Monday, January 09, 2006

A pillow for all occasions

My 'nursing' pillow got me through 2 kids. Unfortunately, the pattern was not the greatest, but it was functional.
A mom of 3, who knows her stuff, has taken her knowledge and experience and created the Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow. Functional? Absolutely. Hip? You bet. With such fab designs as 'Pink Fifi' and plush velour fabrics, you might want to keep this pillow around for long after the 'feeding' stage is over. Use it around baby's back to prop up when sitting. Use it between your knees when sleeping to support your back. Use it in the den as a floor pillow. Whatever your choice, know that you won't have to hide it behind the couch because of it's horrible pattern like I did. They are all fabulous!

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