Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Star Performance with Family Fun

Fisher Price has come out with the ultimate family fun toy. Santa delivered one of these this year and it has been a hit with everyone in the family, even my 20 month old. The Star Station is a great way to fulfill dreams of being a TV superstar. Just add batteries, plug the star station into your TV, and you are ready to go. The Star Station comes with music cartridges that play hip songs through your TV's speakers. You can sing along or skip the music to sing your own songs! The "camera" films and projects your child (or anyone else!) onto the TV screen. The cordless microphone projects voice and has buttons on it that add cool "effects" to the image. You can watch yourself spin, put yourself in a "star" shape, and turn different colors as well. The Star Station can even be plugged into the VCR to record performances! This toy is so much fun, sure to be a family favorite. The Star Station is available at most major stores. Toys R' Us offers free shipping.

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