Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thank You, Thank You Very Much!

If you knew me well, you'd know I am HUGE on thank you notes. No matter what you give me, my children, or my husband, whether it's material, mental or edible. You WILL receive a thank you note. My poor children have been signing thank you notes since they could hold a crayon. When I was a teacher, my students wrote thank yous for everything: guest speakers, guest art teachers, to classes that performed for us. You name it, we give thanks. Obviously manners are of huge importance to me. When I had the chance to try out the Made By Hands "Make Your Own Thank You Notes" kit, I said YES PLEASE! This wonderful kit comes with everything you need to create great thank you notes with your children. From paper cut outs, to cards, envelopes, and glue, your little ones can have fun making a special thank you for a special person. The kit also comes with a great "Thank You" manners book and has sample thank yous written by children ages 5-12. Visit the Made By Hands site and check out all of their great kits. I also love the Valentine kit as well as the make your own Games and Post Card sets. Very fun, Very Affordable!!!

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