Sunday, January 21, 2007

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer Helps You Remember

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift for new parents? The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is it! This unique new product was designed by a mom and dad who needed a little extra help remembering basic baby care details. Tedious charts and journals were not working out, so the Itzbeen was born! With the touch of a button, the Itzbeen allows parents to keep track of when baby was last fed, changed, & monitors sleep/awake time as well. My favorite feature is the extra timer, which can be used to time anything you'd like. For my husband and I, the biggest "time" problem we had was when we last gave our boys medicine. We'd always say, "What time did you give him that Tylenol?" The Itzbeen makes it easy to keep track of.

The features of this wonderful product go on and on. The Itzbeen allows you to set a reminder alarm for each timer. If the time limit is reached, the button lights up and the alarm will sound. It also has a super cool night light, bright enough to help you make your way to baby in the middle of the night when you are half asleep. The display is backlit, so you can see the timers in the dark and it has a back clip on it if you'd like to keep it close! For nursing moms, there is a left/right nursing reminder that helps mom remember which side she last nursed from.

I also love the size of the Itzbeen. It is small, light weight, and portable. In addition to these features, the display has a clock, so you always know what time it is. The Itzbeen is a great helper for babysitters and grandparents. AND no worries, the directions are well written & it's easy to use. You can program the times and then your baby's caretaker will know exactly when to get the job done!

The Itzbeen is available online for under $25. It's a gift ALL parents will appreciate!


Unknown said...

I purchased this for my second child. It takes the place of notes for medications (including my own), a nursing bracelet and just plain wondering. It is very small and sleek. I love that you can move the tab left or right to record which side you nursed on last. It was SUPER easy to set. It is very inexpensive for such a great tool!

Unknown said...

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