Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Eye Makeup Smudges Be Gone!

Do you cry at weddings, movies, commercials? Do you work over a hot stove or live in a humid climate? If you answered yes, and even if you didn't, I have a product to tell you about! It is called "swab plus". It is a cotton swab filled with eye makeup remover. You gently snap one side until the liquid is released in the tip. You then use the tip to remove undereye makeup smudges, throw it in the trash and go about your day. No mirror required!
It is so small that you can carry them in your purse for everyday eye makeup fixes! No more dark circles (unless you have small children and lack sleep, then, well....you need a different solution!)
I swear by this product and take them everywhere with me. They are great for travel, too!
For retail locations go to www.swabplus.com

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