Sunday, June 24, 2007

Swanky Summertime Fun: Crayola Outdoors!

Kick off the summer with fantastic new products made by an old favorite! Crayola has outdone themselves with a super fun outdoor line that will make kids of all ages (yes, adults too) smile. With everything from Giant Sidewalk Chalk, to Stencil Kits, Chalk Tools and even a Sidewalk Paint Sprayer, your family will have a blast turning the driveway into an art gallery. There's so much to do: teach your kids how to play hopscotch, have a family tic tac toe tournament, or brush up on those math facts and give your kids a big "driveway" quiz!

Got a budding artist? Be sure to enter your child's art in the "Crayola Outdoor Art Contest." Winners will receive a fabulous variety of Crayola Outdoor Products. The possibilities are endless with these products. I love that the whole family can be involved with the Crayola Outdoor line. We've been out of school a week already and have had some serious games of driveway tic tac toe. You can also find Rainbow Rake markings all along the sidewalk in front of our house!

Need to do some gardening? Break out the Crayola Outdoor products, the kids will stay busy, you can join in here and there, all the while getting your planters back in shape! Visit the Crayola site for tons of Outdoor Activities and lots of other super fun stuff. Crayola Outdoor products can be found at all major retailers, they are affordable, inspire creativity, and most importantly of all they'll keep everyone having fun!

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