Thursday, March 08, 2007

DLL Rainwear: Hip Rain Gear for the Whole Family

With April Showers on the way, you will definitely want to check out DLL Rainwear. This amazing site has everything you need for a rainy day. DLL offers the best selection of rain gear I have ever seen, including raincoats, rain boots, umbrellas, & clogs. What caught my eye though, were the Mommy & Me rain boots. As a mom of boys, there aren't many "mommy & me" items on the market. However, rain boots are a perfect Mommy & Me item! My boys and I have the Tattoo City rain boots in Blue. They are super cool, sporting vintage style tattoos including the famous "mom & dad" in a heart. The quality is fabulous too, they have an adjustable buckle on the side that can give them a custom fit, and they are super comfy. My boys love them. In fact, the first day we got them, my 3 year old wouldn't take them off. His quote of the day, "Look at my cool blue boots." The motto here is who cares if it's raining, the boots are cool, wear them often. If you've got boys, you must also check out the Tossed Skulls, perfect for the little pirate in your life. For you mommies of girls, the Giant Cupcakes are a must have. Visit the site today and start Puddle Stomping In Style!

Use Coupon Code "SWANKY" for 15% off all purchases!!

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william h. jones said...

Feel like a kid again and give the DLL Rainwear a try. Their rubber boots are very comfortable to wear in the rain as well as on those sunny days. I really do love my mens rain boots. They are easy to clean and lots of fun to wear on even those sunny days. The folks at DLL are the best and their customer service in the best. They sale a quality rubber boot for the money. Go have fun with the DLL Rain boots and smile. bj, kazoo, mi.