Tuesday, January 24, 2006

O YIKES! The Diaper Bag with Everything but the Kitchen Sink

If you are in the market for a diaper bag, I have found the perfect one! O Yikes! is a brand new company with a WONDERFUL product. These stylish diaper bags come packed and ready to go for moms on the run. My favorite thing about O Yikes! diaper bags is that they make excellent toddler bags too. Now that my boys are older, I don't like to carry a bulky "diaper" bag. However, I still need something to carry the essentials. These messenger style bags are perfect for a change of clothes, some books/small toys, snacks and the side pocket fits a sippy cup perfectly! They are VERY comfy to wear and the strap distributes weight evenly, so no sore shoulders or back, no matter how full you stuff it. There is also a cell phone pouch on the strap, so your phone is easy to access. These bags are SWANKY for moms, and great for dads too! They come in 3 great color combos: Blueberry Keylime, Purple Grape, & Tangerine Raspberry. I have the Blueberry Keylime and have gotten lots of compliments! An O Yikes! diaper bag would make a new mom very happy. You can purchase just the bag, or a fully stocked one that includes the following:
Slingback Diaper Bag
Insulated Bottle Holder
Toiletries Bag
Diaper Changing Pad
Baby Wipe Case
Essentials include:
Single use camera
Baby nail clippers
Oral syringe
Hand sanitizer
Forehead thermometer
Diaper rash cream
Baby powder

AVAILABLE ONLINE AT: www.oyikes.com

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