Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Clek: In Love with a Monkey

I’m already a huge fan of Clek booster seats. Clek is the only booster company on the market that utilizes the LATCH system in cars. What does that mean? No slipping and sliding. Before I discovered Clek, I was very hesitant to switch my 5 year old over to a booster. He’s tall enough, he weighs enough, but I just hate the fact that typical boosters sit there and feel so unstable. When you install a Clek, you hear two little clicks as the unit snaps onto your car’s LATCH bars. To me, these little clicks are piece of mind. I know my little one will be safe and secure from the slipping and sliding. Clek boosters are the only boosters my children ride in. Not only are they safe, they’re stylish to boot! With designs like camo, zebra, and the new Paul Frank series, even older children (like my 7 year old who has the “tree house camo” seat) think it’s cool to sit in a booster! I also love how easy they are to install, a quick release pull in the front allows for easy moving from car to car. Another bonus? Just like a fine hand bag, Clek boosters come with their own “dust bag.” This makes for easy travel on a trip that requires luggage check in.

My 5 year old is new to the booster scene and he now rides in the Paul Frank Standard Julius model. Living in Orange County, California, Julius is an icon… I mean the monkey’s birth place is right around the corner from us! How could you not love the adorable Julius and Friends? My son loves the look of his new big boy booster, and I love knowing that he’s super safe.

Visit the Clek site today to see the new Paul Frank designs. If you’re not already a Paul Frank fan, in one click, you will be! Trust me when I say, you won’t find a better booster.


Unknown said...

I love Paul Frank! Super Cute!


I found Clek by accident when searching for a booster for my daughter and am SO glad that I did. It's SO great. I am going to need to get a new seat cover though...she's dirtied up the apple green one that came on it. I particularly love hearing the clicks that assure me that it's installed correctly!