Wednesday, March 28, 2007

NekLight: Hands Free Light Anytime Anywhere

Another one of those "I never knew I needed this until I had it items," the NekLight is my new favorite household gadget. Its unique design has an adjustable neck cord (with safety release) that slips right over the head. It also has a stabilizing clip that can hold the light flat against your body and keep it from bouncing about. The light is super bright and lights up to 200 feet ahead of you. It uses 3 AAA batteries that last over 150 hours. The NekLight is waterproof and lightweight, making it great for sports like an early morning bike ride or jog & night time walks after dinner! There is also a strap accessory that can convert it into a head light. The NekLight can stand alone for use on a table and it can also be clipped to a belt. It's uses are really limitless. I think it's a great item to add to emergency kits. Put one in each of the kids rooms, it would be safer to put this around the neck and then your child would be hands free to walk to safety in an emergency. Keep one in the car too and if you're going camping, make sure everyone has their own. Your midnight trip to the potty will be much more enjoyable. Also, a great trick or treat light! I could go on and on, but I'll stop now.

Also made by NekLight is the PupLight, a great light up collar for your furry friends.

Everyone needs a NekLight visit the site today and light up your life at night!

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