Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Got Chocolate Milk? Make it YUMMY with the Supreme Moo Mixer

When I saw this product at Hog Wild Toys, I NEVER would have thought it would turn into a household staple, but it did! My boys love chocolate milk, who doesn't? Well, forget about preparing it with a spoon. With the Supreme Moo Mixer, all you need to do is push a button on the handle to experience a whirling vortex of power that whips up the yummiest chocolate milk ever! It tastes like a shake, yum yum! The nylon mixing whisk is safe for kids, it won't hurt curious little fingers. The cup holds up to 16 ounces of chocolate milk and has a detachable base for easy cleaning. My favorite part is the no spill, sip top lid, which makes it easy enough for even my 2 1/2 year old to use. The problem, we only have one.... When you purchase yours, make sure you get one for each chocolate milk lover in the house! *If you like the features I spoke of, make sure you order the SUPREME Moo Mixer, there is another version that is a bit different.

Hog Wild Toys also carries fun items like the Twirling Spaghetti Fork. Yes, it really works and the top is removable & dishwasher safe. Also check out the Motorized Ice Cream Cone. No more icky drippy cones, just a cool dishwasher safe cup that spins around on top of a plastic "cone."

All products are available on the Hog Wild site. Visit today and stock up, think Easter Basket fillers!

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