Friday, September 19, 2008

Aeromax: Your One Stop Halloween Shop

School's in, we're finally settling in to the routine again, and now on top of homework, swim school, and play dates, here come the holidays. Thanks to Aeromax, this Halloween can (and will) be a breeze.

Personally I can not stand the mass market costumes. Ever since I was little and a good friend of mine showed up to trick or treat in her plastic costume and mask from the grocery store (you know... those random ones in the "seasonal" area of the market that you pass and wonder, who would make their kid wear that?), I've been completely turned off by these types of costumes. I mean even if you're on a tight budget, please don't subject your child to on of these numbers that is just going to make them sweaty and smelling of a plastic factory.

Make it easy on yourself and visit Aeromax. Aeromax has a wide variety of adorable costumes that will allow your little one to look as cute as can be. You must check out their "Get Real Gear." This year, my boys are going to be decked out in their Jr. Astronaut costumes. From the flight suit, to the helmet, to the boots & backpack, grown ups are going to think that the real deal is standing on their front porch! The details are just fabulous and the look is a complete look, so, no shopping around for accessories and components. What's fantastic, is that this is the case with all of Aeromax's costumes. From knights, to nurses, to pirates to princesses, you're sure to find the perfect alter ego for your little one. I mean there's even a mail carrier and a jockey! I LOVE IT! Another fantastic thing about Aeromax is that they've created "girl" versions of fire fighters and army soldiers so if you've got a spunky little one that likes pink camo, you're good to go.

Celebrating your little one's first Halloween? You've got to check out their infant costumes. I think the Jr. Pilot and Police Officers are hysterically adorable. And for you grown ups looking for a little something to wear, they've got adult costumes too. Check out the Jockey, so funny and you can get a stuffed horse to ride too!!!!

Looking for something a little more on the "wild" side? Aeromax has beautifully made plush costumes that can transform your beauties into beasts. From Lions, Tigers, and Bears (oh my!) to Unicorns, Pink Poodles and Frogs, your kiddos are sure to find their favorite furry friend.

Visit the Aeromax site today and make your Halloween easy and oh so fantastic!

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