Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The DaysAgo Digital Timer

We've all said it, "When did I open up that....?" Well, you can now answer that question with the DaysAgo digital timer. Created by 2 moms, Deborah Stephens and Kathleen Whitehurst, the DaysAgo timer was originally designed to keep track of when baby food was opened. With freshness dates of just a few days, busy moms often forget when a jar was opened. I used to do this all the time. When my boys were babies, I threw away countless "mystery date" jars. Now, moms can relax, pop on the magnetic or suction cup based timer and with the touch of a button, you will know exactly how many days your food has been opened. What's fabulous about the DaysAgo timer is that it has SO many uses. I am obsessed with when I opened up my condiments. I've seen way to many of those shows about "What's growing in your fridge?" The days ago can keep track of Mayo, Salsa, and anything else you're a little unsure of. They also have a super helpful area on their site that tells you the "lifespan" of most foods. Available in 4 colors with either a magnetic or suction cup back, the DaysAgo timer can be purchased online as well as in 100's of retail stores. This great little gadget is a must have for every household. The DaysAgo Timer would make a wonderful addition to a "new mom" gift basket, It's the perfect little item you never knew you needed, until now!

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