Wednesday, February 27, 2008

See Me Read

My Son received the See Me Read Kit One and absolutely loves it! He was so excited that the book and cards were made especially for him! He was even more excited when he started reading and saw all the photos were photos from our home! He recognized and read the words in a breeze! I was very impressed! This kit has a set of labels, laminated flash cards and a book! All the items are personalized with YOUR photos, the people and objects in your child's life, making it fun and easy for them to read!

For 20% off, please use coupon code SWKY2008!


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Green Baby Gifts

This gorgeous Nursery Necessities Gift Set from Green Baby Gifts is everything that embodies “natural”, from the handmade gift box that it comes in to the luxurious silky soft bamboo crib sheet, this set is just amazing and it will make you feel good to give or receive this fabulous organic gift set! It is everything a new baby needs in the early stages, including: soy & cotton receiving blanket, organic bodysuit, two organic burp cloths, one organic cotton doll, one natural wood rattle with beeswax finish, one bamboo crib sheet, one bottle of organic hair and body wash and one bottle of talc and cornstarch free baby powder! Wow! That’s a lot of stuff!! What a great way to start green!


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Monday, February 25, 2008

Imagekind's First Moments Contest

How many times have you recounted baby's first steps or junior's first day of school to family and friends? They are stories that you love to tell, right? And we're sure you have photos to prove it.

Now you can capture and share those precious memories with Imagekind's Story Frames™. Between now and March 15th, Imagekind invites you to send 2 or 3 digital photos of your child's "firsts" - first day of school, baby's first bites, first trip to the beach, first time meeting Grandma, that together tell a great story. It could be a collection of different "firsts" or a few shots of one great moment. We'll choose four lucky winners whose photos tell the best story to receive a custom Story Frame™ worth $100. To enter, simply email us your digital photos along with a brief explanation to

To enter, visit:

Deadline to enter: March 15th

About Imagekind's Exclusive Story Frames™
Imagekind Story Frames™ allow you to build your own narrative by placing multiple images in the frame of your choosing. After selecting your images you can use our unique framing engine to position, crop, rotate and resize your images in the frame of your choice. See Story Frames at

Sunday, February 24, 2008

HydraCoach: Drink Your Water!

I'd be the first to admit it that there are days I don't drink enough water. In fact one of my New Year's resolutions was to drink more water, actually the RIGHT amount of water. I mean one glass a day, not good.

Thanks to a super cool electronic water bottle, yes, even water bottles have gone hi-tech, you can drink the perfect amount of water for your body everyday! The HydraCoach has a small computer that allows you to enter your weight. It keeps track of the time, date and will calculate how much water you need to drink for the day. Set up is simple, and the instructions are very easy to follow. You set the timer when you're ready to start, fill up the bottle and keep refilling until it tells you when you're done for the day.

The HydraCoach has a sleek look and comes in 3 great colors: blue, smoke and orange. It's available directly from HydraCoach, and trust me, you'll love it!

HydraCoach has a very informational site with fantastic facts about hydration, here are a few tidbits we should all know:

•Dehydration is easier to prevent than to treat.
• Transports nutrients and oxygen to cells
• Ensures adequate blood volume
• Protects against heat exhaustion
• Acts as insulation in the cold
• Regulates body temperature
• Cushions joints
• Suppresses appetite
• Assists the body in metabolizing stored fat
• Relieves fluid retention problems
• Reduces sodium buildup in the body
• Helps to maintain proper muscle tone
• Rids the body of waste and toxins
• Relieves constipation
• Helps convert food into energy
• Maintains strength and endurance
• Protects organs

So, visit HydraCoach today and start drinking the RIGHT amount of water for YOUR body!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mom Blogs: Friday Links

Boston Mamas: Just Tell Me What to Say
For those parenting moments when stress, fatigue, or just being human result in a short fuse and loss for words, there's "Just Tell Me What to Say."

Car & Caboodle: Maxi Cosi Priori Car Seat Review
Get a first look at this new convertible car seat

Classy Mommy: BPA Free Baby Bottles
We give BornFree BPA Bottles a go and are thrilled with the results!

Clever Parents: Too Cool For School? Not With Fabkins in the Lunchbox.
A Clever Parents reader tipped us off to this fabulous find: Fabkins, the brainchild of two friends and moms who wanted to offer kids a fun and easy way to be a part of saving the environment.

Coochicoos: UFO Light
For little boys who love spaceships...

Healthy Bump: Belly Bars
A Tasty Bar for Your Belly. The all natural belly bars are designed to meet the needs of all women before, during, and after pregnancy.

