Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jane Marvel: Diaper Bags With Vintage Flair

Looking for a Marvelous diaper bag with vintage flair? You must visit Jane Marvel. Her diaper bags are so cute, you will have a hard time choosing your favorite. Jane has taken fabulous photos of vintage toys and incorporated them into the designs on her ultra hip diaper bags. You can choose from two different styles, an over the shoulder messenger type bag and a backpack. Both styles are available in either the UFO, Vintage Carriage, A Space Ship, Red Wagon, School Bus, Pony, and Car. The photos are really great and they make the bags so unique. The best thing about these bags? The quality! My favorite feature is the PVC coated fabric, the bag wipes clean and stays looking shiny and new. Jane's bags have tons of storage, adjustable straps and also come with matching changing pads and a zippered pouch. The perfect bag designed for moms, by a mom. Want to have the most talked about gift at the next baby shower? Bring a Jane Marvel bag!

Not in the market for a diaper bag? Check out Jane's other wonderful products. The lunch boxes are great, and her book bag and book bag junior are too cute. She also has lots of cool stuff for moms the beach bag is the perfect hold all, and I've got my eye on her cool flight bag!

Oh, and if you are feeling the urge to get organized, her nesting cubes and zip boxes can help you with that.

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giar said...

Hi all. Jane Marvel does a lot of fabulous bags. I don't know if the diaper bag is still available, but there are other styles that may work as well. I have them in my store. There's one call the runaround and some larger bags too.