Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Precious Pics Will Last Forever with the Picture Keeper

Around here I am called the paparazzi. I am notorious for taking too many pictures and my kids know that they'd better not move Santa's display or their Easter Baskets before the perfect pic has been snapped. I've got TONS of pics, so many in fact that over the last three years I have gone completely digital. I don't even have them printed anymore. So, when I had the opportunity to check out the Picture Keeper, I jumped at the chance!

The Picture Keeper is a genius little device that helps photobug moms like myself keep all of those precious pics safe and sound. Don't get this baby confused with your average flash drive, it's so much more! Simply insert the Picture Keeper into your USB port, click "Start Backup" on the pop up, and watch the magic happen. The Picture Keeper automatically finds all of the photos on your computer. With a laptop and a desktop that are inundated with photos, I love the fact that the Picture Keeper has built in software. This means that you can switch it from computer to computer and it will save the photos from each. Another bonus? It keeps track of the photos stored, so when you update it, it only takes a few seconds to add just the new pics.

Depending on how trigger happy you are, the Picture Keeper comes in various sizes. Be sure to check what resolution you take your photos at. I take mine high, so I needed a larger capacity Picture Keeper. There is a link on the site to help you determine which size best suits you. The Picture Keeper's customer service has been wonderful, above and beyond with help and I love that you can sign up for monthly reminders to back up those pics. I recommend that every household have a Picture Keeper. Store it somewhere safe (like in a safe!) to ensure that your memories will be picture perfect for generations to come.

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Techie Facts for you Swanky Moms are as follows:
Windows XP/Vista and Mac
512 MB RAM
ReadyBoost Compatible
USB 2.0 and 1.1 Compliant
Advanced Options Available
1 Year Warranty
Easy to Open Packaging
Lanyard Included
30 Day US Based Support
Reminder Service

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