MomFinds: Bye-Bye Frump, Hello Fabulous - Oprah Makes Over Shlumpadinkas
Shop in your PJs or wear your husband’s sweatpants? Do your kids run and hide when you pick them up at school? Then you might be a Shlumpadinka.

Moms Buzz: How to Get Your Kids to Pick Up - Quick Tips
It's a never ending challenge for parents to have the kids pick up after them. Here are some success stories you may want to read about and then implement their approach.

Robeez For Indoors...and Beyond
Robeez Tredz get kids out of the house in style! Win a pair for your kids.

Tot Snob: Cutest Easter Dresses
I love this time of year because kids' clothes are the cutest for spring and summer.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

LA's Nanny of the Year Contest

If you live in the LA area and have a nanny you love…or a manny to be fair…ok, or even a granny that’s a nanny…this is fun…you must check out .

They are holding a very cool contest to find LA’s Nanny of the Year. There are tons of cool prizes, (who doesn’t need a day at the spa?), dinners ready to be warmed and put on the table, and jewelry, ok I'm in! Sign up your favorite nanny or manny and you could win delicious prizes too!!! Check it out!

Visit Baby Celebration LA

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Taia Hair Clips

Taia hair clips are simply adorable and designed to stay put in even the finest of hair! They are so sweet and have just a touch of bling! A girl's' gotta have bling! Lots of cute styles to choose from, your little girl will be a dazzling diva in her Taia clips!

Also, Swanky Moms’ readers receive 15% off their first order with coupon code “swankymoms”.


Girls Night IN with Touchstone Crystal

Looking for something super fun to do with friends and make a little money doing it? Take a peek at Touchstone Crystal, a new party concept, jewelry making! I've always loved jewelry making: I worked in a bead shop for 5 years, I've taken multiple jewelry and metal smithing classes throughout high school and college, and I've taught classes myself too. Needless to say, I've made a few pieces of jewelry in my life.

Since I've been both a student and teacher of jewelry making, I really appreciate the fact that Touchstone has gone above and beyond in making a high quality jewelry kit with easy to follow instructions. What I love about Touchstone is the fact that they have partnered up with Swarovski and use only their crystals. Swarovski is known for their superior quality, adding these with top notch sterling components really makes the Touchstone pieces beautiful. Another fun detail, (it's in the name) is the Touchstone you get to put on your piece when you finish. Each little charm has its own color which represents a group of emotions. Feeling happy? Add a yellow Touchstone, it stands for joy and happiness, optimism, idealism, hope, & friendship. The little Touchstone goes near the clasp, so it's a hidden treasure that really personalizes your piece.

I was able to have my own little party with some friends and we tried out a handful of the Touchstone kits. Everyone had a great time and went home with a fantastic piece of jewelry.

Visit the Touchstone site today and find out how you can become a consultant and "Create Something Beautiful" of your own!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Epson RX680: Print GREAT in 2008!

Business owner, kindergarten room mom, pre-school treasurer, shutter bug... I do a lot of printing! I've gone though SEVERAL printers in the past few years and I have to say, I've come across what I think is cream of the crop. The Epson RX680, has it all. It prints, copies, scans, and is also a photo printer.

What sets the RX680 apart is that it's an Ultra High Definition Printer. Yes, a Hi Def printer. This thing has so many bells and whistles, I don't even know where to start. In fact, I've been wanting to write this review for so long, (I started using the printer about 2 months ago), but really I don't even know where to start! The thing is a speed demon when it comes to printing. It can print a 4 x 6 photo in 11 seconds and prints text up to 40 pages per minutes, yes I said 40! The quality of the printing is amazing too. The Epson RX680 uses Ciaria high definition ink. It is smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant. I absolutely love that the ink colors are individual. With the printers I've had in the past, I know I've wasted ink, if the blue is gone, you have to replace the entire color cartridge. With this printer, when the blue is gone, you replace the blue, simple.

The photo printing options are truly amazing. You don't even need a computer to use it. You can stick your media card directly into the unit and crop, resize, edit, and then preview before printing. You can even restore old photos! One of my absolute favorite features is that the Epson RX680 can print directly on to CD's. I keep all of my photos organized on CD's and I'm always messing with CD labels. I have wasted so many, they never line up right when printing, then when they do, they're hard to stick on the CD without creases. WELL....this problem is gone. Stick a printable CD in the CD print tray and the printer will print the design directly to the CD. It's fantastic!

