Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Juno Baby

This DVD is absolutely adorable ~ my boys love it! They watched it about 3 times the first day we received it! It is very cute, educational and has wonderful music! You can also play it in 2 other languages (Spanish and French) plus there are some interactive games and language flash cards on the DVD!

After your kids watch this wonderful show they will absolutely want a Juno Baby shirt with their favorite character on it! Each character is so unique and your child will find something in common with each of them!

This CD is also adorable and features the music from the DVD plus others! While listening to the music my sons would identify which character was singing it! You can go to the website and listen to some of the songs! They are really cute and kids love them!

I definetly recommend Juno Baby products to my fellow Swanky Moms and their families!


Also, use coupon code "RWC29" and receive 10% off your order!

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