Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Great Sale on Great P.J.'s

So, if you have a toddler, I'm sure you have had the battle over character clothing and/or shoes! I personally can't stand character clothing, but I have a 4 year old that LOVES Disney characters, especially Buzz Lightyear, Monster's Inc, pretty much any Pixar film. SO, our compromise is that he can wear them on jammies! Right now, you can take advantage of Disney's end of season sale and save up to 75% off of their regular prices. They even have a free shipping offer if you spend over $50. If your little princess or space ranger needs some new P.J.'s, now's the time to buy. They have some great deals from $9.99-$14.99. After the holidays, we are in need of pretty much nothing, so I actually purchased a few pairs for my boys in larger sizes for next year. I'm sure Buzz will still be considered cool then...

I also bought the personalized sports bags for overnighters. They are a bargain at $19.99. They are high quality, and roomy enough for a weekend's worth of stuff.

Sale ends January 16th!!!


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