Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Butter by Tracey Martin: Sumptuous Kids Clothing

Tracey Martin has become one of my favorite new designers for kids clothes. Why? Because her line of kids clothing and accessories, called Baby Butter, blends superior quality with original, gorgeous design. I love every piece in the Baby Butter line, which is unusual since I am pretty hard to please.

What's so special about Baby Butter? Well, there are numerous reasons, but I am only going to touch on a few of the most important ones so that I don't write a 10 page feature on the brand (which is easy to do). First and foremost, the quality of the clothing is exceptional. EXCEPTIONAL. This is not a "buy a blank shirt and embellish it" line. Baby Butter uses high quality, super soft 100% cotton 2X1 ribs, 1X1 ribs and thermals that are made specific to Tracey Martin's stringent guidelines. The embroidered designs are all embellished with the highest quality faux furs or appliqué techniques, and highlighted with beautiful Swarovski crystals and unique nailheads. All the designs in the line are unique to Baby Butter, and frankly, better than other lines out there that make similar clothing. There is a finer attention to detail and superior craftsmanship to the Baby Butter line than any of its predecessors or competitors.

In addition to exceptional quality, all the clothes by Baby Butter are high in comfort, washability and wearability. I was a bit worried that maybe the appliques or crystal embellishments would start to come off with continued washing and drying, but I was assured by Tracey that they would not. And she was right. I have washed and dried my daughter's Baby Butter shirt over 20 times and the only thing it has done is made the shirt softer. The color has not faded at all (it's fire engine red) and no damage has occured to the applique or embellishments.

Baby Butter's sizing is true to size (not too big and not too small, just perfect) and the proportions are ideal. The sizing ranges from infant (3 Months) to little girls (size 6). The little girls line includes thermal tops, tees, tanks, lounge pants, skorts and racerback and long sleeve dresses; and the infant line includes thermal tops, tees, tanks, skorts, diaper covers, pants and onesies. The items in the line range from $38.00 - $68.00 in price.

My favorites (yes, favorites as in was so hard to choose only a few pieces from this line as everything is amazing) from the Baby Butter line are the Daddy's Little Girl tank, Lil' Cupcake onesie, Batter Up tank and bell bottom set, Royal Chic tee and faux fur skort set, the Super Star onesie and the I Am Who I Am Owl tee. Honestly, there isn't a bad design in the whole line. All of it is fabulous (can you tell I am fan?).

Baby Butter also has a group of tees with sayings that are designed to inspire and empower little girls. With sayings such as “Free 2B Me”, “Little Girl Big Dreams” and “The mirror doesn’t tell my whole story”, these tees are designed to let all little girls know that they are special. Some of these amazing, inspirational tees are designed by Tracey Martin's own 9 year-old daughter who suffers from Alopecia Universalis. How cool is that? Finally, the line also offers SUPER CUTE burp cloths that are packaged in sets of two. The burps come in an array of designs that match many of the onesies and tees. They are almost too cute to use (of course use them because they withstand multiple washings and use, just like the rest of the Baby Butter line).

Okay, so there are a lot of kids clothes available that look great. But a lot of them may not be able to withstand numerous washes, fit well, last long or use quality materials. Baby Butter clothing, on the other hand, looks just as good after multiple washings as it did new, has a great fit, is super comfortable and uses only high quality materials. That's a good thing too, since your kids will want to wear their Baby Butter clothing all the time, like mine do. And honestly, can you blame them? Check out Baby Butter Clothing and see for yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: The Baby Butter e-commerce site is currently undergoing an update and expansion, so online ordering is unavailable at this time (this is temporary). However, you can view the Baby Butter collection on their website and order any of the items by calling their toll-free number (1-877-311-2887). The customer service staff at Baby Butter are amazing and totally helpful, can answer any of your questions and take your order. So call them today to order some amazing Baby Butter Clothing for your little ones!



Love All Sweets said...

I'm a big fan of Tracey Martins clothing. We purchased a birthday outfit for my daughter. We got tank with a cupcake on it and the bottoms have a little cupcake on them... it is SO CUTE! My daugther loves the tank so much that she wears it with jean shorts and its adorable. The clothing is very durable and all the jewels are still very sparkling. Very impressive considering how many times we've washed it. :) We are a big FAN!

Michelle G. said...

My 2-year-old daughter has one of these shirts and we both love it--I love how well it's made and how it is so incredibly adorable on her, and she loves it because it is soft, pretty and sparkly. Not often do we both agree on the same clothes. This line is definitely a winner!!

(Oh, and even though I've washed it a zillion times, it still retains it color and jewels. Impressive!)

Unknown said...

Really Really cute!!