As far as regular day to day printing goes, this thing holds it's own. There are two fully adjustable paper trays that hold a total of 270 sheets. There's also a built in auto duplexer, so it's super easy to do double sided printing. I'm telling you, I could go on and on. I won't though, because it's time for you to stop reading and visit the Epson site to buy your own RX680. There's just one more thing you need to know, the most important thing that is, the price! The Epson RX680 is available directly from Epson and is only $129.99 after $70 in instant rebates. Another bonus, free shipping! I'm telling you, you can't go wrong with this printer, so visit Epson today and make it your resolution to print great in 2008!

Sponsor: Tano Jewelry

February 14th is coming up fast! Don't procrastinate any longer and find your ideal Valentine's Day gift. Jewelry is a perfect choice for the special woman in your life. Fashion jewelry is a statement; an art molded in its own tranquility that emits a lovely and peaceful essence with a shining fortune! Fashion jewelry is a "woman's" delight, which creates an aura of sophistication about her feminity and sensuality. Appearing in a wide array of styles and designs, you can choose the piece that fits your style!

Find the latest fashions in affordable Fashion Jewelry at Whether it's a stylish Jewelry Set, a pair of colorful Thread Earrings or the perfect Headband. Tano Jewelry has an accessory to match the personality and style of the lucky recipient.

Use coupon code "swankymoms" for 20% off all fashion jewelry for Valentine's Day. Exp: Feb. 16th

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Keep Em' Clean with L'il Darlins Bib-A-Roo

When my boys were little, one of my biggest mealtime issues (aka pet peeves) was the bib. I tried them all, the plastic, the cloth, the ones with the pocket for "catching" the food, the one made of hard plastic with the full on trough, but nothing ever completely kept my boys clean. In fact, I was known for naked babies at mealtime. I mean why risk getting spaghetti on that adorable outfit when you can just let them make a mess and then throw them in the bath after dinner? One problem, naked babies at a restaurant, not really appropriate...

If I would have had a Bib-A-Roo by L'il Darlins, my mealtime issues would have been solved. This great bib covers everything! It's a full body bib made in a wide variety of adorable fabrics. The neck has a velcro closure and there is a ribbon tie around the waste area. There are also little ribbons to slide the legs through so it all stays in place during mealtime. I know, it sounds complicated, but I promise, it's not! The Bib-A-Roo is also reversible, machine washable, and comes in two sizes, infant (5-14 months) and toddler (14 months and up).

Bib-A-Roos are available for purchase on the L'il Darlins site, visit today and never again will you have to worry about ruining your favorite outfit during mealtime!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Mom Blogs: Friday Links

Boston Mamas: Kids in the Kitchen
Wondering what your kids are capable of helping with in the kitchen? Check out our guide to age-appropriate cooking skills.

Classy Mommy: Natursutten BPA Free Pacifier
With all the BPA buzz hitting the wires in recent weeks, check out this safe and eco-chic option by Natursutten we recently reviewed and put to use!

Clever Parents: Operation Shower Fort Hood A Success
45 new moms and moms-to-be showered by generous people and companies across the nation.

Enter's 30 Days of Giveaways!
We're giving away a fabulous prize each day! Enter to win.

Healthy Bump: The Ultimate Receiving Blanket
The Ultimate Receiving Blanket was designed by Lynette Damir, founder of SwaddleDesigns, a RN, and a mother of two young children. Lynette was inspired to design stylish and functional products to help parents care for their babies so SwaddleDesigns was born.

MomFinds: Multicultural Toys and Fashion for Global Kids
Kick off the Lunar New Year with these fun, easy gifts to widen your child’s knowledge and appreciation of cultures from far away places.

One Chic Mama: Have Stroller, Will Travel
My toddler raves about the Inglesina Trip stroller while looking for summer travel adventures.

Tot Snob: Farm House Table & Chairs
Sick of getting everything at Pottery Barn? UGHHH!!! There are plenty of cute, affordable (hello, Pottery Barn is NOT) and high quality furniture alternatives out there.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Boon Feeding Line

You probably have heard of Boon and have known them for their innovative bath products and funky stuffed animal storage bags! Well now Boon has launched a new feeding line, which is everything you will need to make dinnertime easier for mom and tot! They have ergonomic spoons and sippy cups, funky bowls with suction cup bottoms and food catchers, plates with different compartments for dips or to keep foods separated. They also have feeding spoons that allow for one handed feeding by dispensing food with a simple squeeze! All their products are modern, unique, and designed to make your daily feeding routines easier and fun for everyone!



Stamp in style with self inking stamps from Blooming Babies! From classic to funky they have so many fabulous styles to choose from! I love my stamp and use it for all my outgoing mail, it is so quick and easy and adds a touch of flair to my stationery! You can also purchase stamp-able note cards which are blank cards for thank yous, invitations, notes, and such. These stamps are fabulous wedding and housewarming gifts and also great gifts for moms, teachers, and even kids (they like to feel important too!) Just a little something to make your life a touch easier!


