Sunday, May 23, 2010

Parenting Advice To Combat the Terrible Twos (and Threes) | Hybrid Mom

Parenting Advice To Combat the Terrible Twos (and Threes) | Hybrid Mom

I am a working single mother; my son is three years old. He's in a half-day Pre-Nursery program in the morning, and my mother takes care of him until I return from work in the evening. He is a hyeractive boy, and sometimes he behaves so badly: using bad words, throwing toys at the other children, etc. I give him my full attention when I'm home. How should I address his behavior--to make it stop for good? --Shehla

Hello Shehla,

They say it's terrible twos but most often three years old can be the most difficult time, as your son is testing you. My daughter tried every ounce of my patience at that time as well, I just had to keep reminding myself that four is glorious.

Marva Collins has a couple of books that are amazing parenting resources. Values: Lighting The Candle Within, A Practical Guide For The Family, has been so helpful for me and for my husband. Marva's approach is using positive psychology even for punishments! She gives practical advice and examples that can be immediately applied in your life. We have it on audio and listen to it in the car. My daughter now knows that she is too wonderful and bright to be naughty. (And I do have to remind her all the time.)

It takes practice everyday to break the cycle. There are always trying moments when you or he are sick, tired, hungry, or lonely. Everybody has the potential to be patient and loving, including your child. It takes a child one million times of hearing something for it to take permanent effect in their behavior.

Think about how many times a day you are asking your child to chew with their mouth closed or put a napkin on their lap, say please, thank you, brush your teeth, etc. For your child every day is a new opportunity for you to be the best parent, they don't hold on to yesterday, don't bring it up. All you have to do is be the best person that you can be in every moment.


1. Take a break--even if you put yourself on a time out when you lose it--your child will appreciate the break, too.
2. Make a list of 3-5 house rules--talk about them in weekly family meetings.
3. Listen to calming music.
4. Take a walk--when your little one is physically tired, they will be more relaxed--same goes for you.
5. Listen to Marva Collins she is AMAZING!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Celebrate The Great American Movie Night with Epson

I have been in love with our Epson MovieMate for a few years now. We use it constantly, especially in the summer, which unbelievably is right around the corner. Outdoor movie nights at our house are something that our friends and family look forward to and even put in requests for. It's simple, have everyone bring blankets and/or chairs, pop some popcorn, and plug in the MovieMate. Really, that's it.

You may be thinking, no, that's not it. Home theatre systems are expensive. Well, guess what? The MovieMate is actually quite affordable and because it is a self contained unit the DVD player and speakers are built in, so really you need to buy just the one piece. Want one for free? From May 17-23 Epson is celebrating The Great American Movie Night by giving away a projector a day. They are also holding a Makeover Your Backyard Sweepstakes where you can win $2500 to put towards a backyard theater makeover. To enter to win and to find out more information about The Great American Movie Night Sweepstakes, please visit their official site. There are also fun theme ideas for movie nights.

Personally, my family has done several themes where our food and decor have matched the movie. We've done Star Wars, The Goonies, Monster's Inc., every Halloween we do The Nightmare Before Christmas and for Christmas we celebrate with Elf and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Fun times!

Side Note: As far as a screen goes there are many options. If you have a white wall outdoors you can use it, or a garage door, or even hang a sheet. We actually bought a pull down screen that we hang on the backside of our house.