Friday, June 22, 2007

Focoloco: Cool Designs for Cool Kids

When I came across the Focoloco site, I knew my boys would love their designs. Designed by Swanky Mom Suzy Helme, her cool not cutesy, funky and offbeat designs are just what I look for in clothing. We have the Mini Matey pirate and the Robots Heart Dancing designs. Perfect picks for my own 3 year old swashbuckler and funky Beastie Boys lovin' five year old. Something else that I LOVE about Focoloco is the fact that you have lots of choices. Each design can be put on various garments. Everything from bibs, to onesies and tees ranging in sizes newborn to 6 years. You can also choose the color: white, fire engine red, plum blossom, grassy green, or electric blue. We have the grassy green and electric blue tees and even after several washes, the colors remain vibrant. As a child of the 80's I can especially appreciate their "Recycle it's Rad" tee. Any company that uses the word RAD, is, well, RAD! Visit the Focoloco site today and pick up some tees with style.

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