Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fuzzi Bunz

Fuzzi Bunz

Gone are the days of old fashioned cloth diapers with pins and such! Fuzzi Bunz has a fabulous, stylish line of modern cloth diapers!

Here are just a few of the benefits to using cloth:

*keeps baby dry
*incredible diaper savings
*eliminates treats/diaper rash
*heathly for our environment
*adjustable sizes
*no wet leaks
*stays beautiful wash after wash
*easy to use
*trim fit
*quick drying
*comfortable for baby

To read more on cloth diapering and see the styles available, please visit www.fuzzibunz.com

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Dea Reynolds said...

I love the idea of these! We are adopting a little girl from Russia, and I really dislike the idea of putting disposable diapers in the landfills. I ordered Gdiapers to use when traveling (like when on an airplane), and FuzziBunz to use while at home.