Friday, June 01, 2007

Shutterfly for Father's Day: It's not too Late!

Looking for the ultimate Father's Day gift? Give Dad something he will treasure forever from Shutterfly. If you have not yet visited this amazing site, do so NOW. Just 2 days ago I placed an order for my husband and it has already arrived. The fantastic thing about Shutterfly is how simple it is to create an unbelievable gift. There are so many options; my boys and I had a ton of fun choosing photos and making some really great products. My 5 year old LOVES to play Go Fish, so he chose a photo of himself and his brother for a deck of cards. We then realized that we could add borders, text and pretty much anything we wanted. We also love to do puzzles, so we chose a picture from a recent baseball game, added a baseball border, and ordered a puzzle that comes in a tin with the chosen photo on the lid (Yes, that's them!) The quality of the products is amazing and I truly can not believe how fast the turn around is. I am currently working on a Father's Day photo album on the Shutterfly site, it's so easy and the possibilities are endless.

You may be thinking, "There's no way to get this done in time for Father's Day." FALSE, as long as you order by June 7th, you will have your gift on time. The puzzle and cards took just minutes to design and at under $20 the prices can't be beat. Even if you wait until the 11th, overnight shipping will bring Dad his gift on time.

Order by June 7th and receive 20% off of your order. No special code is needed, simply visit the Shutterfly site, create your masterpiece, and you're good to go! On top of the discount, Shutterfly is offering free shipping for the next 3 days, check the shipping schedule to make sure you'll get what you need on time!

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