Saturday, January 07, 2006

Daddy's Day Out

All little ones love a special day with Daddy! My husband does lots of stuff with our boys, but one of the things my 4 year old looks forward to each month is the Home Depot Kids Workshop day. The first Saturday of every month Home Depot holds a FREE kids workshop. The hours are usually 9-12 and it is a drop in program. The kids get the little orange apron just like the workers and when they finish their project they get a little pin to put on it. Some of the past projects have been a Mickey Mouse DVD Holder, a bobsled, fire truck, bird house, napkin holder, etc. It's really great for BOYS & GIRLS. If you don't have a local Home Depot, have Dad take your little ones to any home improvement store to pick out some supplies for a project. Just tell an employee that you are looking for something fun to do with your child. It's a great activity for teamwork, cooperation, and it gives mom a break too! Happy Hammering!

To find your local Home Depot, go to

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Suzanne said...

I really enjoyed your post! My husband loves doing things like this with our 9 year old daughter, especially with organizations like Ducks Unlimited and Quails Unlimited. I will definitely pass along your suggestion to him, sounds like so much fun! I love seeing dad's being so involved with their kids!