Friday, March 23, 2007

2 Red Hens: Shopping Cart Nest

As a mom, I think one of the greatest inventions ever made is the shopping cart cover. We've all seen the specials that show how many germs are lurking on those things and unfortunately, it's one of baby's favorite places to put their mouths! The problem with most cart covers is the fact that you feel like you're on your way to a slumber party carrying those pseudo sleeping bags around. Not to mention they take up a ton of space in the car. Well moms, I've found the perfect solution! Known for their super cute diaper bags, 2 Red Hens has also created the coolest shopping cart cover ever. It's called the Nest and although it is super compact, it fits full sized shopping carts. The whole thing folds into a cute little 8x8 inch zippered square that is small enough to keep just about anywhere. Keep it in the car, or toss it in the diaper bag, it also doubles as a high chair cover while dining out. The fabric your little one sits on is super soft fleece and the outside of the case is coated to make it waterproof and easy to wipe clean (it's machine washable too). The Nest comes in tons of great fabric choices and also has a great carrying strap with a hook, so you can attach it anywhere you want. Don't be confused by the size, remember that good things come in small packages!

Ditch the sleeping bag and visit the 2 Red Hens site. Your little chick will stay clean and comfy in their very own Nest.

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Unknown said...

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