Monday, January 09, 2006

GREAT Music for the WHOLE Family

If you are anything like me, you want to drive your car off a cliff after the 500th time listening to the annoying "traditional" songs on most children CD's. I have a WONDERFUL solution for you! They Might Be Giants, a band I used to listen to many moons ago, are all grown up and have become parents! They've created some great children CD's that everyone in the family will love. All of the tunes are catchy and have GREAT & SILLY lyrics. You can also opt for the Here Come the ABC's DVD (quite good) which works as a CD as well. We have No! & Here Come the ABC's (DVD & CD). My 20 month old loves the NO! CD, while my 4 year old enjoys Here Come the ABC's. Both are excellent and tolerable for long term listening. Don't give up your SWANKY music for the Hokey Pokey, check out They Might Be Giants. Amazon has great prices or you can pay to download it right off the band's site.
Click on the album covers for a direct link to the Amazon listings. They are super saver items, if you order both of them, you will get free shipping!

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