Thursday, January 19, 2006

A built-in potty!

Some play music, some sport a 'famous' cartoon star, some sit in your living room, and some sit beside mom & dad' is THE POTTY. Problem is, once your child masters the little potty, you have to train them all over again to now use the big potty. If you prefer an all-in-one system, Dr. Merry's Pottypal is your ticket to simple potty training.
In Dr. Merry's words about the Pottypal:
  • Children can really flush, and develop a good habit.
  • Eliminates the old smelly, dirty potty seat.
  • Allows the full-time, dual use of your regular toilet for both adults and toddlers.
  • Child's seat is hidden inside the lid of your toilet when not in use.
  • Adult seat is comfortable, no stabbing in the back.
Dr. Merry is a father of 3 and a Pediatrician. He also offers some great tips on potty
training, which complement his Pottypal system perfectly.
This seat will be great for the child who is terrified of falling in, like most!

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