Monday, February 04, 2008

Little Laureate: Love at First Sight

Honestly, if I would have discovered this a few years back, I could have saved a TON of money on DVD's for my little ones! Little Laureate was love at first site for both myself and my boys (mostly my 3 year old, but my 6 year old actually enjoyed it too). This super creative DVD series is the most comprehensive I have come across. As a former elementary teacher with a specialization in studio arts, I'm really picky when it comes to introducing art to children. It needs to be comprehensive, in depth, an explained in a manner that children will understand. Guess what? Little Laureate does just that. They use beautiful music, adorable graphics, and "real life" kids to expose the viewers to a wide variety of interesting people, places and things!

There are 3 different Gift Sets that come with much more than just a DVD. Designed for ages 1-4 years old (but really any one will enjoy them), each set includes a 30 minute DVD, a 60 minute classical music CD, and a 24 page parent booklet filled with expert tips on raising a creative child. Choose from My World Gallery, My World Colors, and My World Adventure. Actually, don't choose, buy them all! Your little one will LOVE everything about Little Laureate and you will love what they are learning. AND, to make it even better, a portion of the proceeds goes to one of the charities that Little Laureate supports.

Little Laureate was founded by Swanky Mom, Heather Maclean. Heather has one of the most interesting resumes I have read in the baby product world and she's a fan of Swanky Moms too! She has generously donated a gift set of all three of her DVD's. The package is valued at $105, but you have to earn it, here's how:

Visit Little Laureate and be the 8th person to answer the following 2 part question about Heather correctly (yes, both parts must be correct to win!)
1. What reality show did Heather place 4th in?
2. What Disney VIP did she answer e-mail for?

E-Mail Answers to

Can you Give Smitten?

As an urgent response to the increasingly low reading levels amongst children living in poverty, The Jayneoni Moore Children's Fund is preparing to kick-off Jayneoni's Book Gift which will give the gift of reading to children who have never owned a new book. The number one cause of low reading levels amongst children living in poverty is not having access to books because their parents and schools can't afford them. This is why the foundation is planning to visit elementary schools located in areas hardest hit by poverty and have the lowest reading levels.

The organization has recently found an adorable new book, "Smitten" by David Gordon, which tells the tale of a sock and a mitten who are best friends. They are looking to collect 200 copies of the book and we'd love to help spread the word about this great program. Swanky Moms would love it if our readers would be able to donate a copy or copies of this book to be given to a child in need. Donating the book is as easy as clicking on the highlighted "Smitten" links and purchasing the book on! Your donation is completely tax deductible through the non-profit organization, The Jayneoni Moore Children's Fund.

Giving a book like "Smitten" to a child living in poverty is taking one step closer to ending the global spread of illiteracy.

Please click on the Smitten link and ship books to:
The Jayneoni Moore Children's Fund
269 South Beverly Dr.
Suite 434
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Friday, February 01, 2008

Spare your Soles with Spare Soles

I've found what I think is quite possibly one of Swankiest items I've ever reviewed. We've all been there before, you're getting ready, it's time for shoes and you're thinking, "I know my feet are going to kill me by the end of the night, but these shoes look perfect with this outfit!" Well, what if you knew ahead of time that once your feet were done, that you had the perfect compact solution to soothe those aching soles? Look no further, with SpareSoles, you can stash a super cute pair of ballerina flats into even the tiniest handbag, or ditch the handbag altogether, and just use the SpareSoles bag, an adorable zippered pouch (it's plenty big for your plastic, cash, and even a lip gloss). SpareSoles have a waterproof sole, and they're machine washable. They come in 3 different sizes (if you're a half size, order up) and two different colors, black and silver.

Whether you're dancing the night away, or Casino hopping in Vegas (Where were these before I had children!?!), no need to worry about aching feet. When they're all tuckered out, pull out your SpareSoles and go about your business. OR, if you're like me and don't have the opportunity to casino hop or dance the night away very often.... get a pair for travel, they're perfect for airplanes, cozy, comfy, and they'll keep your feet clean. Oh, and how about that time your sandal broke and you had to try to walk in a broken shoe (yes, this has happened to me)? If you had SpareSoles in your purse, you would have been fine. Really though, they're so cute, you can wear them anywhere!

Is it too late to put a Proposition on this year's ballot? How about a mandatory ruling that every woman should own a pair (or two, both colors are great) of SpareSoles. Visit SpareSoles today and treat your feet!