Friday, July 17, 2009

Zing Zang Zoom on Over to the Circus!

This week, a few of us Swanky Moms had the privilege of being guests at the 139th edition of The Greatest Show on Earth. Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey is currently featuring Zing Zang Zoom, a fun filled show where classic circus acts combine with magical illusions to create an evening your whole family will enjoy! From the minute we walked in, we were treated like royalty. An easy entrance, helpful employees, and great customer service. I had the pleasure of sitting next to my hilarious 5 year old who gave me a play by play commentary the entire night! Rather than me dishing out my favorites (I was pretty impressed with the human cannonball action), I thought I'd share his perspective. After finding our seats, we had just a few minutes to settle in and then the magic happened, literally. A disappearing elephant. From them on, my son was hooked! Enjoy the recap.

"Those are some talented dogs!" Referring to the adorable pups on stage. One even rides a scooter.

"Should I try that on your blue exercise ball mom?" On wanting to walk on a ball like the clowns.

"They're probably going to say: Don't try this at home." His thoughts on jumping through a ring of fire...

"Those elephants are probably nice, wow I never saw one that close!" Referring to the parade of elephants around the ring.

"He must be crazy." I agree with this one, anyone who wants to jump rope on a moving circular metal contraption might have a touch of crazy!

And for the grand finale, he was very concerned with the magic of "sawing someone in half." The quote of the night, "They should only put him back together if he is a nice person, if not, they should leave him sawed in half."

My whole family had a wonderful time at the show. I think though, that I had the most fun! I got to watch a great show and listen to a hilarious 5 year old commentary while doing it. From the magic to the tigers, from the elephants to the human cannonballs, we thoroughly enjoyed Zing, Zang Zoom. I highly recommend it for a fun family night out.

Zing, Zang, Zoom is currently in Southern, CA, but will be coming to a city near you! Visit the tour schedule page and enter your zip code to find out when. You won't be disappointed!

Purchase a 4-pack of tickets for only $44 by logging onto and entering the coupon code: MOM

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