Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bumpy Name Orbit Labels: Keep Track of your Sippy Cups & Much, Much More

Looking for a fun way to keep track of stuff? Check out the Bumpy Name Orbit Label. Created by Brenda Lee Feldman, the Bumpy Name was born out of necessity. When markers washed away, and adhesives started curling up, she knew there must be a better way to label her little one's drink and snack containers. This one of a kind label is super unique. It's made of FDA compliant, non-toxic material that is both dishwasher and microwave safe. The rubbery band fits snugly around containers, so it can not be easily removed by the owner's cute little hands. The Bumpy Name label features your child's name in text and also in braille, which is really fun for kids to learn. It sparked a great "teaching moment" with my 5 year old. We discussed what braille is, why some people use it, etc. It was really great. The Bumpy Name label has tons of uses. For infants and toddlers they are great for bottles, sippy cups, & snack containers. For youths and adults, they're great for water bottles, drink containers, and misc items like sunscreen bottles, flashlights, and other household items. My 5 year old likes to wear his as a bracelet. Bumpy Name labels come in over 200 popular names. If you can't find the name you are looking for, you can have them custom made with up to 2 lines of text. The second line is great for a phone number or allergy alert. Visit the Bumpy Name site today & pick some up for yourself and your little ones!

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