Thursday, June 21, 2007

Uncommon Goods Recycled Jewelry

I have been searching for an edgy piece of handcrafted jewelry, either one that would hold my son's picture or one that was the first letter of his name. G for Gavin. I found the Personalized License Plate Charm Necklace, $40, from Uncommon Goods and fell instantly smitten. Designed by artist Allison Strine, the vintage charm is cut from an actual license plate and is encased with colorful fabric visible on both sides through a beautiful glass and silver box. The necklace is handmade in Georgia, but mine came with a darling little note stating that it was an old New Jersey plate. Just love the history and mystery of it all. The charm is heavy, so I replaced the standard ball chain with one I had in my jewelry box. I ordered mine online but later dealt with the sweetest customer service rep. Plus, the shipping was reasonable and it arrived overnight. They could sell these for A LOT more than they do. Enjoy!
Also from Uncommon Goods, the Personalized Letter Press Necklace, $62, was a happy find. The vintage wood character block designed by Ward Wallau is recycled and mounted on sterling silver. It still shows some of the original ink stains from its old printing days. Love it! (The letter appears backwards because printing transfers the mirror image of an object.) This necklace is available in all 26 letters, numbers 1-9, the dollar sign, question mark, ampersand, and exclamation point. It works equally for men or women, so I gifted this one to my husband for Father's Day. Just enough space on the back for engraving.

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