Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cover those little legs!

Legwarmers are back! And they are cooler than ever! BabyLegs, invented by Nicole Donnelly, stay-at-home mom, started making BabyLegs to keep her dear daughter's legs warm while allowing for nakedy butt time. Nicole started selling home-made BabyLegs out of her diaper bag every where they went, the coffee shop, swim class, moms' groups. Nicole sold over 100 pairs in the first 2 weeks! BabyLegs was officially born in April 2005!

BabyLegs will:

...Make diaper changes a breeze

...Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces

...Keep legs warm year round

...Provide light weight sun protection

...Make Easy Changing & potty training easier

...Jazz up any dance class

...Make a fun fashion statement with styles for every occasion!

Pop by and buy a pair or five!

Also, join our Swanky Moms Newsletter as we will be giving away a new wardrobe (10 pairs) of BabyLegs!!

1 comment:

acdillow said...

I LOVE this idea! We have hardwood floors and this is such a cool idea to protect her little knees!