman style is a great buy! Visit today before selection and sizes are all wiped out!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

WiFi Fantasticness: Printing with the Epson Artisan 700

The last 8 weeks, have been sort of a nightmare for my family in the technology department. It started with my desktop crashing, followed by the death of my son's computer, and then there were none. We were computerless for a few weeks! What did we do before computers and the internet???

Anyhow fast forward to today and I've never been happier with my personal internet cafe! After a massive shopping spree at Best Buy, my son and I have new desktops (personal use) and I'm typing on my new laptop (business use) right now. Blissful, right? Well that's not even the best part! Normally each computer would need a printer. Not anymore. Thanks to the genius minds at Epson, you can now print wireless from any computer, anywhere in the house. The new Epson Artisan 700 is a super sleek, super fantastic WiFi printer sent from the heavens above. The printer was easy to install and has all the bells and whistles you need to print everything from a word document to ultra hi def photographs that last up to 4x longer than pics printed in a lab.

We've been using the Artisan 700 for about 2 weeks now and I honestly love EVERYTHING about it. From the ease of ink changing (no moving ink carriages, the inks just pop into place in the bottom right hand corner of the unit) to its compact size and capabilities, this thing does it all. The Artisan 700 allows you to go above and beyond with your creativity. Create greeting cards, calendars, personalize photos, print your own cds and dvds, and much, much more.

OH, and I forgot to mention it's a scanner too. I've already used the scanner a bunch. It's so fantastic that all of the computers in the house can use the scanner without any hook ups. I haven't tried it yet, but this little wonderment allows you to scan old photos and restore them. I am debating telling my mom about this feature. I'm not really that interested in becoming the family's full time photo restoration center!

All of the features of this printer are great, but the best feature is the price. For $149.99 (plus free shipping), you can purchase the Artisan 700 directly from Epson and immediately solve all of your printing problems. I have to say that sharing one printer for the whole household is so great. My hubby even added his laptop, so when he brings it home from work, he can print his purchase orders and other necessary documents. I'm telling you, ditch your current printers and go with the Epson Artisan 700, you won't regret it. I never thought I could feel such happiness when I hit the print button!

Visit Epson today and join the WiFi revolution!


This is a product everyone with a computer must have – it is awesome. And it is as easy as it sounds too! You simply plug it in and your Clickfree automatically backs up everything on your computer!! I love it! I no longer have to worry about losing my photos and files. Alot of people dont backup their files as they have no idea where to start, and are intimidated by the process. Clickfree is a simple, effortless way to save yourself alot of grief, time and money.

Clickfree would like to offer our readers an exclusive discount of $25 per unit with coupon code "cfr3304".


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The Noobee is a multifunctional toy for your tot! It was designed to keep your baby's hands busy while feeding and at the same time keeping their mind active. The Noobee comes in the Jr. or Sr. The Noobee has the full alphabet and numbers 0-20 on one side, and on the other side bright objects and shapes on the Jr. (newborn Noobee) and Nursery Rhymes on the Sr.(preschooler Noobee). It is made of a soft microfleece fabric so it is appealing to your baby`s sense of touch. The Noobee can fit easily into your purse or diaper bag to keep your child busy any place, any time – in the car, the doctor's office, grocery store, mall. A fabulous toy developed by a fellow Canadian Mom!

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