Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Swap Sets

Ladies, this is the fashion answer to your needing an extra set of hands! When you need to be on the phone, making appoitments, business calls or girlfriend chats but the kids need juice, help with a puzzle or going potty, you just don't have enough hands. This Swap Set gives you your two hands back and you can continue to be on the phone without fear of you headset popping out of your ear or your neck getting a cramp from holding the cordless with your shoulder.
I just LOVE this item. It is fashionable, just for women, created by a mom, and functional in all the right ways. Headsets are available for cell phones and cordless land lines, Headphones for portable music devices, fashion headbands (available in many colors!) to hold it all together, "dangles" for a fun accessory, and all packed in a great travel case. Retail for a combination package with the above mentioned items is about $60.
Fashion meets technology. How cool!
Check out Swap Sets for all the options offered in these great products created by mom, Steffi Thomas.
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DEB said...

This is a really cool idea. I have seen this before but not near as stylish. I would use it mainly because I can change diapers and wash dishes while still taking a phone call. Great Idea!!