Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Slainte Bags: Perfect for Mommies with Toddlers

My new favorite "toddler" bag is the Japanese Tote Bag by Slainte. Slainte means "health" or "cheers" in Gaelic and is pronounced slawn-tcha. The company was founded by Jill Bornemann. With a love for sewing and an addiction to vintage upholstery, Jill put her talents into creating beautiful bags and has turned a hobby into a business. Why are her bags so great? Well, for one they are super cute. The fabric is beautiful, whether she is on vacation or hitting estate sales, Jill is always on the look out for unique materials. The quality is superb, and the size is just perfect. Now that my son is 2 1/2, but unfortunately is not yet ready for the potty, I don't really have a need for a "traditional" diaper bag. Instead, I'm always on the lookout for bags that are multifunctional. Ones that I can use as a purse, but also throw in some diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, and a few other little necessities. This bag does the trick. It is stylish, looks like a purse, and no one needs to know what is inside! The fabric is very thick and the straps are just the right length to throw over my shoulder. It has a high quality zipper and a small zippered pouch inside for keys, a cell phone, and anything else you need to find quickly. Another great feature is the black vinyl base with studs. You can set the bag down and it is protected. Slainte also makes a supertote/diaper bag, messenger bags, hobo purses, wine totes, hip bags, and super cute yoga bags! Contact Jill if you are interested in a purse party, it's an easy way to earn some cash AND you get a GREAT discount on purchases for yourself. All products are available for purchase online. Visit Slainte to check out all of Jill's beautiful fabric choices and designs. You will want one of everything!

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